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Dr Robin C Hesler

Is Strategic Planning Passé?

Is strategic planning in the traditional sense passé? It may very well be given the rapidly changing environment organizations face especially in technology including social media and the collapsing financial world.
Maybe one should be planning for only 1 year, assessing and revising the corporation's strategies. The rigid structure of strategic planning may need a new model.

  Andre Vanasse, Canada

Focus on Objectives Rather Than Detailled Action Plan

Perhaps we spend too much time to build a detailed action plan while doing the strategic plan. Models we had were directing us to do so.
We should concentrate on establishing general objectives for 2-3 years.
Then focus annually on building a yearly action plan based on those objectives giving us the opportunity to review changes in both external and internal environments.

  P. ter Horst
Strategy Consultant, Chile

The Human Factor in Strategic Planning

I think strategic planning is not passé, and you're right about looking for change in a model. But strategic planning sh...

  Dr Robin C Hesler

Strategic Planning

Good comments mr. ter Horst. I didn't mean that strategic planning itself is passe but the model or perception that most...

  Barri Blauvelt
Professor, United States

Strategic Plans Can no Longer Be 'Hardwired'

Strategic planning is more critical than ever, but needs to encompass "horizon scanning" methods more than an extrapolat...

  Javier Carrera

Strategic Planning is Needed. Short and Long Term

Now more than ever a strategic planning must be done in both short and long term. The big failures in companies or peopl...

  Augusto Carreira
Partner, Portugal

Strategic Planning Needed but Do it Well !

Strategies are in general no more than guesswork about an open future. A strategy should be a timed response to an ext...

  Tony Wasserman
Professor, United States

Strategic Planning? Yes, But not Carved in Stone

For me, the problem isn't with strategic planning, but rather the mindset of the people who become irrevocably wed to th...

  Eduardo Montes
Consultant, Mexico

Long Term Strategic Planning

It seems that we always forget that businesses are established for a long live and SP is the tool for it. Review your pl...

  Larry Chaitt
Writer, Croatia

Strategic Planning Must be Flexible and Provide Options

Today we stand on a cliff overlooking a possible world financial crisis that is global. Strategic planning must provide ...

  Timmy Baksh
Analyst, Trinidad and Tobago

Contingency Planning

Strategic planning has always had that "long term" component to it... I think strategy plans in today's world have a s...

  Jaffer Hussainee
Consultant, Japan

Sense & Respond Factor in Strategic Planning

If an organization has a "vision" of its future than strategic planning is as essential as ever - it is the rigidity of ...

  Zsolt Nyiri

Strategic Planning is not a Process of Analysis But of Synthesis

The term "Strategic Planning" contains 'strategy' and 'planning'. These words do not encapsulate time. Hence, it is an a...

  Madan Gopal Agarwal
Business Consultant, India

What is Strategic Planning?

The definition itself clarifies what it means - a process of development and implementation of actions to meet goal of t...

  Tinus van der Merwe, Saudi Arabia

Postpone Time Frame in Strategic Planning

In my view difficulties arise when one starts off with defining a time frame, which leads to predict and prepare mode. F...

  Magnus Lavman, Sweden

Ability to Change or Improvise Requires Constant Assessments

Quick changes in our environment do NOT make planning useless, not even strategic planning. Without the mental challenge...

  Arunas Beksta
management consultant and trainer, Lithuania

Change of Strategic Factors

I'm thinking about the strategic factors we use for strategic planning. It seems to me that the factors we are currently...

  Prof. Alkis S. Magdalinos
Business Consultant, Greece

Strategic Planning Now Requires Continous Monitoring

Strategic planning has always been a difficult exercise for management. And the longer the time horizon you must plan fo...

  John L Smith
Consultant, United States

Is Strategic Planning Passe

Yes, it's passe. No, it's not. It's still helpful. But it's limited. Remember that according to Mintzberg ("Strategy Sa...

Director, Australia

Strategic Learning Rather Than Planning

Strategic planning outcomes are simply a manifestation of the learning processes within an organisations. It could be ...

  Tom Griffin
Analyst, United States

Abandoning Strategy is Unwise

Suggesting that you abandon strategy will diffuse energy and assure defeat. Do we think Apple, Microsoft, or Cisco have ...

Teacher, Pakistan

Future of Strategic Planning

Yes I agree with all said, but we have to consider the environmental factors that affect the organizational objectives a...

