Strategic Planning is about Elimination

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Strategic Planning is about Elimination
Manosh R Sengupta, Member
Strategy is about knowing what to sacrifice. It is through a process of elimination that we arrive at the right path. Often, we confuse tactics for strategy.
Strategy, very briefly, requires the following:
1. We should focus on how to deliver the stated goals / objectives
2. We should work at 2 levels - market & mind / heart
3. We should have cross-functional alignment. It is not uncommon for teams to develop plans in isolation... A surefire recipe for disaster
4. We should have time lines and measurability
5. We should - most importantly base it on fundamentals: how to create greater value in the stakeholders' life.
In all of the above, what's important is to know what to give up.

Strategy is About Having Clarity
Abhishek Vidyarthi, Member
Strategy does not necessarily means sacrifice, strategy is about having clarity.
For sure it can't be confused with tactics, which usually is fire fighting, and usually brings normalcy back, but is never the strategic intent.
It's about exploring other avenues, and I agree increasing stakeholders value.

Strategy and Planning
Vijay Jassal, Member
The term "strategic planning" has two parts, "strategy" and "plannng".
Planning is a broader term which can be applied to anything that one would want to do in an organized / anticipated manner.
However, strategy is a plan for achieving specific goal, therefore we often hear terms like marketing strategy, business strategy, hiring strategy etc.
Planning is an enabler to a good strategy.

Strategy, Clarity and Elimination
Manosh R Sengupta, Member
@Abhishek - thanks for your feedback. I agree about clarity, which in my experience is achieved through the process of knowing what to give up... In other words, sacrifice. We need to explore all options and then decide which ones to discard. Much like what happens in real life :)
@Vijay - well put... Planning as an enabler to a good strategy.

Not Doing the Wrong Things is Not Enough
Abhishek Vidyarthi, Member
Thanks for your inputs, as per experince in this matter, I think asking the right question is the only way to get the answer. Not doing the wrong things, does not result in doing the right thing. In the long run which is the reason d'etre for SP, we must know what is the "right option" and this in no way amounts to knowing what are "not the right options".
It's like thinking out of the box, innovative, fresh and sustainable way of doing things, unlike typical mistake of "satisficing "...
The first option that appeals to us.. Is not necessarily the right option.

Strategic Planning is About Elimination
Mellacheruvu Adi Saasthry , SIG Leader
I have a slightly different perception, It is more of considering and answering every question pertaining to the business and taking necessary timely decisions now for the future. Nothing can be eliminated as there will be risk involved.
Strategic Planning is the continuous process of making present entrepreneurial (risk-taking) decisions systematically and with the greatest knowledge of their futurity; organizing them and measuring the results of these decisions against expectations through organized, systematic feedback.
I suggest you to read a Book by Peter F Drucker - Management.


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Special Interest Group Leader
Mellacheruvu Adi Saasthry

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