The Organizational Drag of Risk Management Must be Diminished

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The Organizational Drag of Risk Management Must be Diminished
Jaap de Jonge, Editor, Netherlands
Regulators and organizational leaders were largely unprepared for the 2008 financial crisis, but reacted strongly after it occurred. This has led to a situation in which risk managementís operational drag in most large firms has now become too big and has to be reduced. A 2014 paper by CEB shows data taken from its members that only 6% of time spent by audit departments on risk types is spent on strategic risks. While this category is responsible for 86% of the significant losses in market value over the last 10 years. And on the other hand, no less than 52% of time is spent on financial, legal and compliance issues, while such issues only account for 5% of all significant market value losses.
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Risk Management Misdirection
Steven Cooke
Yes, of course companies should focus on value creation instead of value protection to improve growth and long-term sustainability. The problem with "...Sign up

Risk Management Should Be Lean or Agile
Love Lonnroth, Management Consultant, Sweden, Member
Thank you Jaap for bringing up an important issue. I believe something of a Lean or Agile revolution is needed in risk management. The accountants tha...Sign up

The Customers' Trust of your Business
Stephanie Dolan, Entrepreneur, United States, Member
Personally, I believe if we tabled just for a moment, our governments' regulations affecting all our businesses and focused on doing what is in the cu...Sign up

Risk Management not Only an Organizational Drag
Keatsen LIU, Professor, China, Member
Thanks for this hot topic. Risk Management is not only a burden... We introduced risk management more than 20 years for our customer who are an EPC co...Sign up

Everybody Must Execute Risk Management
jorge anibal hoyos hoyos, Manager, Colombia, Member
At every level, component, procedure into the company the risks exist. Hence every single one must be aware and work according to the respective risks...Sign up

The Organizational Burden of Risk Management
Dr Robin C Hesler, Canada, Member
The subject refers to "strategic" which means to me looking at RM in a holistic and thus a systems view point. No matter if government is involved or ...Sign up

Avoid Over-regulation of Risk Management
Juan Manuel Ugarte, Professor, Mexico, Member
Thanks to the Editor for the discussion of this topic. Nowadays risk management is one of the most important subjects in all economic and financial ad...Sign up

Risk Management Not Only About ISO 31000
It is very important today in all companies that their leaders have a broad view of risk management. We should not only apply ISO 31000 for risk analy...Sign up

Everybody Must Be Educated on Risk Management
jorge anibal hoyos hoyos, Manager, Colombia, Member
I think all people must be taught how to identify their own risks involved in their activities, and share it working as a team in order to work togeth...Sign up

Risk Management is Needed But Not Need not be Complicated
Barney Wade Howard, Manager, United States, Member
Today more than ever this topic is a hot one. However I think sometimes businesses want to make it more difficult than what it should be. All business...Sign up

Proportionality of Risk Management
Juan Manuel Ugarte, Professor, Mexico, Member
As I wrote @earlier, criteria such as proportionality are important for financial firms. That means a correct assess...Sign up

Risk Management & Business Ethics
Briolett, Manager, Canada, Member
If businesses acted with integrity there wouldn't be a need for government to regulate (Enron, Lehman Brothers, MM&A Railway, Foreign Worker Program.....Sign up

Best Practices for Dealing with Risk in Organizations
Kasper Hiddema, Student (University), Netherlands, Premium Member
Indeed in the wake of a crisis, both regulators and managers tend to take strong steps to prevent the crisis from happening again:
- In 2002, aft...Sign up

History of Risk Management in Business Banks
Jaap de Jonge, Editor, Netherlands
Until the 1980s, business and investment banks in London and New York were typically organized as small partnerships. The top management of tho...Sign up

Involve Risk Champions in Strategy Meetings for Risk Implications
John Maddalena, CEO, South Africa, Member
Agree with the views in the topic.
While I appreciate the need for formal risk workshops, it is in these artificial environments that a process d...Sign up

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