Fundamentals of Storytelling - Basics

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Fundamentals of Storytelling - Basics
Shaun Carter
What in your view are the basics of storytelling any teller should master before being able to advance into the more complex skills and aspects? Thank you...

Story Telling
William Okrepkie
This is good stuff and something teachers, professors, and anyone else who has to communicate can use.

Drawing Your Employees In
Mark Stroh, Business Consultant, United States, Member
Story telling as a leader is key. You must be able to draw your employees in. Through the use of stories you can highlight your values and goals in a non-intrusive manner.

Story Telling and Change Management
E. van Soest
Nice article. In my master change management Story Telling is an explicit topic, included the lesson of Eric van de Loo (Insead professor).
Story telling is close-fitted to (re)Framing and persuasion, and one of the tools to change mindsets / cultures with reference to change management.

Natural But does Miracles...
Aladdien Mohamed, Manager, Saudi Arabia, Member
It's one of the techniques that should be mastered by anyone working with people. A story in just few sentences can deliver a message that would take a long time and many meetings to deliver in another way.
The audience experiences confidence, because they will feel the same scenario has been experienced by other people and they were able to overcome it.

Look on the Other Side
Billy Brattas
Very good summary. By storytelling we can also look at the other side of a complex issue like in:
"On the night of the 12th of October 1492 the natives of "america" discover C. Columbus"... That´s nice storytelling...

Story Telling is an Art
Raman, Management Consultant, India, Member
I see it as something that has a sudden start, curious middle and unfinished end...

Language Skills in Story Telling
achyut karve, Student (Other), India, Member
Not everyone can tell stories. Story telling not only demands good sensible sentence linkages and picture formation, but also an ability to impress upon the listener the sequence of the pictures through or with the help of words.
The story teller needs to have experience together with robust common sense and reason.
This is why grandpas and grandmas are so typical in engaging themselves in telling stories to their grandchildren.

Story Telling... A Revelation
Timothy Nyirenda, Student (Other), Member
I never even thought about the power a story can have on an individual or organization. The only thought that I probably had was that stories a just for fun and nothing.
This article is amazing and very educative and it certainly has changed my view about the subject. Thank so much for letting me know.

Story Telling and Change Management
Samuell Yew, Project Manager, Malaysia, Member
I very much agree with E. van Soest on using story telling as a tool to change the mindset and culture in an organization. Story telling is a way to paint a vivid picture for the mind to assimilate without needing to identify with the alien concept first, as the story telling usually falls back on familiar territory between teller and audience and draws an analogy to the concept being put across. Coupled with neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), story telling can become an indispensible tool to the change agent.

Awareness of Storytelling
Sindiso Coleman Dumulomo Tshuma, Manager, Zimbabwe, Member
This was a wonderful article. People forgot about storytelling, and it's power to make a a point when doing a presentation.

Nicolae Enache, Consultant, Romania, Member
I would add the need to practice storytelling, which is an art in itself. Even trivial happenings can be dramatized and bring out a learning.

Story Telling
Liv Nzama
I think story telling is a good idea to convey a message. I recently did a presentation where I used an animal example to convey a message. The animal is used a lot in African stories. The response to my presentation was very good and people remembered the animal example long after the presentation. I also believe that should one decide to use story telling to convey a message, the story should be well packaged, short and to the point.

Everybody Can Learn Storytelling
Sabine Pitcher, Manager, United Kingdom, Member
Story telling is a tool - some people seem to have a natural gift for it, for others it takes a lot of learning. But it's possible. Make sure your story "fits" your audience - there's nothing worse than a story you've already heard a dozen times or a story you can't relate to.
Doing a training course will give you a good opportunity to test the ground and receive feedback in a safe environment.

Mentioning Names in Story Telling..
Leonard Zivai, Member
An amusing anecdote - preferably naming some seniors in the organisation - lets everyone remember that people are at the heart of the corporation.

New Avenues for Storytelling Here
S Kannan, India, Member
As a head of HR I keep telling management stories to my staff. But still, when I read this article on storytelling I have learnt new avenues to refine myself. It is great...

Basics of Story Telling
Gwande, Project Manager, Zimbabwe, Member
The story teller should know the subject matter, should understand the audience of the story. The story teller should also match the subject matter with the story. Otherwise some stories end up being empty and waste people's precious time.
Story telling is important in motivational training, workers committee training, conflict management and it is very common in religious circles as preachers try to apply folktale to spritual matters for easy of understanding.

Indians are Well Versed in Story Telling
Pushyamitra, Entrepreneur, India, Member
Dear Shaun, you have created a nice discussion about story telling here.
In India, in the family setting, grandmother used to tell a story to her grandchildren before going to sleep. There were two reasons behind it, being: entertainment and to impart culture and ethics in them.
If we see this in an education and corporate perspective, a teacher, professor or leader must get then ensure the following elements of a good story:
1. Story must be relevant to the present problem
2. Data and figures must be combined with some entertainment
3. Motivational thought must be there
4. Employees must be stimulated to act (practical).
I do not feel that a complex skill set is needed. Thanks.

Fundamentals of Storytelling
Nicolae Enache, Consultant, Romania, Member
Are there any fundamentals of storytelling? Was my grandmother aware of a possible framework of storytelling when telling stories with an indescribable charm that left the audience stunned? Did Jesus design and prepare his parables before telling them to crowds?
Of course, there are some issues to be aware of when telling stories:
- Context
- Objectives aimed at
- Language
- Timing
- Any story needs to be generative, i.e. to generate thinking about the topic presented and what are the similarities and learnings that the audience bring from the story to their own life. This is the real impact a story makes on listeners, when they are 'shattered' by the story and decide to change. Otherwise, it might be a real loss of time for everybody.
A question might arise - what a story is. I should say that every happening might be a story, as far as we learn something from it. So, good luck in telling stories and keep an open eye on what is happening around!

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