Strategic Agility Means Speed of Action

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Strategic Agility Means Speed of Action
Andy Scott, Member
The key to agility is speed, quickly acting on and delivering strategies leads to the ability to consider the next strategy, or the new big thing that is going to affect your business. Speed of action is king.

Enabling Speed of Action...
Leon Debije, Member
Hi Andy Scott, I agree that speed is key.
However, does the surrounding area allow you to accelerate? To run in a crowded street or to speed up in a traffic jam doesn't work.
So, the surrounding conditions have to be set to allow for speed! So bringing these conditions in the right position (quickly) is what is the our challenge if we want to be agile.
However, which conditions and what do they have to be? Start with it, I challenge you! Bring them in place accurate and quick! Do the things first time right. Delivering strategies quickly requires real time, accurate and relevant information (no overkill) and the ability to analyze and decide quickly by overseeing the consequences and the impact of decisions.
Being able to follow up and handle the impact of decisions without getting to ´adhocracy´. Do you have answers? Please tell me! Rgds Leon :).

It's About Speed
Aaron Shaffer, Member
My experience is that speed is a core variable in determining the effectiveness of initiatives such as:
- Culture change
- Organizational redesign
- Surveys and other feedback
- Talent development
- Recruiting
It's not enough to tie in key stakeholders, develop a closed loop (governance) system, communicate (x3). Efforts that suffer through unanimity building (like cars designed by committee), often end up taking more effort, not realizing their full potential, and/or not changing the game sufficiently to have been worthwhile to begin with. This doesn't mean, dont' plan or analyze. These efforts are good, but should be time bounded, and expectations should be set than we may not have the data shored up, or everyone's opinion counted, but action needs to take place. I cannot tell you how many critical organizational efforts were delayed, time wasted, or opportunities missed b/c the CEO didn't have time this month to meet about it, or the CFO wanted stronger data.

Enabling Speed of Action
Andy Scott, Member
@Leon Debije: Leon, the key to having the right surrounding conditions is to have strategic work built in to daily/weekly activities.
You would not change strategy everyday:-) but having people working on the analysis, the decision making and the implementation of strategy all the time brings about much more speed/agility than the typical annual or quarterly strategy meeting.

Enabling Speed of Action
Leon Debije, Member
@Andy Scott: I agree with your last sentence. However, I argue on ‘not change strategy everyday’. I suppose it should come ‘close’ to. Everyday would be adhocracy and a risk of going everywhere and ending nowhere.
However, to me strategy will become an ongoing ‘real time’ process with long term perspective.
Especially agile environment will impact the current long term perspective or topics appear with no strategic answer is given to. So, this needs accurate and instant decisions in line with the long term view or to pragmatically change it. Not to replace the current strategic perspective completely, but it will (additional) impact and probably change the long term perspective.
To make this possible, strategy meetings have to be more frequent. So, this means an impact on the organization, but most of all the awareness of ‘C-level management’. The management has to be more real time involved at ongoing agile developments to keep the speed. I’m pleased to have this discussion and sharpen our vision :).


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