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Alexander N. Raikov, Director, Russian Federation
In practice in the strategic planning process I include not only "REACH the goals, purpose and objectives", but also SETTING goals, building a tree of objectives, identification of their priorities. Because the construction of the plan may require changes in goals. (...) Read more? Sign up for free

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  Alexander N. Raikov, Director, Russian Federation

Consent on Goals and Paths

I think there is another interesting and very important point is in the strategic planning.
Strategy - this is the agreement between people of the same team on the goals and paths.
Consent - is an essential aspect of the strategy. Then, strategic planning should include the process of reaching such an agreement.

  Dr Robin C Hesler

Consent on Goals and Paths

If you don't have buy in from the top, peers and stakeholders no strategic plan holds up.

  Dr. Alan Williams, Professor, Thailand

Strategic Planning / Goal Setting

All of these should always come from the very top of the organization and in companies / organizations where this is done well the CEO will be very active and well involved.
There should be involvement in the process, something like 'accountability cascade' or similar with the process actively involving staff at each level is discussion of goals / what success would look like, priorities, etc. But setting goals from the bottom up is a flawed approach and to my mind shows a failure of top management.
As a long term organizational consultant I have noted again and again that high performance is more likely (many other factors of course) where goals are totally clear, have been discussed openly by senior management and there is a cascading process.

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Strategic Planning
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