The 4 Cīs to Support Strategy Implementation

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The 4 Cīs to Support Strategy Implementation
Javier Elenes, Member
It is relatively more easy to define the strategy than implemented. Top management can support the strategy execution process with the four C's or 4 Pillars:
- Commitment: build commitment to the strategy and KSFs.
- Competences: develop capabilities (competitive abilities) of people, equipment and systems to "support" strategy and each one and all the KSF.
- Consistency and Congruency to manage the business and the people through goals measurement and corrective actions (the manager way) and build "motivation" to an appealing mission (the leadership way).
Good luck, but remember that good luck is detailed planning with alternatives and positive mind set. So build the 4 Cīs / Pillars to support your strategy and succeed in the implementation.

Ad 1. Building Commitment
Javier Elenes, Member
To build COMMITMENT I advise to protocolize a formal document named "My Commitment and My Contribution to the Stategy", which reads:
"I________ (write down name) am committed to the competitive strategy (repeat the strategy here) and KSFs.
In my job __________(write down job title) I contribute trough 1. ________, 2. _______, 3. ______ (write down how in this job you contribute to the competitive strategy and each one of the KSFs."
Shall be signed by the people who made the "My commitment & Contribution" statement and two "honor witness".
In addition, it is necessary to build "support" values to the strategy in the culture of the organization. E.g. if the strategy is based in service, the value punctuality is basic.

Ad 2. Building Competences
Javier Elenes, Member
To define, reinforce or develop COMPETENCES (competitive abilities of people, equipment and support systems), you need to:
First clarify the KSFs, and define what abilities for people equipment and systems you need to excel to support each and all the KSFīs.
- For people competitive abilities I suggest to use a (no more than 2 years capacitation matrix: in the X-axis you will put the names of the people, in the Y-axis you list the training courses needed. In the box you put the date when the people attended the training, and mark with red when it is more than 2 years, yellow from 13 to 23 months.
- For equipment you plot a layout with each one of the machines and put in a box the CPk (capacity to produce quality) in red when sigma is below 2, yellow with sigma between 3 to 5.
- For systems you list the alarm flags needed to support << strategy (i.e. yellow: "today shall delivery order to customer, red: yesterday was date committed to deliver)
And ask to the users to put a green face if is OK, red if is not OK.

Ad 3. Building Consistency
Javier Elenes, Member
To build the 3rd C: CONSISTENCY to manage the business you shall define goals for all and each one od the KSFs, and perform periodical measurements to define deviations from real versus goal and generate (and implement) corrective actions.
To do so I like to use the zero scorecard (zero scorecard is a successful scorecard). In this system before implementation of the scorecard you make a deep revision of the goals (to assure that are aligned and have the scorecard "colored"
- in GREEN if the actual results meets or exceeds the goal,
- YELLOW if there is a minor deviation, and
- RED with a major deviation to control the action to stay on course (en espaņol para mantener Ritmo, Rumbo y Resultados).

Ad 4. Building Congruency
Javier Elenes, Member
To build CONGRUENCY on people management (the leader way) you need to write down an attractive mission in order that your people be pulled to the mission because they believe it's worth to do so, because they believe in a leader that wants their well being, looks like he is able to, and (again) what he says is valuable. In order to create motives to their action (I named this motivaction).


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