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Applications of Story Telling. Usages
Jacqueline E. Dennis
I have used story telling in business as a means to convey learnings, and use existing children stories that already have the lesson interwoven that may not be obvious. Dr. Seuss is one of my favorite authors for this purpose.

The All But Lost Art of Storytelling
Glen T. Mashburn, Consultant, United States, Member
Storytelling has become all but a lost art, except for those in the literary world. But even then, they rarely tell stories in person.
However, storytelling can be a business leader's tool to better connect with and motivate employees.
One must keep in mind that storytelling is a learned skill that must be practiced and perfected in order to be truly effective.

Storytelling for Software Design
Art Straub, Consultant, United States, Member
Some approaches to software design use storytelling. Rather than conduct an interview and hope I have asked all the right questions, I might go to the user and say "tell me a story about you using this system. Start with what occurs that makes you want to use it. Tell me what you would do and what you would expect to get back."
Sometimes this can be a very productive approach, especially if you're working on one small chunk at a time.

My Storytelling Uses
Alec Gardner, HR Consultant, Australia, Member
I use story telling in all aspects of my work lecturing, coaching even in psychotherapy.
It helps people to connect and understand often complex concepts. Excellent topic.

Story Telling in Training
Phillip Jefford, Manager, Australia, Member
I have been using this technique for many years at all levels of training. Most of us are cognitive learners, we relate to our past experiences to understand and relate to new information.
I find this approach helps participants to digest information more quickly and thoroughly, whilst enjoying the experience. As little as a short story peaks their interest and adds credibility to your presentation.
In highly knowledge based and technical subjects like health and safety, storytelling keeps the participant in the now.

Story Telling in Class Seminars
shirinbanu, Student (MBA), India, Member
Story telling is an effective way to catch audience's attention.. I use it for my class seminars. I can get my class mates' attention easily when I tell small stories, related to my topic, in between the sessions. This helps to better understand the topic.

Conquering Crises
Mansour Bilel, Coach, Algeria, Member
A leader who can tell stories can manage difficult situations. Because at all if he will speak he will have the keys to find the exits to solutions in situations of crises. Because he can upset (Ed: ~change, turnaround) situations by talking, and his speeches seem to be methodical and well defined.

Creative Management / Innovation
Lorenzo Grignani, Student (Other), Italy, Member
Everybody has stories to tell and everybody can thus participate to the process. Very interesting and important way to go through problems to find innovations.

cyril, United Arab Emirates, Member
In journalism there is a lot of effective storytelling: news reports, magazine features and even travel articles. Readers want to know: what, how, why, when...

A Way to Promote Emotional Intelligence in Business
Davis R Joseph, General Manager, Saint Lucia, Member
This article itself was a refreshing story! I like!
There are not many mediums at work that allow one to accept and deal with a wide range of emotions that we suppress until...
Many persons try hard to keep emotions out of business -- and in some case, for good reason; but storytelling (as presented in this article) can make one more comfortable with all of what we feel naturally.
This is especially so knowing that the sometimes messy process of working through the gamut of emotions (evident in a compelling story) can have a good ending and/or key learning points.

Value of Story Telling for Leaders
Michael D. Moore, Entrepreneur, United States, Member
I encourage more input and comments on this subject. Most really Charismatic Leaders I have met or worked with effectively use story telling as part of their leadership approach and communication skills.

Storytelling in Presentations
Sindiso Coleman Dumulomo Tshuma, Manager, Zimbabwe, Member
A great read. Very thought provoking. This made me realize that people, including myself tend to overlook the importance of using storytelling to drive home their points in doing presentations due to ignoring using the storytelling technique.

Story Telling When Introducing New Employees
Musyoki Muli, Director, Kenya, Member
Story telling also works well in the orientation of new staff by repetition of the organization's success story in a creative way. This will work well to motivate them to perform.

Storytelling to Teach Business Concepts?
Mohamed Ovais, Project Manager, India, Member
Using stories to make the employees learn business concepts is still a grey area.

Storytelling in Lectures
Arif ur Rehman, Professor, Pakistan, Member
Storytelling has origins that predate recorded history. It's always exciting, enticing and can sometimes leave the listener spellbound. At a more specific level, I (a senior professor at an university) have always found my class more responsive and interactive as a result of storytelling - which is how I always begin my lectures. As a consequence there is a multiplier effect in the results.

Storytelling for High Potentials
Marie Modra, HR Consultant, Australia, Member
We view storytelling as a powerful skill to develop for our high potential leaders. Particularly in developing their specific stories related to vision and strategy and alignment to values.

Applications of Storytelling
Andrea Kelly
I certainly agree with you all. Storytelling is an important tool which may be used in the business world to bring across an idea more vividly and effectively. It is an effective mechanism to reinforce and re-mobilise an individual to accomplish his/her purpose or function as it is a paradox. It was even used by Jesus Christ in teaching his followers. It is a great tool.

Storytelling is a Great Sales Skill as Well
Ronnie Dunetz, Coach, Israel, Member
I have been using storytelling in my coaching practice and group facilitation. I now have expanded use in management-dedicated workshops and find that it is a wonderful way to sharpen sales and marketing skills for managers.

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