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Organizational Momentum
Charles McCaul
Momentum can be stagnaged by poor decisions, leadership changes or resistance from "old line" employees or incompetent employees. One of the ways to start positive momentum is to communicate vision, hope and strategy and celebrating small changes. Positive affirmation of employees also helps create momentum....Sign up

Organisational Momentum
Barry Hill, Turnaround Manager, United Kingdom, Member
I have taken a look at Charles M's comment and, although I operate on the other side of the pond, from my turnaround experience, I agree completely wi...Sign up

Educational Level of Employees and Organizational Momentum
Alfred Ocka, CEO, Albania, Member
I agree with your description. I'm for the moment just in that situation. I'm facing especially the resistance from the "old line" employees. Only som...Sign up

Organizational Climate
Cindy Palomo
I recently participated in a webinar entitled, "Using Climate to Drive Employee Engagement," and I believe much of the content has relevance to this ...Sign up

Management Support
Abdullah Fuentes, Analyst, Saudi Arabia, Member
To ensure successfull organization momentum that would translate into achieving the objective, there must be a succesfull change management from top m...Sign up

Create Momentum Bottom-up
The momentum is not an external phenomenon, but can be planned and created bottum-up, starting at the basis....Sign up

Don't Put Pressure on your Employees
Alpesh suvagia, Student (MBA), India, Member
I am not agreeing with your above definition because nowadays if you want to survive then you must understand your employees. You can not put pressure...Sign up

Treat Employee as a Part of Organization
Buddhi Sagar Lamichhane, Officer, Nepal, Member
Momentum is developed by the collective effort of all the employees.
If the management has created a situation of division between employees or ...Sign up

Organization Momentum Relates More to Power Wielders
Francis E Hilotina, Project Manager, Philippines, Member
Indeed size & direction characterize change momentum, but a hidden factor from the organization's power base puts a thin line between motion and inert...Sign up

Inclusive Culture and Organisational Momentum
Hemant C Trivedi
Organizational Momentum is dependent on organizational culture. Inclusive culture allows for the inclusion of all that are taken on board. I am yet to...Sign up

Organisational Momentum and Management
Pam Van Engelshoven
I like Mr. Trivedi's vision. And I want to add that we must not oversee management's part in creating the "old line employees"....Sign up

Sustaining the Strategic Change Momentum
Jeswan SinghPS, Engineer, Malaysia, Member
A leader with a high degree of drive, challenge and change orientation can sustain the change momentum and produce the desired results within the agre...Sign up

Change Management
Abdullah Fuentes, Analyst, Saudi Arabia, Member
Within the organization there are those who dwell on their comfort zone and these are the staff that resist change. An employee is an employee and tho...Sign up

Leadership and Organisational Momentum
Sapam Kangleipal, India, Member
Organizational Momentum is depend of its organizational ideology and its leadership's dedication to their ideology. The leadership capacity to motivat...Sign up

Strategic Change Momentum
Sylvia Grant, Consultant, Australia, Member
Too many leaders continue to come up with visions or strategic directions without explicitly stating HOW these can be turned into reality. What chang...Sign up

Take the Time for Communication
Any organizational strategy should be well communicated and understood by everyone in the organization. A change of behaviour and attitute may be nece...Sign up

Strategic Change Momentum
Sylvia Grant, Consultant, Australia, Member
To maintain Strategic Change Momentum it is essential for leaders to present a plan to employees, with details that are specific, realistic and achiev...Sign up

Internal and External Factors in Change Strategy
ernest agbenohevi, Consultant, Ghana, Member
The strategy for change basically has internal and external factors that have to be critically looked at.
There is the need for internal consiste...Sign up

Educational Enterprise
James Crumley, VP Logistics and Fulfillment, United States, Member
Most readily agree with Trivedi, Sylvia and Maznah--what we're talking about is, at its core, an educational enterprise. Rather than looking at issu...Sign up

Strategic Plan & Implementation
Zamri Yeop Zainon, Director, Malaysia, Member
Strategic direction and implementation are two different tasks with their own issues and resistance from different angles. With a positive attitude, a...Sign up

Strategic Change
SIMON Daniel, Consultant, France, Member
In my mind change must be preventive. That means 5 month before the crisis of the market, management have to identify the risk with good sensor and t...Sign up

Communicate Company Values
Thapelo, HR Consultant, South Africa, Member
Totaly agree with Charles on these one as well. Just to add , its very important for organisations to communicate company values and have them as a d...Sign up

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