Manager, Belgium

FAST LEARNING is a Key Competitive Advantage

I really agree with your statement Michael, fast learning is a key competitive advantage companies have to develop, and ...

  Tero Kaleva
Partner, Finland

Is Strategic Planning Passé?

I would start my answer from the need. If you can prosper without a plan, by just reacting to the existing situation, it...

  karel sovak
Professor, United States

Strategic Planning Passe?

Strategic planning is all about dedicating the proper resources toward some creation - in a for profit case that is more...

United States

Strategic Planning Passe

Most have described innovative approaches to their strategy system. To say it is passe seems an absurdity to me being th...

  James Hoker
Student (Other), United States

Strategic Planning NOT Passe

To say strategic planning is passe, suggests insufficient business acumen, questionable performance, and irresponsibilit...

  Brian Flagg
Management Consultant, United States

'Change is Fast and Planning is Useless' - Mantra

Hooray James Hoker (and others). Not only is it NOT passe, strategic planning is the only way forward to achieving and...

  Suleiman C. Muttani
Consultant, Tanzania

Unused Strategic Plans

Many strategic plans are not put into use! In the developing countries in particular, which depend on foreign aid to sup...

  Tayo Aduloju
CEO, Nigeria

Strategic Planning is Only One Piece of the Puzzle

What seems to be clear from every one's comments is that 1. strategic planning is one key component for achieving an org...

  Erdohegyi Gabor
Management Consultant, Hungary

What is Planning For?

My approach and explanation to planning: planning is to serve conscious and more effective risk management. Investors al...

  Vijay Jassal
Entrepreneur, India

Is Strategic Planning Passe?

Definitely not! One needs strategic planning at all stages. Even more in fast paced changing environment. Just because t...

Entrepreneur, United States

Strategic Planning is Important

Strategic planning has to incorporate emerging trends and opportunities. There should be a short and long term strategy ...

  john harris, Australia

Current Strategic Planning Needs Agility and Strong Policies

In the 12th century, strategic planning already was the key to the success of general Subutai, the worlds most successfu...

  Gabriel Ramirez
Professor, Colombia

Empowerment and Orchestration

In an ever faster changing complex environment, good strategic planing isn't enough What is also needed are autonomy an...

  Amondson, Australia

Realistic Strategic Planning

We all know the pros and cons of SP, but with any form of planning one has to remember that it has to be realistic, have...

CxO / Board, Russian Federation

Turbulent World Needs More Than Strategic Planning

The turbulent world needs something else than planning, maybe let it go by itself, I think nothing depends on humans. I...

  Anyebe, Peter
HR Consultant, Nigeria

Connecting Organizational Competences to Market Demands

Strategy connects organizational competences to the demands of the market. The changing functions are the competences an...

Consultant, India

Strategic Planning not Time Bound

I don't consider the strategic plan to be time bound. A SP defines what business the company wants to do and how. It is...

  Augusto Carreira
Partner, Portugal

Strategic Planning is Time Bound

What is the difference between a strategic plan and a business plan? None. If one doesn't understand this then one does ...

  Prof. Alkis S. Magdalinos
Business Consultant, Greece

Strategic Planning is Time Bound

Sorry Bnya but strategic planning is definitely time bound as Carreira says, since it is directly connected to what you ...

  Sabine Pitcher
Manager, United Kingdom

Strategic Planning - Can't See What's Changed

Maybe I'm just not getting it - we've always had a "3-year strategic plan" which was flexible to revision. We've had ann...

Entrepreneur, United States

Strategic Planning not Time Bound

I do agree that there should be a long term (5+years) strategic plan, with specific areas that may be anticipated to cha...

  Benhoumeur, Algeria

Is Strategic Planning Something Dépassé? ou Passé?

Are we talking about the 70's? If so sp is passé and dépassé, since sp is more associated with the separation of the fir...

Entrepreneur, United States

Strategic Planning not Passe.. Meaning Evolving..

There are large conglomerates, and smaller businesses, who will be swallowed up in the next economic downturn? There are...

  Prof. Alkis S. Magdalinos
Business Consultant, Greece

Is Strategic Planning Passe

Dear Kathryn, your comments are very interesting. I believe that survival, apart from continuously monitoring the enviro...

