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Nick Anderson
Business Consultant, United States

Competitive Agility. Importance, Benefits and How To's

In our survey report 'Competitive Agility - Anytime, Anywhere, on Anything', many contributors see change agility as more important than all other factors.

Why is agility so important?
- Adaptability to change, anytime, anywhere, on anything can be seen as stable and helps build integrity and trust with customers.- Being nimble and adaptable to market requirements creates opportunities for early market entry. Delivering such agility and flexibility internally drives innovation externally.
- Agility is change embracing and develops pre-emptive ability. Agile companies are more likely to initiate change and gain competitive advantage over larger, slower moving corporations.
- Agility allows a company to do business and not spend time reacting to problems and issues. Embracing agility as how we do it around here, rather than striving to maintain the status quo means you are more likely to deliver customer value.
It follows, for many contributors, that agility leads to deeper relationships internally and with customers. This is a key driver for sustained growth.

The need for competitive agilityOther valuable outcomes are that agility tends to:
- Be unique and hard to duplicate (Editor: compare VRIN)
- Can correct bad practices more quickly.
- Have a better chance of being more profitable than their less responsive competitors
- Be dynamic and can successfully make adjustments to maintain profitability
- More responsive to customers, markets and new opportunities
- As one person said: "For one thing, your competitor has to reckon with a 'moving target' which is always more difficult to compete with!"
- Keeping an eye on what is happening in the market and be ready to change. Change preparedness to turn on a dime is that ability to adapt to and implement change easily.
It follows that agile companies have change processes and change management policies that can be activated with ease.

Becoming agile
Many contributors commented on how to become more agile:
1.Take small steps toward great results
2. Develop the ability to change as a core competency
3. Adapt core competencies to what environmental forces dictate
4. Donít have frozen protocols...
Please share any additional thoughts about how we can build competitive agility... Thanks...

  Yeshwant Moodliar
Consultant, India

Train Employees to Cope with Competitive Agility in Grasping Work Environment

In India as in the rest of the world, the environment is fast changing and this change is affecting individuals and thei...

  Nick Anderson
Business Consultant, United States

Competitive Agility in Grasping Work Environment

We started out with concerns about change management and its apparent poor track record. From Kotter in í96 to McKinsey ...

  Gokhale Shrirang
Management Consultant, India

Building Competitive Agility as I See It

@Yeshwant Moodliar : I agree with you regarding the situation in India. I see following points... - Organizations shoul...

  Peter Dragen
Business Consultant, Sweden

Recipe for Increasing Agility

I think agility has primarily to do with the size and authority of the decision body (eg. the business unit / profit cen...

  Mahmoud, Saudi Arabia

Competitive Agility. Importance, Benefits and How To's

I agree with the valuable issues and thoughts presented here. Competitive agility primarily needs a culture change of th...

  Prof. Alkis S. Magdalinos
Business Consultant, Greece

Creating Competitive Agility

Hi Nick, your statement on competitive agility is excellent! I would add one more element on becoming agile and staying ...

  Saeed Khodaee
Director, Iran

Change Management Based on Prior Preparations

Changing anything significant in a workplace is highly dependent upon the preparations made to the workplace. Training p...

  Antonio Luiz Pontes
Consultant, Brazil

Competitive Agility : A Cultural Factor and a Leadership Issue

Agility is a cultural factor and therefore should be a characteristic of leadership within the company. Only when this p...

  Nasir Cader
Student (Other)

Recipe for Success in an Ever Changing Business Environment

Adapt or perish. We should always keep abreast of what is going on around us not only in own own country but in the whol...

  Akbar Shaikh
Management Consultant

Agility is Basically a Top Management Game

I believe that agility is basically a top management game. If they are ready to focus on some current opportunity, they ...

  Victor Manuel Meneses Torres
Consultant, Mexico

To Achieve Strategic Agility, Competitive Agility become a Permanent Observer

I would add a recommendation about how to become agile: you must become a permanent observer and analyst of the environm...

  Nick Anderson
Business Consultant, United States

Agility and the Requiring Environment

We talk of the agile culture but how do we achieve such as state? One element is the requiring environment - I had to d...

Consultant, India

Change Management: Challenges and Success

An organization is a union of people which may be from different regions, culture, religion but are working towards one ...

  Sokolova Tatiana
Analyst, Russian Federation

What Creates Agility in Management

No doubt agility or flexibility of a company (or a human being) in a constantly changing surrounding is a very important...

  Dr Gary Jones
Business Consultant, Australia

Instilling the Ability to Respond to Change as a Strategy

Strategy at a holistic level can be everything a company does, or consists of and does not need to run in one direction ...

  Donald Ross
United States

Agile like a Brontosaurus

I have worked as a physician administrator in a large hospital which is part of a large system. Change is extremely slow...

  geevis, India

Competitive Agility of Companies

Agile companies have an active management, which watches market trends, opportunities and quickly develops marketable so...

  sweety, United States

Agility and Required Environment

@Nick Anderson : if the leader's perspective and the board of directors' and middle management's perspective are aligned...

  Amin Safi
CEO, Jordan

Agility here is Coping with Unrest

We in Jordan are highly affected by the radical changes in political social systems which lead to unstable business envi...

  Sokolova Tatiana
Analyst, Russian Federation

Corporate Brontosauruses

@Donald Ross: not only hospitals seem to be a Brontosaurus. I'm really far from an idealistic idea of a corporation. I...

  Richard Teo
CEO, Papua New Guinea

Agility and Preemption

Agility and preemption go together as in chess. The ability to flex and change must have the future management in a cont...

