Design and Change Execution with Strategy

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Design and Change Execution with Strategy
Jonathan Narducci, Member
When strategies are designed, so must their complementary execution fabrics - together.
And when strategies adjust to change and market realities, so must execution fabrics change as well.
Execution fabrics depend on not only what's done internally, but on what customers do as well. They face objectives, risks and constraints that affect the fabric's resources and capabilities such as skills, processes and tools as well as management of resources, good and services and time elements. The fabric's design depends on assessing what you know about these customer factors and your company's present position with regard to its internals (skills needed etc.).

Planning and Execution Go Together
Murli Ramachandran, Member
Are planning and execution separable? Can a plan be excellent and its execution flawed, or vice versa? I think strategic planning and execution are part of a single continuum. While we may separate them for academic simplicity, it may be unproductive to do so in the practical world.
Is it likely that those who attempt to separate the two are either looking for a scapegoat, or seeking to hog the honors (depending on whether the ultimate outcome was a failure or a success)?

New Strategies Need New Execution Fabrics
Jonathan Narducci, Member
Why is the organization designing a strategy? Generally, to create change and a unique, hard to duplicate position in the marketplace - no matter where in the company the strategy originates (e.g. a strategy to change the way goods are shipped creates change and a unique position for shipping, possibly affecting other org. parts).
Should the strategy execution be designed based on the execution fabric that exists, or should it be designed to co-create a "new" fabric?
Bottom line: new strategies need new execution fabrics.
The organization has to take stock - evaluate - of where it is today with regard to the execution fabric's threads and where it needs to be. How much time is spent by strategy designers - leadership and implementers doing this evaluation in the context of strategy?
Evaluations enhance communication. Also, their results are an execution fabric thats a competitive advantage because, as Porter said (paraphrased), strategies should be rooted in a unique "system of activities".



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