  Daniel Schneider
Business Consultant, United States

Is Strategic Planning Passe

Having read many of the comments, I have begun to crystallize my thoughts. If strategic planning can be thought of as be...

  Lindquist, United States

Is Strategic Planning Passe

I must agree with those who have suggested that a 3 to 5 year dynamic strategic plan is still essential for any organiza...

Entrepreneur, United States

Collaboration in Strategic Planning

There is a global climate of uncertainty, which makes it precarious to strategically plan past 3 years, with great accur...

  Merryck Leigh
Business Consultant, United States

3 Different Levels of Strategic Planning

I think that many are lumping strategic planning into one big entity. While there have to be linkages in order for the p...

  Prof. Alkis S. Magdalinos
Business Consultant, Greece

What Makes Strategic Planning Inflexible

Merryck, your comment is very good. In general strategy and strategic planning refer to long periods of time and the ult...

  Timmy Baksh
Analyst, Trinidad and Tobago

Strategic Planning

Merryck, I like your break down and approach to this issue, spoken like a true entrepreneur, together with Prof. Magdali...

Entrepreneur, United States

Strategic Planning Must Be Parly Inflexible and Partly Flexible.

From this discussion thread it appears that there has to be a basis for a strategic plan that is inflexible, and element...

  Dr Gary Jones
Business Consultant, Australia

Strategic Planning is Evolving...

Strategic planning commenced in the 1950's. It was then referred to as long term planning where it was designed to get a...

  Lazaro Tobon Vallejo
Teacher, Colombia

Strategic Planning Needs Adaptation

Strategic planning isn't passé. It needs adaptation to new realities and adapt to a dynamic environment, using tools lik...

  Dr Gary Jones
Business Consultant, Australia

Type of Strategic Planning Needed

You are certainly right Lazaro. The continued appraisal of the SP is essential (to ensure the assumptions that the SP wa...

  Prof. Alkis S. Magdalinos
Business Consultant, Greece

Is Strategic Planning Passe?

Strategic planning is consistent with the ultimate objectives of a company. As such it cannot be said that it is passe. ...

  Merryck Leigh
Business Consultant, United States

Business Model Trumps Strategic Planning

@Prof. Alkis S. Magdalinos: Most successful small business I know, many medium ones and a good couple of large ones hav...

  Lindquist, United States

Short and Long-term Planning

@Javier Carrera: I make the assumption that a strategic plan looks at a vision that is 5-7 years into the future. In tod...

  Clark Brady
Strategy Consultant, United States

Future Objective is Required

Good comments have been given by others, mine is an argument in the negative... If you have ever mowed a lawn or plante...

Director, Australia

We Need to Focus on Why the Assumptions Don't Reflect Reality

Strategy is ultimately a coherent series of actions over a period of time within an opportunity space to take advantage ...

  Merryck Leigh
Business Consultant, United States

Strategic Inertia is an Increasing Liability?

@Clark Brady: it is merely inertia that scribes a straight line and that is very much a mixed blessing and as the titani...

  Ted Garrison
Management Consultant, United States

Is Strategic Planning Passe?

Is strategic planning passe. Never. You asked about the constant change. Too often people think that because business co...

  Prof. Alkis S. Magdalinos
Business Consultant, Greece

In Turbulent Times, Strategic Plans Should be Revised More Often

Strategic planning is certainly not passe. However, strategic plans should be checked and revised and when conditions ch...

  Ted Garrison
Management Consultant, United States

Strategy must Balance Short-term and Long-term

@Prof. Alkis S. Magdalinos : Professor - I agree and yes it is a shame that people don't develop strategic plans. Busine...

  Ted Garrison
Management Consultant, United States

Typically Strategic Planning is Focused on the Wrong Entity

Dr. Hesler - Is strategic planning in the traditional sense passe? I think so. Why? Because typically strategic plans ha...

  Ted Garrison
Management Consultant, United States

Strategy is Journey

@Prof. Alkis S. Magdalinos: I totally agree that strategies must change - in essence they are a journey - not a destinat...

  salem ahmed
Teacher, Yemen

Strategic Planning is More Profitable

To develop your strategic planning has to subsequently determine: your core competencies, critical challenges, strategic...

  rajiv gupta
Business Consultant, India

What is 'strategy' Itself and Role of Strategic Planning

Strategy can be better defined as a mechanism to create power through a given set of resources and constraints, rather t...


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