  Deepu Sugathan
Management Consultant, United States

How to change - Implement the change

Business agility is the capability of a business to change in the way it 'should'. This means, the capability to determi...

  Arthur Panton
Consultant, Kenya

Competitive Agility and Criticial Mass

@Peter Dragen: agreed absolutely. The larger the mass, the larger the inertia. Keep it small, concentrate the power....

  Paramathmuni srinivas Kumar

Competitive Agility and Role of Mentor

Small changes can be effectively implemented by having a strong mentor - mentee relationship in competitive agility. It ...

  Nick Anderson
Business Consultant, United States

Agility and Change Management

@Sweety: I agree alignment can lead to transparency. Unfortunately, the need for leader alignment is not well recognized...

  David Webster Smith
Management Consultant, United Kingdom

Competitive Agility And Role of Mentor

@Srinivas: I understand the process of learning Srinivas, but please tell me how to unlearn....

  Paramathmuni srinivas Kumar

Unlearning and Competitive Agility

@David Webster Smith : to unlearn things of the past we need to touch base with the experiential system, where are the w...

Consultant, India

How to Create an Agile Company and Instill Change

Business agility is to change as per the market conditions. This is essential for any business to run smoothly and keep ...

  Vaibhav Behere, India

Agility is a State of Mind

Agile is the buzzword in every industry now-a-days. I have started to feel that agility is a state of mind rather than t...

  M. Srivastava
Project Manager, India

Human Behavior is an Essential Factor for the Requiring Environment for Competitive Agility

The requiring environment for the agility is most complex to explain. But it includes the human behavior along situation...

  amneh masswadi
Financial Consultant, Jordan

Agility ... so Important for Leaders

Dear Nick Anderson, I agree with you. Competitive agility is one of the most important skills of leaders to adapt to cha...

  Joy Mogale
HR Consultant, South Africa

Embracing the Spirit of Agility in an Ever-changing Environment

I see agility as sensitivity to change that one (an organization) has anticipated and adapting to it with a positive min...

Teacher, India

Requirements for Competitive Agility

While there are Research and Development people in manufacturing industries for product development, the same is often l...

  Vaibhav Behere, India

Agile Team Member Categorization

@M. Srivastava: as you have mentioned, human behaviour varies a lot, from one change to another, from person to person. ...

  Paramathmuni srinivas Kumar

The Role of Mentoring in Achieving Competitive Agility

In my view mentoring plays an important role in agile team. A senior can pair with a junior member, so that the team can...

  Mahmoud, Saudi Arabia

To Achieve Strategic Agility, Competitve Agility Become a Permanent Observer

@Victor Manuel Meneses Torres : I fully agree with your recommendation that to become agile, you must be a permanent ob...

  Sokolova Tatiana
Analyst, Russian Federation

Agility in Management

We can talk about secondary factors like training programs, reward schemes and exposure of global industry and so on, bu...

  M. Srivastava
Project Manager, India

Analysis of Agile Teams

@Vaibhav Behere: team analysis needs to be done using independent check sheet, group check sheets and other human behavi...

  Paramathmuni srinivas Kumar

Competitive Agility and Organizational Hierarchy

A flat organization structure also helps to enable competitive, agile organisations to make quicker decisions to impleme...

  Cecyle Felix
CEO, Congo

Consider Nothing as Fixed

Great topic and comments to all! Thanks... I want to add that we cannot resist to the change; we have to accept it with ...

  Prof. Dr. Jekabs U. Leititis
Professor, Germany

Strategic Agility in Hospital Organizations

@Donald Ross: I have made the same experiences being member of the top management of a hospital group as well in second ...

  Nick Anderson
Business Consultant, United States

Creating an Agile Organization

Many see their world as complex, but do organizations need to be complex as a result? Under pressure youíll see CEOs fee...

  Nhamo Phinias
HR Consultant, Zimbabwe

Competitive Agility, It's Importance and Benefits

Interesting stuff. I am happy to be on this site. Always usefull information; information which I can apply in real life...

  Arthur Panton
Consultant, Kenya

Creating an Agile Organisation

@Nick Anderson: Creating an agile organisation can be a high risk factor, so one needs to define the lower echelons ver...

  Yeshwant Moodliar
Consultant, India

Competitive Agility in Grasping Work Environment

In the present changing environment this factor assumes lot of importance. In my opinion there are two prime issues viz:...

  Emmanuel Duru
Analyst, Nigeria

Competitive Agility. Importance of Smartness

Competitive agility is the application of genuine and smart business strategies to gain greater market share within a bu...

  Nick Anderson
Business Consultant, United States

Your Request for Focusing Change to Win

@Amneh Masswadi : Hi Amneh, here's the link to the executive summary of our survey findings. Let me know your thoughts....

  Mahmoud, Saudi Arabia

Competitive Smartness

@Emmanuel Duru : I admire your comment on competitive agility..., that actually smartness should be adopted and sustaine...

  Nick Anderson
Business Consultant, United States

Agility, Persistence and the Trust-Risk Relationship

Trust is a lubricant for risk. Leaders must ask "where is risk?" - both real risk and perceived. This is the inevitable ...

  Dr Gary Jones
Business Consultant, Australia

Change is Current State of Business

Prepare employees for change - at the moment it's the right state of business. If you don't keep moving, even though you...

  Emmanuel Duru
Analyst, Nigeria

Change is Current State of Business

@Gary Jones : Change is dynamic and so also is business. Change is like the stream of a river; if you step into it and o...


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