Is Strategic Planning Passé?

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Is Strategic Planning Passé?
Dr Robin C Hesler, Member
Is strategic planning in the traditional sense passé? It may very well be given the rapidly changing environment organizations face especially in technology including social media and the collapsing financial world.
Maybe one should be planning for only 1 year, assessing and revising the corporation's strategies. The rigid structure of strategic planning may need a new model.... Register

Focus on Objectives Rather Than Detailled Action PlanSign up
Andre Vanasse
Perhaps we spend too much time to build a detailed...

The Human Factor in Strategic PlanningSign up
P. ter Horst
I think strategic planning is not passé, and you'r...

Strategic PlanningSign up
Dr Robin C Hesler
Good comments mr. ter Horst. I didn't mean that st...

Strategic Plans Can no Longer Be 'Hardwired'Sign up
Barri Blauvelt
Strategic planning is more critical than ever

Strategic Planning is Needed. Short and Long TermSign up
Javier Carrera
Now more than ever a strategic planning must be do...

Strategic Planning Needed but Do it Well !Sign up
Augusto Carreira
Strategies are in general no more than guesswork a...

Strategic Planning? Yes, But not Carved in StoneSign up
Tony Wasserman
For me, the problem isn't with strategic planning,...

Long Term Strategic PlanningSign up
Eduardo Montes
It seems that we always forget that businesses are...

Strategic Planning Must be Flexible and Provide OptionsSign up
Larry Chaitt
Today we stand on a cliff overlooking a possible w...

Contingency PlanningSign up
Timmy Baksh
Strategic planning has always had that "long term"...

Sense & Respond Factor in Strategic PlanningSign up
Jaffer Hussainee
If an organization has a "vision" of its future th...

Strategic Planning is not a Process of Analysis But of SynthesisSign up
Zsolt Nyiri
The term "Strategic Planning" contains 'strategy' ...

What is Strategic Planning?Sign up
Madan Gopal Agarwal
The definition itself clarifies what it means - a ...

Postpone Time Frame in Strategic PlanningSign up
Tinus van der Merwe
In my view difficulties arise when one starts off ...

Ability to Change or Improvise Requires Constant AssessmentsSign up
Magnus Lavman
Quick changes in our environment do NOT make pl...

Change of Strategic FactorsSign up
Arunas Beksta
I'm thinking about the strategic factors we use fo...

Strategic Planning Now Requires Continous MonitoringSign up
Prof. Alkis S. Magdalinos
Strategic planning has always been a difficult exe...

Is Strategic Planning PasseSign up
John L Smith
Yes, it's passe. No, it's not. It's still helpful....

Strategic Learning Rather Than PlanningSign up
Strategic planning outcomes are simply a manife...

Abandoning Strategy is UnwiseSign up
Tom Griffin
Suggesting that you abandon strategy will diffuse ...

Future of Strategic PlanningSign up
Yes I agree with all said, but we have to consider...

FAST LEARNING is a Key Competitive AdvantageSign up
I really agree with your statement Michael, fas...

Is Strategic Planning Passé?Sign up
Tero Kaleva
I would start my answer from the need. If you can ...

Strategic Planning Passe?Sign up
karel sovak
Strategic planning is all about dedicating the pro...

Strategic Planning PasseSign up
Most have described innovative approaches to their...

Strategic Planning NOT PasseSign up
James Hoker
To say strategic planning is passe, suggests insuf...

'Change is Fast and Planning is Useless' - MantraSign up
Brian Flagg
Hooray James Hoker (and others).
Not only is...

Unused Strategic PlansSign up
Suleiman C. Muttani
Many strategic plans are not put into use! In the ...

Strategic Planning is Only One Piece of the PuzzleSign up
Tayo Aduloju
What seems to be clear from every one's comments i...

What is Planning For?Sign up
Erdohegyi Gabor
My approach and explanation to planning: planni...

Is Strategic Planning Passe?Sign up
Vijay Jassal
Definitely not! One needs strategic planning at al...

Strategic Planning is ImportantSign up
Strategic planning has to incorporate emerging tre...

Current Strategic Planning Needs Agility and Strong PoliciesSign up
john harris
In the 12th century, strategic planning already wa...

Empowerment and OrchestrationSign up
Gabriel Ramirez
In an ever faster changing complex environment, go...

Realistic Strategic PlanningSign up
We all know the pros and cons of SP, but with any ...

Turbulent World Needs More Than Strategic PlanningSign up
The turbulent world needs something else than plan...

Connecting Organizational Competences to Market DemandsSign up
Anyebe, Peter
Strategy connects organizational competences to...

Strategic Planning not Time BoundSign up
I don't consider the strategic plan to be time bou...

Strategic Planning is Time BoundSign up
Augusto Carreira
What is the difference between a strategic plan an...

Strategic Planning is Time BoundSign up
Prof. Alkis S. Magdalinos
Sorry Bnya but strategic planning is definitely ti...

Strategic Planning - Can't See What's ChangedSign up
Sabine Pitcher
Maybe I'm just not getting it - we've always had a...

Strategic Planning not Time BoundSign up
I do agree that there should be a long term (5+yea...

Is Strategic Planning Something Dépassé? ou Passé?Sign up
Are we talking about the 70's? If so sp is passé a...

Strategic Planning not Passe.. Meaning Evolving..Sign up
There are large conglomerates, and smaller busines...

Is Strategic Planning PasseSign up
Prof. Alkis S. Magdalinos
Dear Kathryn, your comments are very interesting. ...

Is Strategic Planning PasseSign up
Daniel Schneider
Having read many of the comments, I have begun to ...

Is Strategic Planning PasseSign up
I must agree with those who have suggested that a ...

Collaboration in Strategic PlanningSign up
There is a global climate of uncertainty, which ma...

3 Different Levels of Strategic PlanningSign up
Merryck Leigh
I think that many are lumping strategic planning i...

What Makes Strategic Planning InflexibleSign up
Prof. Alkis S. Magdalinos
Merryck, your comment is very good. In general str...

Strategic PlanningSign up
Timmy Baksh
Merryck, I like your break down and approach to th...

Strategic Planning Must Be Parly Inflexible and Partly Flexible.Sign up
From this discussion thread it appears that the...

Strategic Planning is Evolving...Sign up
Dr Gary Jones
Strategic planning commenced in the 1950's. It was...

Strategic Planning Needs AdaptationSign up
Lazaro Tobon Vallejo
Strategic planning isn't passé. It needs adaptatio...

Type of Strategic Planning NeededSign up
Dr Gary Jones
You are certainly right Lazaro. The continued appr...

Is Strategic Planning Passe?Sign up
Prof. Alkis S. Magdalinos
Strategic planning is consistent with the ultimate...



Future Objective is RequiredSign up
Clark Brady
Good comments have been given by others, mine is a...

We Need to Focus on Why the Assumptions Don't Reflect RealitySign up
Strategy is ultimately a coherent series of action...


Is Strategic Planning Passe?Sign up
Ted Garrison
Is strategic planning passe. Never. You asked abou...

In Turbulent Times, Strategic Plans Should be Revised More OftenSign up
Prof. Alkis S. Magdalinos
Strategic planning is certainly not passe. However...


Typically Strategic Planning is Focused on the Wrong EntitySign up
Ted Garrison
Dr. Hesler - Is strategic planning in the traditio...


Strategic Planning is More ProfitableSign up
salem ahmed
To develop your strategic planning has to subseque...

What is 'strategy' Itself and Role of Strategic PlanningSign up
rajiv gupta
Strategy can be better defined as a mechanism to c...


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