Going 'Virtual' with Stakeholders

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Going 'Virtual' with Stakeholders
David Macdonald, Member
Increasingly getting work done or projects delivered requires a mix of stakeholder inputs, people in different locations, continents, organisations and priorities.
No longer do we always sit at the one table in the same room, building or company as work has becomes less centralised, location fixed, activities are being outsourced and people are managed in matrix organisations.
The use of technology through conference calls, web meetings and social networking is changing ways of working for stakeholder analysis and management.
Meantime the work needs to get done. Management expect targets, deadlines and delivery to be met and stakeholders to have been managed effectively.
Have you any thoughts or ideas on meeting this challenge? How can we ensure effective stakeholder analysis when work is increasingly virtualised?

Virtual Stakeholder
Cafferkey, Member
Use of Microsoft Sharepoint. All users have access (privilege allowed) at all time. Started of as a CM tool, now much wider usage.

Virtual Program and Project Stakeholder Management
Mihail Sadeanu, PhD, Member
Hello, 90% of the activity of a program/project manager should be dedicated to communication process. Actually, this process is dedicated to all program/project participants, respectively stakeholders (positive and negative, internal and external, etc.).
Stakeholder management is a complex process requesting first of all: social and professional respect, geographical culture knowledge, diplomacy, cordial and professional presence, and fully following a code of professional ethics.
Then, you may apply specific processes, procedures, policies, tools and techniques.
I would like to suggest the consideration of the BYOD concept (Editor: ~Bring Your Own Device, the policy of permitting employees to bring personally owned portable devices (laptops, tablets, and smart phones) to their workplace, and use those devices to access privileged company information and applications) for faster communication in virtual environment.

Virtual Working in India
Mohankrishna, Member
Considering the current phenomenon of virtual working is a good option to save time. But this is possible only when all the team members are self driven and prime movers with a mutually agreed standardized system.
In India virutal working is catching up rather slowly, because of its culture wherein personal intervention is of high importance and people love to work as firefighters.
Besides that, system adherence is also not so foolproof.
Hence it may require more time to see this phenomenon growing. Of course in software industries it is already being practiced, but for other industries it is still catching up.

Software Issues Related to Virtual Stakeholders
Constant Momballa Mbunmi, Member
In a context where access to the Internet and Internet security are both high, I think a deliberate effort should be made by the project manager and project participants to synchronise their software for compatibility.
In a context where quality access to the Internet is still a luxury, file sharing software could be more practical, also making sure that software versions are harmonised. Stakeholders who have higher versions of specific applications should be willing to remain compatible with the lowest version used by any other stakeholder on the project. This is usually possible in one or two simple steps, depending on the application.
It should be an upheld policy and actively promoted culture.

Stakeholder Management Tool
Alfa Sefland, Member
Stakeholder management is often complex and also fragmented, especially in larger organisations. We are a start-up developing a new, online tool for companies/organisations to work collaboratively with stakeholder management. Here you can get Power-Interest grid, Network map and SWOT of your stakeholders. We are still beta-testing, but if someone is interested, send me a message.


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