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Vilma Cobos, Business Consultant, El Salvador
Three stonemasons (stone workers) are working on a construction when a traveler comes in and asks them, "What are you doing?" - The first mason, who seems bored and unhappy at his job and is frequently looking at his watch, replies: "I'm just hammering rock". - Then the visitor approaches a second worker who seems happier and is working more diligently, and asks again: "what are you doing?" and the second worker responds, "I'm molding this block of rock so it can be used to construct a wall". - Finally the traveler approaches a third worker who is working on the stones fervently and with great care and precision, and again the visitor asks "what are you doing?" and the worker replies, "I'm building a cathedral". Above anecdote reminds us that many of the employees in any organization do not know the and of their company. And even less how important their own work is in achieving its objectives. This has severe consequences for their and . I conclude that communication of t (...) Read more? Sign up for free

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  PT de Boer, Partner, Netherlands

Make People Carry the Vision in their Hearts

A touching story which demonstrates not only the n (...)

  BarbaFroid, Italy

Vision and Cathedral

This story, like the koan of the Japanese Zen, can (...)

  VENKATESH, Manager, India

Some Leaders are Reluctant to Communicate the Mission and Vision

Clear communication of the vision and mission is o (...)

  Nic Roest, CxO / Board, Netherlands

The Cathedral Story is not about Selling!

The essence of the story is not in the need of SEL (...)

  Nkomo, Manager, Zimbabwe

Vision and the Story of the Stonemasons

This may be an old story, but I believe in what Vi (...)

  Carlos Barbera, CxO / Board, Spain

Communicating the Vision and Mission is One Thing; ENGAGING is Another!

I fully agree with the message of the story, to co (...)

  Mohankrishna, Manager, India

The Cathedral and the Importance of Communicating the Vision and Mission

A vision can be personal (set by a person for hims (...)

  Jack Martin Leith, Management Consultant, United Kingdom

Parable of the Stonemasons

Thanks for publishing this story. I mention it bri (...)

  Raphael Gichora Mugo, Manager, Kenya

Communicating Vision and Mission

Here is an example of a complex subject discussed (...)

  Jaap de Jonge, Editor, Netherlands

Powerful Story About the Stone Masons and the Cathedral

@: Indeed stories are known to have the ability to (...)

  ISAAC MUCHENGA, Director, Zimbabwe

The Leader's Role in Communicating the Vision and Mission

The HR (psychological) part of leadership is one o (...)

  Daniel Jarvis, Director, United States

There are also other Motivational Approaches...

This parabel exhibits paramount points to create s (...)

  Charles Alter, Consultant, United States

Envisioned Future

Jim Collins says a vision must be a longterm Envis (...)

  Pat Hannon, Lecturer, Ireland

How Good are we at Communicating the Vision and Mission to Stakeholders?

The vision is the foundation for the mission. Form (...)

  Gandhi Heryanto, Management Consultant, Indonesia

Excuses for not Having Clear Vision and Mission

I quote what was said by Jack Welch, GE's chairman (...)

  ISAAC E. OGBUKA PhD, Nigeria

Benefits of Clarity of Purpose in the Vision and Mission Statements

Whenever the vision statement is simplified and pr (...)

  Elias Mhegera , Journalist, Tanzania

The Cathedral and the Importance of Communicating the Vision and Mission

Probably that is true but in the Tanzanian context (...)

  Tom Wilson, HR Consultant, United States

The Mission is the Means to Achieving the Vision

I am reminded of the old project management joke: (...)

  Mohammad Hossein Rohani, Teacher, Iran

Combination of QWL and the Vision

Of course, the communication of the vision and mis (...)

  Daniel MOUSSOUGAN, Strategy Consultant, Benin

Who Told Me That we Were Building a Cathedral?

That is an excellent story, describing realistic s (...)

  Jack Blanc

The Cathedral and the Vision

The three workers will all eventually finish their (...)

  ABEBE KEBEDE , Interim Manager, Ethiopia

On the Relevance of Management Communication

You know, sometimes I see people coming to office (...)

