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Jaap de Jonge
Editor, Netherlands
Nowadays any company has to be strategically agile -- able to respond and adapt quickly to changing market conditions. One important but sometimes overlooked aspect of the capabilities and competences a firm should possess to achieve such strategic agility is the need to have a highly competent top management team in developing this agility. But how do you grow and nurture such an 'agile competence' among the members of the top management team and... for the team as a whole? I'm looking forward to your ideas and suggestions... (...) Read more? Sign up for free

Business Consultant, Netherlands

One of the Keys for Developing Towards Strategic Agility

One of the keys is that you prioritize the develop (...)

  razi efron

Strategic Agileness of Top Management

Dear Mr. de Jonge, the ability to stay relevant in (...)

Consultant, Netherlands

Grow and Nurture Such an 'Agile Competence'

Principles: - Individuals and interactions over p (...)

  Gilbert Aubert
Coach, Costa Rica

Top Management Team

In my experience as an executive coach, I have lea (...)

  Chu S. Yong
Professor, Brazil

Establishing Strategic Agility in Higher Management

Dear friends, as the business, political and econo (...)

Entrepreneur, United States

Self Organization Demonstrates Agility in Management

Wheatley (2007), in her book 'Finding our Way; Lea (...)

  Gary Wong
Consultant, Canada

Vertical Hierarchy + Horizontal Networks

While the traditional org structure (vertical) is (...)

  pradeep deo
Strategy Consultant, India

Developing Agile Top Management Teams

To develop an agile top management team you have t (...)

  Tinus van der Merwe

Developing an Agile Top Management Team

An agile team would be one where the team can thin (...)

  Dilip Khanal
CEO, Nepal

Cultivate an Articulating Ability...

Agility is simple to be said, but difficult in pra (...)

  Fahrettin Otluoglu, CMC
Management Consultant, Turkey

Building Top Management Team with Strategic Agility

To build top management team with strategic agilit (...)

  Erika Bellander
Management Consultant, Sweden

Agile Management

This is interesting. I would say that agile work i (...)

  Dr Gary Jones
Business Consultant, Australia

Change Management - a Subset of Strategic Agility

When describing strategic agility what are we real (...)

Director, Australia

Reframing for Strategic Agility

The answer to this question requires some understa (...)

  Dr. Alan Williams
Professor, Thailand

Dveloping a Highly Competent Top Management Team

There is of course no one easy answer. I remember (...)

Consultant, India

Top Management Agility

Changes in the environment, effects of the same on (...)


Developing Agile Top Management

Being agile in operations is key. However being ag (...)

  Jan Emerton

Strategic Agility and Leader Behaviour

For us, the most important aspect is leader behavi (...)

  Ioan Cuncev

Need for Managing a Continuously Updating Strategy

An agile top management team must be always up-to- (...)

  Dilip Khanal
CEO, Nepal

Coaching for Agility

We need to coach the team to be entrepreneurial. E (...)

  Maria Montero
Coach, Venezuela

Character, Courage and Trust

A physiological mature top management that does no (...)

  Bruce W Butler
Entrepreneur, United States

Promote and Train Trustworthy Employees

- Recognize those people with decision making capa (...)

  Chu S. Yong
Professor, Brazil

Strategic Agility, Cognition and Meaning (with Transdisciplinarity)

Dear friends, let me suggest a new approach (innov (...)

  Suzannah Goss
Student (University), Denmark

Strategic Agility Requires Learning

... both personal and institutional learning. Name (...)

Entrepreneur, United States

Vertical Hierarchy and Horizontal Networks Held Together by TRUST

Gary Wong, I would like to read Franklin Covey's S (...)

  Gary Wong
Consultant, Canada

Steven Covey on the Speed of Trust

Kathryn: I suggest watching this FranklinCovey vid (...)

Entrepreneur, United States

Trust Contributes to Agility in Management

Thanks Gary for the video. There must be a balance (...)

  Dilip Khanal
CEO, Nepal

Correct Information and Knowledge Sharing Culture Helpful for an Agile Top Team

Agility is needed for survival. For this correct i (...)

Director, Australia

Achieving Strategic Agility Requires External Assistance

There is a wonderful book by Kenwyn Smith and Davi (...)

  Dr. Alan Williams
Professor, Thailand

Paradoxes of Group Life

The comment from Michael Petit has reminded me of (...)

  Dr. Alan Williams
Professor, Thailand

Trust Between Top Team Members

I agree top team members don't need to have strong (...)

Entrepreneur, United States

Strategic Behavior and Leader Ability

@Jan Emerton: Hi Jan, I agree with the critical co (...)

  Dilip Khanal
CEO, Nepal

Leadership and Agility

@Kathryn Pawley Steiner: That would be ideal if le (...)


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