Is Six Sigma Enough? (To Improve the Quality Level of an Organization...)

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Teacher, Costa Rica

Is Six Sigma Enough? (To Improve the Quality Level of an Organization...)

In order to improve a process, or to get a new standard or higher quality level in an organization, is 6 Sigma a good approach?
My partners say that 6 Sigma is just for solving actual problems (d=define a problem), but it's not the best way to improve.
What do you think?


Jens Folke
Consultant, Denmark

6 Sigma or Kaizen

Your colleagues have a very narrow perspective of Six Sigma. After improving the process i-stage) a control-plan is needed, and that involves Kaizen among others. Lean Six Sigma is an integrated approach to process improvements and product design.

Matthias Bittrich
Business Consultant, Germany

It Depends...

It depends on the level of pain.
Is it sufficient to close gaps of customer-experiences (see: Kano model) by continuous improvements, id est: small steps?
Or do you need a huge critical hit like re-engineering?
6sigma means quality improvement, but maybe the solution for your problems is Poka Yoke? Maybe your problem is based on a wrong understanding of the customer? Never forget: you and your company never define what quality is - only the customer does.
As a senior consultant for process excellence I recommend a clear definition of the pain to find out if an expensive 3-6-months 6 sigma project is really necessary.

Jens Folke
Consultant, Denmark

Is 6 Sigma Always a 3-6 Months Project?

I also see the use of the DMAIC model in a Kaizen event, i.e. one stage plan of 2-6 weeks duration, ... Sign up

pankaj negandhi
Consultant, India

6 Sigma and / or Kaizen

6 sigma is an organisational approach to satisfy customer needs, expectations and customer delight. ... Sign up

pankaj negandhi
Consultant, India

Other tools may supplement

Organisation productivity depends upon change management and one of the tools is 6 sigma. Kaizen w... Sign up

Michael Jensen
Student (MBA), United States

Try a Lean Six Sigma Approach

@Jens Folke: I agree that your colleagues have a narrow perspective. While Six Sigma is a proven met... Sign up

mechanics, China

6 Sigma is a Systematic Way, not Focusing Enough on Improving Efficiency

I agree with you. 6 sigma is not efficient for improving efficiency. 6 sigma is a system and work ap... Sign up

Matthias Bittrich
Business Consultant, Germany

Six Sigma is One Method Out of Many Possibilities

@Yuqin: Six Sigma offers a wide range of methods, from scamper over fishbone up to 5 Why root cause ... Sign up

Maharaja Himandu Upadhyay
Manager, India

Is Six Sigma Enough to Improve Quality

Basically Six Sigma does not improve a process automatically. It provides various structured method ... Sign up

Matthias Bittrich
Business Consultant, Germany

Reaching Minds is Essential in Quality Improvement

@Maharaja Himandu Upadhyay: (Lean) Six Sigma is a suitcase of methods. All for nothing, if you do ... Sign up


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