Why do Most Strategic Plans Fail?

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Why do Most Strategic Plans Fail?

According to what some people say, 8 of each 10 efforts fail in strategic planning.
I think strategic planning is not just a simple model that we should apply in any case. We should consider that each context has own problems. Strategic planning efforts that are not in accordance with the context are doomed to fail.
Moreover, we should not set the total goals before implementing the process. We should learn from the process and change the goals and objectives along the way.


Dr Robin C Hesler, Canada

Why do Most Strategic Plans Fail

Agreed, you are right: too many people try and use a cookie cutter approach. You should have a strategy process that fits your organization's governance and culture.
You are tight again; it has to be a living document which is why one needs to build in decision points and alternate strategies as well a having a flexible process so that one can create even new, previously unthought strategies and goals.


Why do Most Strategic Plans Fail

Thank you for your reply. I would like to add the following: learning is the lost ring of strategic ... Sign up

Dr. Alan Williams
Professor, Thailand

Strategic Planning / Goals Etc

If a goal or the strategy to achieve the goal is totally unrealistic then of course there will be fa... Sign up

Alejandro Solis
Business Consultant, Mexico

The Use of Power may also Influence the Succesful Outcome of Strategies

Dear Dr. Hesler, thanks for your comments. The point is that whatever the model or sequence, all mem... Sign up

Nyasha Mugwagwa
Manager, Mozambique

Firm but Flexible Strategy

Also the strategy must be firm enough to create a steady ship. To adapt the strategy in a flexible w... Sign up

Anjali Vamburkar
Professor, India

Why do Strategies Fail?

I have tried to enlist some reasons for failure of strategies. As i can see there can be some import... Sign up

Jared Shippel, South Africa

Reasons for Strategy Failure: The 'Thud' Factor

@Anjali Vamburkar: previous comments have hit the nail on the head but I would like to suggest one m... Sign up

Mellacheruvu Adi Saasthry
Director, India

Why do Most Strategic Plans Fail?

My inputs are slightly from a different perspective; There has been and will be always an upsurge o... Sign up

Bernhard Keim
Business Consultant, Germany

Why do So Many Well Intended Strategies Fail?

It seems that every company has at least one strategy. But sometimes it appears that the outcome is ... Sign up

K.Narayana Moorthy
HR Consultant, India

Why Well Intended Strategies Fail?

Why good strategies fail?: 1. Not establishing right linkage between planning and operation. 2. Vy... Sign up

Hadi Mirzamohammadi
Manager, Iran

Why do Most Strategic Plans Fail?

I think strategy failure in today's uncertainty conditions is highly probable. Humankind tries to c... Sign up

K.Narayana Moorthy
HR Consultant, India

Why Sometimes Strategic Plan Fails

A strategic plan of an organization is a very important document. The organization and its employees... Sign up


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