The Achilles Heel of Strategy

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The Achilles Heel of Strategy
Bill Carter, Business Consultant, United States, Member
The Achilles heel of strategic planning is poor or inept "implementation" of agreed and committed to action plans associated with the strategy.
Poor or inept implementation stems from having the wrong people in critical leadership positions (often CEOs themselves) with the inability or unwillingness to hold people accountable for completing day to day operational actions plans in a timely manner....Register

Holding People Accountable
Jerome, Manager, South Africa, Member
The comment is so true.
Holding people accountable and being accountable is vital for any strategy to work. Accountability and responsibil...

Conscious CEOs
Jennifer C. Galvez, CEO, Philippines, Member
CEOs should be conscious of their blind sides. Often, poor decisions come from those on top that refuses or just plainly neglect to consider th...

Effective Execution Team
Wilf Marshall, CxO / Board, United Kingdom, Member
I wonder if we are being a little idealistic here. It may well be true that the CEO, and possibly many other executives, are not the perfect leaders o...

Aptitude to Become Isolated from the Changing Reality
Stefano De Porcellinis
Strategy and execution shouldn't go separately. There's not a single project that can proceed exactly as planned. Every project, once exited fr...

Focus Focus Focus
David Vollenweider, Operations/Strategy, United States, Member
The execution premium works. Strategy is everyone's job.
Too often companies try to accomplish too many objectives in a given planning per...

Communication is Key
Uma Kandasamy, United States, Member
Communication is very key to the success of how a strategy gets executed and implemented.
To effectively communicate, we must realize that...

Organisation Culture
Ranuca Hamlet, Trinidad and Tobago, Member
Strategy must be everyone's everyday job! The downfall to strategic planning is when the entire organisation is not engaged and aligned to stra...

Achilles Heel of Strategy: Risk Management
Miguel Chavez Olivares, Consultant, Mexico, Member
I want to note four historic events: the Titanic, Enron, the Nortel Networks bankruptcy and the global financial crisis of 20082009. All four origina...

Course Corrections
BNYa, Consultant, India, Member
In execution, a course correction may be needed, but the ultimate destination must be the one that was originally planned. Unless there is a re...

Understand Strategy Implementation with Strategy Maps
Foo K T, Director, Malaysia, Member
Robert S. Kaplan & David P. Norton outlined the Strategy Maps which I find a useful t...

An Engaging Purpose Consistently Communicated
Peter Owen, Project Manager, Denmark, Member
Couldnt agree more with the importance given here to communication.
Not only does it show a leadership that stands by its strategy,...

Achilles Heel of Strategy: Management System
Zeb O. WATURUOCHA, Management Consultant, India, Member
A management system that creates buy-in from all stakeholders for the implementation of the strategy. Membership is a very crucial motiv...

No Input from Those Who Implement
Harp Minhas
Good discussion -- someone above mentions that in strategy, course corrections may be made but the end goal must be the same. I think this is not only...

Strategic Model or Picture
Lesley Govender, South Africa, Member
One of the keys to make strategy implementation successful is creating a picture or model to illustrate the strategy and its implementation.

Total Engagement of All Involved
Richard Coe, Business Consultant, United Kingdom, Member
The Achilles heel is the low probability of successful implementation if all those responsible for actually delivering it are not involved in the p...

Good Strategy Design
Maitrey Srivastava, Student (MBA), India, Member
Good strategies are designed for the proper reaction in the market. If a strategy has been designed without looking into the market area, it is...

Accountability is Key
Lorrie Lang, Manager, United States, Member
I have seen this play out in my organization as we implemented SAP and shared services on a global scale. Six years into the project we are still our ...

On Strategy: 3D3R
Ramalingam K S, Management Consultant, India, Member
The DESIGN should be Reliable,
The DEVELOPMENT has to be Rapid, and
The DIRECTION has to be Responsive....

No Input from Those That Implement
Bill Carter, Business Consultant, United States, Member
Wonderful, insightful point Harp! Perhaps when strategic planning takes place, the "implementors" should be involved up front, allowed to chall...

Accountability versus Inability to Executing the Strategy
Kelly, Manager, Zambia, Member
Bill is very right. But how would you reconcile the CEO who would be accountable to his actions but fails on 80% of issues of the good strategy becaus...

Walk the Talk
James, Business Consultant, United States, Member
Strategy can be flawed (try to do too much), communication insufficient, training absent, collaboration missing... But accountability starts at the...

Hoshin Kanri
David Redpath, CEO, Canada, Member
Not a new solution, but one that counters most of these problems is the use of Policy Deployment...

People Motivated Philosophy
Daniel Newton Obaka
It seems that, having wrong people in critical leadership positions in organizations stems from the philosophy establishing them. In some cases...

ill-posed Implementation
Alexander N. Raikov, Director, Russian Federation, Member
Formal implementation of the strategy - is the inverse problem solving. It is fundamentally ill-posed. According to mathematical theory in this case, ...

Process More Important the a Given Plan
Bill Carter, Business Consultant, United States, Member
We should keep in mind what is important about strategic planning is the process, both formulation and implementation. Any plan is relative to ...

An Achilles Heel of 3 Parts
Peter Boyce, Consultant, Australia, Member
Excellent input. Many shared frustration where too few of those who must collaborate do not own the strategy. Contextually, significant strategy ch...

Convergent Strategy
Alexander N. Raikov, Director, Russian Federation, Member
The strategic implementation process must be convergent to some goal. It must be purposeful in spite of the fact that targets could be ill defi...

Achilles Heel of Strategy
H D SHARMA, Professor, India, Member
Having and sharing a clear vision by all concerned is very important. The second important aspect is a total and unqulified commitment to th...

Maintaining Focus by Top Management
James Onyango, Management Consultant, Rwanda, Member
- Maintaining focus by top management is paramount for successful strategy execution, just as
- Involving all levels of staff to wo...

Strategy Execution
Victor Aguilan, Professor, Philippines, Member
Strategy implementation should always include monitoring, evaluation, feedback (participation of stakeholders) and accountability.
Leadership ...

Strategy Execution Control
Jorge Rodriguez Fonseca
The four points that the mentioned HBR articule notes are very important, but control how the strategy implementation is going is necesary, as is expr...

From Vision to Decision with Stratecution
Joop Dat, CEO, Netherlands, Member
1. Understands why businesses and business plans are successful or fail.
2. Enables and speeds up business innova...


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