  Hermann Doppler, Consultant, Germany

Story is Basis for 3 Perspectives

The stone workers story was exemplary to me for ye (...)

  Tom Wilson, HR Consultant, United States

Obligations of Management for the Received Value of the Worker's Opportunity Costs

@: F.W. Taylor disdained of the worker who just "s (...)

  Emmanuel Mwirichia, Manager, Kenya

Help the Employees Help You

In order for each employee to feel like their work (...)

  Hardtmann, Entrepreneur, Germany

Communicating the Vision Requires PASSION so it is Inspiring..

@: Hi Carlos, I believe that if you have a vision (...)

  alvarez-pereyre, Coach, France

The Stone Carvers Parable: The First Stone Carver

The Stone Carvers Parable has been a simple, direc (...)

  Tom Wilson, HR Consultant, United States

The Leader and the Player and Management's Ego Need for Followers

@: I like your observation very much. The three m (...)

  Mirza Fareed Beg, Management Consultant, Pakistan

Vision Begets Mission and Then Mission Needs Vision (Direction)

Tom Wilson has rightly @ that the mission grows ou (...)

  Okorie Emmanuel, Manager, Nigeria

Communication at the Workplace and Mentality of Workers Towards their Work

The story, whether true or fiction clearly shows t (...)

  Jose A. De las Rivas, Management Consultant, Spain

Mision and Vision Communication at Workplace

But what we're talking about: employee engagement? (...)

  Tom Wilson, HR Consultant, United States

When Vision Becomes the Mission, the Mission Needs a Vision

@: I think you have it about right. The entreprene (...)

  Carlos Barbera, CxO / Board, Spain

Mission and Vision Communications in an Environment of Problems

@: You are right Jose Antonio, leaders of the proj (...)

  Charles Alter, Consultant, United States

Vision & Core Values

@: The dilemma is that lofty Visions and Missions (...)

  Wayne Faison, Minister, United States

The Difference Between Vision and Mission

This is a great story that reminds me of what I've (...)

  ABEBE KEBEDE , Interim Manager, Ethiopia

Vision Communication

@: if we are looking into what has actually been h (...)

  Tom Wilson, HR Consultant, United States

There Is, Indeed, a Lack of Stewardship in Corporate Leadership

@: I agree completely, Most of what is put out by (...)

  Jose A. De las Rivas, Management Consultant, Spain

Mission, Vision and Core Values

@: Thanks Carlos, but I think that not only is a p (...)

  John Sunderland, HR Consultant, United Kingdom

Lack of Trust is the Real Problem

This is a very unlikely scenario - didn't medieval (...)

  Mohamed Tantawi, Marketing Manager, Egypt

Thank you for Reminding us about this Great Story

Thank you very much. I read this before, think it (...)

  Leena Bissoonauth, Student (University), Mauritius

Communicating Mission & Vision

This story shows how these three workers are react (...)

  Gwande, Project Manager, Zimbabwe

We Need Communication plus Ownership of Vision and Mission

The story is good but I agree with @ that it's not (...)

  salem ahmed, Teacher, Yemen

Is there a Match between an Individual's Expectations and the Organization's Expectations?

For the question: How and when are individuals com (...)

  Augustine T. Mansaray, Analyst, Sierra Leone

The Mission is the Means to Achieve the Vision

@: I totally agree with your take on this subject (...)

  Tom Wilson, HR Consultant, United States

On Capitol Hill, the Mission is All for Staffers

@: I responded in another forum about Capitol Hill (...)

  VENKATESH, Manager, India

Reaction to Vision and Mission Differs per Individual

In continuation of my earlier submission my view i (...)

  Richard Mariwa, Manager

Communicating Vision, Mission and Values

Most organisations have elaborate vision and missi (...)

  Tom Wilson, HR Consultant, United States

Communicating Motivation

@: Richard, I tend to agree with Venkatesh: the me (...)

  alvarez-pereyre, Coach, France

Communicating Motivation

@: I would fully agree that the existential value (...)

  Gary Stead, Director, United Kingdom

People on a Mission

Great story and insightful comments. So how about (...)

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