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nan zeng, China

Strategic Planning must be Dynamic

No doubt strategic planning is dynamic.
Strategic planning should monitor internal and external contexts on a regular basis and continue to change. A robust mechanism must exist in the organization to link people, strategy and operations. There are tools available for this kind of planning. However, the process should be able to put right people in the right place, get their commitment to the strategy, cascade down the plan into their day to day operations.
Top management needs to put their hands on some of the critical processes and review the strategy on a regular basis, in addition to setting up high level targets. A consulting firm may help in the process, but it is the company employees who should own the whole process.

Entrepreneur, United States

What's the Optimal Frequency of Revising Strategic Plans?

The question remains: how often should a strategic plan be revisited?...

  nan zeng, China

Review Frequency

There is no definite optimal time frame for strategic plan review. However, it is very sure that any internal and exte...

  Dr Gary Jones
Business Consultant, Australia

Focus on what You are Trying to Achieve

Obviously assumptions need to be reviewed regularly to ensure the basic assumptions are correct. Many studies have bee...

Entrepreneur, United States

Frequency of Strategic Plan Review

Nan, completely agree with the flexibility in reviewing of strategic plan, based on changes in various areas you include...

  Dr. Alan Williams
Professor, Thailand

Strategic Planning, Must Be Dynamic

I agree with Nan Zeng, there should be a regular / as needed cascading process which generates discussion and clarity of...

  Dr Gary Jones
Business Consultant, Australia

Frequency of Strategic Plan Review

Katie, the review I carried out on research into the success or otherwise of strategic planning has shown differing resu...

Entrepreneur, United States

Frequency of Strategic Plan Review

Hello Gary, thanks for clarifying. I agree with your comments on maintaining realistic expectations during development o...

  Dr Gary Jones
Business Consultant, Australia

Frequency of Strategic Plan Review

Hi Katie. Strategic management sits beside any formal plan - that is the implementation process. Strategic management co...

  Nyasha Mugwagwa
Manager, Mozambique

Frequency of Strategic Plan Review: Every Quarter

Hi Katie, a good guideline I think should be a business review of every quarter with a serious look at whether the objec...

  Kroon, South Africa

Adding Specific Goals and Targets In Strategic Plan Increases Review Frequency

If a strategic plan contains specific goals and targets which can be linked to your balance scorecard, this changes your...

  Gary Wong
Consultant, Canada

Move Away from the Time Paradigm

@Kathryn Pawley Steiner: I suggest that we apply a lesson from the maintenance management folks who have moved away from...

Entrepreneur, United States

Flexibility and Monitoring Essential to Understanding Strategy

@Gary wong: Gary, this is great information that makes sense to me having prepared a technology driven communications so...

  Mtetesha Nicholas
Consultant, Zambia

Environmental Factors, Key to Strategic Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Flexibility

Every organisation is faced with a fast changing environment and to have a fixed plan, with objectives, targets, goals a...

  salem ahmed
Teacher, Yemen

How Can we Get a Dynamic Planning?

Strategic planning is a process of an intellectual tour to the future and looking attentively at variables of future con...

Entrepreneur, United States

Strategy can Implement Forecasting that Incorporates History and Future Trends

@Mtetesha: External circumstances are frequently changing and can be unpredictable sometimes. How they impact specifics ...

  Anneke Zwart
Student (University), Netherlands

Organizational Requirements for Dynamic Strategy Formulation and Implementation

Organizations need to change their strategies constantly so as to adapt dynamically to environmental changes and require...

  abdelmouneam haj bakoor, Syria

Dynamic Strategy Requires Participation

I think we have to make sure that every member takes the responsibility in the strategy when we are at the beginning of ...

  K.Narayana Moorthy
HR Consultant, India

Skills Needed for Dynamic Strategy Teams

@abdelmouneam haj bakoor: Dynamic strategy has a structure and culture led by a team. The skills needed for dynamism are...

Entrepreneur, United States

Overcoming Obstacles and Finding Solutions

@Abdelmouneam haj bakoor: Inevitably there will be challenges and obstacles that present themselves therefore commitment...


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