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Strategic Foresight
Jon Robert Dohmen, Strategy Consultant, Norway, Member
Strategic foresight often uses future views and scenarios to help envision how the future could look like. The aim is NOT to PREDICT the future, but to make participants of a process AWARE of possible futures and thereby to be READY, both mentally and in making better strategies and decisions today.

We often use too much energy in analyzing and investigating the present and historical facts. Just think about the endless strategy methods focusing on the present.

But the most profound earnings are in making good decisions today on the basis of how the future unfolds.

So in my experience when making strategies it is very important to try to handle the question: "What if A or B or C happens, what do we do then?"....Sign up

Forget the Approximative Approach
Mihai Ionescu, Business Consultant, Romania, Member
I wonder what the term 'making strategies' might mean? The Strategic Scenario Planning is not an inspirational, visionary process, but a very strict o...Sign up

Foresight versus Risk Management
Kurt Ludikovsky, Consultant, Austria, Member
I personally see Foresight as a methodical approach to look into the "glass ball" (positively seen) while the What "If A or B or C happens, wha...Sign up

Foresight as Rapid Due Diligence
Wilson Fyffe, Business Consultant, Singapore, Member
This is a very interesting topic. Several years ago I was teaching Scenario Planning using the standard "...Sign up

Foresight at an Incremental Duration
srinivas, Lecturer, India, Member
Im my opinion constant vigil (Ed: ~alertness) in all directions plus an internal look towards the inefficiency part is required at all times during im...Sign up

Evolution of Strategy
Andrew Blaine, Business Consultant, South Africa, Member
I think the first step is to identify and quantify the options / situations A, B and C in terms of the businessí history and capacity to meet n...Sign up

Strategic Foresight Can Learn from Chess
Ralf Weidner, Director, Germany, Member
As a chess player I understand strategic foresight as the way of thinking you need to predict reactions of people on developments in business. For sur...Sign up

Strategic Prediction
Schoenborn, Management Consultant, Germany, Member
Strategic prediction is one of the key success factors of strategy: how well does it fit to anticipated future market developments?
Unfortunately...Sign up

Multi Perpective View of Strategy
srinivas, Lecturer, India, Member
@Editor: No, what I meant was that to have multi perspective view in order to have a strategy for the future based ...Sign up

Strategic Planning versus Strategic Foresight
Gandhi Heryanto, Management Consultant, Indonesia, Member
In business we require both strategic planning and strategic foresight. To do the business of running products we must make strategic planning. Strate...Sign up

2 Categories of Foresight
aniket jha, CxO / Board, India, Member
Aniket Jha, Supply Chain, India
The idea of foresight is primarily divided into two categories:
  1. Introducing something that alread...Sign up

1 Vision Will not do It - Embrace the Paradox
Eyal Policar, Entrepreneur, Israel, Member
Letís be careful not to mix up strategic foresight (vision) and strategic thinking.
As Yogi Berra (who sadly passed away this week) once said: "M...Sign up

We Need Strategic Vision Rather Then Strategic Foresight
Ranjeet Menon, Project Manager, India, Member
Jon, strategic foresight doesn't describe it completely. What we need is strategic vision. You must be knowing about the DIKW (Data Information Knowle...Sign up

Trigger Anticipatory Awareness in the Present
Gary Wong, Consultant, Canada, Premium Member
Analyzing the past in order to predict the future is valid if your company is fortunate to be in a stable, non-volatile, non-ambiguous environment. Ca...Sign up

A More Simplistic Approach to Strategic Foresight
knowles, Director, United Kingdom, Member
I have always seen Opportunities and Threats of a SWOT analysis as external and future looking. Also when usi...Sign up

Foresight, Vision, Strategy, Business Model
Kurt Ludikovsky, Consultant, Austria, Member
I consider the following relationships:
  • BUSINESS MODEL: Is the description of the tasks to deliver the product or service to the targ...Sign up

The Need to Track and to Interpret
Helen Strong, Business Consultant, South Africa, Member
To be able to plan strategically and develop foresight, an organisation needs to be constantly aware of finding the key TRENDS to track. But it also c...Sign up

Taking a Calculated Risk
In my opinion, strategic foresight is taking a calculated risk. You are making calculations on the possibilities to make your desired future. On the o...Sign up

Looking to the Past You Will Colide with the Future!
Miguel Sacramento, Business Consultant, Brazil, Member
The future is full of predetermined elements (things that we know) that would lead to a unique future or scenario if it was not by the critical uncert...Sign up

A Simple Approach to Building Scenarios
Wilson Fyffe, Business Consultant, Singapore, Member
A simple approach is to:
  • Engage the experienced personnel in making judgment calls as to the probability of occurrence of relevant future e...Sign up

Building Scenarios using Optimisation
Andrew Blaine, Business Consultant, South Africa, Member
@Wilson Fyffe: The use of "optimisation" is the most appropriate manner of addressing the challenge of building sce...Sign up

Are Experience and Fabric of Knowledge Enough?
srinivas, Lecturer, India, Member
@Wilson Fyffe: If experience is the way how the people involved were left with an impression (delightful or or not)...Sign up


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