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Markets > Vision > Strategy + Execution
Jonathan Narducci, Member
First, vision drives strategy and customers and markets drives vision. Know the customer well. Also, "vision" is "functional" - about the entire company or any part of it like it or sales etc.
Second, develop principles by which you want to design strategies - such as "customer focus", "empowerment", or "communicate to everyone."
Third, strategy and execution are inseparable. Design them both together. Strategies won't work without an aligned execution fabric.
Fourth, strategy - and its execution - is change! Hopefully, it's innovative change. And it's proactive not reactive. And each company subgroup can have a sub-strategy that helps make the overall strategy work - which means the overall strategy might be tweaked. Bottom line: vision and strategy are iterative.
Fifth, strategy is subject to change - technology, people, money, etc. Create a "peripheral vision" capability up and down the company. Vision and overall strategy should be adjusted accordingly. More iteration!

Getting Alignment on the Strategy
Scott Greenwood, Member
I tend to agree with Jonathan Narducci.
But to add, in order to get alignment on the strategy you need to know what the alignment (or lack thereof) looks like now, before you try to drive execution.
We use analytics to see where they are now, what needs to change before we move forward, and where they think they can help us get to in 12 months. The approach to empowerment must be flexible. Empowerment to one person may seem like a "brick wall" to another. So let data drive your success and use analytics.

Jonathan Narducci, Member
I agree with you Scott. An assessment to determine where you are and where you need to go so your execution fabric can be built properly is essential.
And it needs to be done up and down the organization.

Markets > Vision > Strategy + Execution
Dr Robin C Hesler
Agree with you both and the points made for the most part. All current programs and services need to be assessed in terms of impact and viability regarding the vision, mission and the organization's beliefs and values. I would say though that markets drive only a part of the vision; maybe a big part, but only a part.
Mission and vision must be in sync in order to establish the goals and their supporting strategies. I agree that without the proper execution components the strategies will fail and the vision unaccomplished.
Absolutely strategy is open to change and must be designed to be flexible as circumstances change especially in this global environment we have. Adjust accordingly - right on!

Creating a Vision
Jonathan Narducci, Member
You are so right Dr. Hesler. Vision is driven by more than the market alone.
So, how is a vision created?
The answer varies from visionary to visionary. Technology, market directions, available talent (or the ability to "train" the talent), getting followers, economics, other peoples' experiences, and lots more go into making a vision (not to mention the experience that goes into "instinct").
But, regardless of the "individual process" used to create it, whatever is envisioned has to be "sold," to both internal and external customers. A Return On Investment (ROI) to make the vision a reality must be achieved. That's why I emphasized the customer.
Without customers buying the results, a vision is only a dream (paraphrased from an old Japanese proverb).
Thanks for the great comment.

Business Strategy
Mellacheruvu Adi Saasthry , SIG Leader
All the comments are very good!
Further on strategy: any company has to decide:
- What opportunities it wants to pursue and what risks it is willing and able to accept.
- Its scope and structure and the balance between specialization, diversification and integration.
- Between Time and Money - Merger, Acquisition, JV to attain its goals.
- On an organization structure appropriate to its economic realities, its opportunities and its program for performance.


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Special Interest Group Leader
Mellacheruvu Adi Saasthry

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