Assessing the Relationship Between Business and IT

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Assessing the Relationship Between Business and IT
John Henry, Manager, United States, Member
Key factors to assess the relation of IT with the Business should also include:
* Relevance - does IT want to be a key business partner, and a strategic part of the plan? Or are they simply a support model, that reacts and usually causes decay in process because of the support reaction issue.
* Trust - does business see IT as a cost center, needing to be managed out of existence to reduce costs, or has there been a strategic trust relationship developed that gives IT a strategic place in decision making.
* Response ability (misspelling intended) does IT accept its responsibility to be a part of the process that improves business decisions, or is IT simply a reacting agent.
* Solution provider - this is the strategic role of IT, to be able to identify properly the problem facing the business and find by use of good technology and process development, the solution to the current issues, while looking ahead to the business vision to p...Sign up

Relationship Between Business and IT
David Miller, United States, Member
I have, unfortunately, seen IT become a "bully" in its relationship with business. Wanting to be seen as more than just an agent for delivery o...Sign up

Connection with Business Model
Malgorzata Duczkowska-Piasecka, Professor, Poland, Member
Very interesting remarks. I think that the above schema has connection with the business model of an enterprise.
The four boxes of a busin...Sign up

IT Bullying
John Henry, Manager, United States, Member
I have seen that, in fact I have seen a business make the IT director the corporate change manager.
This is not what is intended. Rather, a true ...Sign up

Assessing IT & Business Relationship
Jeffery R. Peterson, Manager, United States, Member
Business people should lead business decisions; technology people should lead technology decisions. Of the factors listed above, trust is very crit...Sign up

Developing Trust Between IT and Their Customers
John Henry, Manager, United States, Member
Trust is very critical and lacking the most. The issues that come from a non trusting relationship create the primary conflict with the information te...Sign up

IT versus Business
David Wilson, Manager, Canada, Premium Member
It is a two way street. Business and IT are two sides of the same coin. Each side must understand and support the other. Unfortunately, I think proble...Sign up

Integrate IT in Business
Pamela Adams, Business Consultant, United States, Member
The only successful and surviving IT organizations (not outsourced to reduce costs) are those that constantly transfer knowledge to create multiple le...Sign up

Business Strategy and IT Strategic Plan Alignment
Julius Belleza, CEO, United States, Member
In my 25+ years experience as business and IT executive, I have seen this going on for so long. However, the "blame factor" is not IT or the business....Sign up

No Seperate IT Group
Darron Passlow, Business Consultant, Australia, Member
Business should be driving the solutions that IT offers and supports. IT should not be trying to drive the business with solutions IT likes or ...Sign up

IT Professionals and Business
Dr. V.N.Tikku, Management Consultant, India, Member
Some present day IT professionals are more or less stenographers as they used to be probably two decades back.
Converting something into IT langu...Sign up

Aligment with Corporate Strategy
Jafeth Quintanilla, Teacher, Peru, Member
Organizations often fail because their structures are not properly attached to their business purpose. Every manager then does what he believes...Sign up

Common Ground of Measures
aldo Pomponi, Business Consultant, Italy, Member
In my experience (mostly banking and financials) with large mainframe installations I've seen the most critical part is to establish a "common" vie...Sign up

IT has Strategic Impact
JOSPHAT HANJARI MWAMUTSI, Management Consultant, Kenya, Member
In my 20 years of study of business and research from management to business administration, I have come to realize that IT is the most voted tool dri...Sign up

Alignment of All Staff
Jafeth Quintanilla, Teacher, Peru, Member
I totally agree. However, all organizations need to take into account that you can only achieve good results if all business and IT staff is fully ...Sign up

Take IT Serious. Team Player
V. L. KHUZWAYO, Student (MBA), South Africa, Member
I fully agree with John as well with the McFarlan IT Grid and my view is that IT needs to be taken very seriously due to the role IT plays rega...Sign up

IT Savy Business Managers
Garret Ryan, Consultant, Ireland, Member
As organizations are turning to business analytics tools for real-time business data I believe the divisions between business decisions makers and tra...Sign up

External Impact of IT
The business operation is now powered by IT, especially in the field of marketing the IT contribution can not be overemphasized as customers who are t...Sign up

Strategic Impact of IT
Emmanuel Duru, Analyst, Nigeria, Member
Within the context of this debate, a lot more issues may be thrown up concerning the impact of IT in business.
Evaluating IT vis a vis IT's im...Sign up

Importance of Information
John Henry, Manager, United States, Member
Information is the only real competitive advantage a business owns. Keeping that information private, accessible, and relevant is the key to busine...Sign up

The Importance of IT for the Business
Adriano A. Barbosa, Director, Brazil, Member
The point is: does IT know how to make its point?
I do believe that IT executives lack the capability to position IT as a strategy enabler...Sign up

Endless Cycle
John Henry, Manager, United States, Member
Information Technology can not deliver real contributions without an understanding of what the vision/mission of the business is.
The b...Sign up

IT Bullying
Diane Turner, CEO, Canada, Member
When our inside IT person left the company, we had to hire someone from the outside. The money and down time we have spent since then has been difficu...Sign up

Someone from Outside Joins...
John Henry, Manager, United States, Member
The less responsible the organization, the less cooperative the individual. When someone from "outside" joins a group, the following situations...Sign up

IT Mandate Derived from Business Objectives
Eliza Mogopodi, Manager, South Africa, Member
Business should derive and delegate a mandate for IT, outlining tasks and activities- where technology could be used as an enabler for business...Sign up

IT Mandate, One Step Further..
John Henry, Manager, United States, Member
Business and IT should create the IT mandate. The business should identify their goals and processes that need automation, standardization and ...Sign up

IT and Business are Partners
Sandeep Ashtekar, Project Manager, India, Member
This partnership is built on trust. Business needs to believe that IT can deliver value. From IT standpoint, not everything needs to be auto...Sign up

An Interesting Indicator of the Relationship between Business and IT: Excel Usage!
Arindam Mukhopadhyay, Director, India, Member
An useful and effective way to assess the relation of IT with Business is to ask this simple question: "Do you run your business on Excel?"
Too m...Sign up


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