Stakeholder Salience (Mitchell, Agle and Wood)

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Stakeholder Salience (Mitchell, Agle and Wood)
Maurits de Jonge, Student (University), Netherlands, Premium Member
Mitchell, Agle and Wood expressed the importance of stakeholders’ needs and wishes to the company with the term 'salience'. Stakeholders’ salience is defined as 'the degree to which managers give priority to competing stakeholder claims' and is determined by the weighted power of stakeholders, the legitimacy of their actions, and the urgency of their needs and wishes:
  1. POWER: 'the extent to which a party has or can gain access to coercive (physical means), utilitarian (material means) or normative (prestige, esteem and social) means to impose their will'.
  2. LEGITIMACY: 'a generalized perception or assumption that the actions of an entity are desirable, proper, or appropriate within some socially constructed system of norms, values, beliefs, and definitions'.

The Company Interest is (Sometimes) Part of the Agenda of the Stakeholders
Martijn van der Werf, Business Consultant, Netherlands, Member
A stakeholder is identified because he is connected to the issue at hand in some way. That does not automatically mean he is part of (the same) compan...

Stakeholders and Salience
Andrew Blaine, Business Consultant, South Africa, Member
I wish to make 2 points: 1. The word "salience" is used in English to define a relationship with a "salient" or piece of land that sticks out or protr...

Sudden Power and Urgency of Stakeholders
Alfred Inkiriwng, Director, Indonesia, Member
One of the main problems an institution can encounter in stakeholders management is the sudden appearance of an unknown, dangerous stakeholder. The pa...

Definition of Salience of Stakeholders
Jaap de Jonge, CEO, Netherlands, Editor
@Andrew Blaine: In order to avoid confusion, regarding your
- Point 1. The authors of this model defined 'salie...

Stakeholder Salience
Dr. James Bruton, Professor, Germany, Member
The authors' theory can be interpreted to be normative. Managers tend to react to stakeholders who are "loud" (urgency) and can "pull their weight" (p...

Stakeholder Goals <> Project Goals <> Business Goals
j.a. karman, ICT Consultant, Netherlands, Member
I needed to think what stakeholder mapping is about. I found that more basic, two-dimensional magic qua...

Stakeholder's Salience
Martin Lekoski
Everything that the organization comes in contact with is more or less its stakeholder. So it is natural for the organization to find criteria on whic...

Business Dignity Building Theory
Professor ALABDALLAOUI, Management Consultant, Morocco, Member
Salience is not new in our Moroccan culture. My Theory of Business Dignity Building (BDB) is based on old Moroccan business ethics under: Honesty-Resp...

Identifying Stakeholders: Tools & Techniques
Nguyen Tri Hue, Project Manager, France, Member
I would like to inform that this method is documented as one of the best practices in the PMBOK Guide 5th edition; Stakeholder Management.
Editor: ...

Company's Interest and Stakeholder Salience
Gilbert Mlongoti Sinjani, Manager, Zambia, Member
How can the interest of the company be integrated? My approach would be to do a thorough internal (within the company) stakeholder analysis. Remember ...

Stakeholder's Salience
Sandy Musallam, Editor, United States, Member
The company's own interests should be aligned with the stakeholder's legitimate expectations and wantings. The company has certain fiduciary obligatio...

Stakeholder Salience
Alfred Inkiriwng, Director, Indonesia, Member
@Jaap de Jonge: The Salience of external stakeholders normative not considered have been discussed by among others b...

Stakeholder Salience from Inside and Outside the Organization
Amedee Gambeni, Student (MBA), Kenya, Member
It is easy or obvious for an organization to identify its primary stakeholders. However, it appears to me that secondary stakeholders are likely to se...


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