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Six Sigma Effectiveness
Ochia Charles, Student (University), United Kingdom, Member
Please, can someone evaluate the effectiveness of Six Sigma process improvement methodology.

Variability reduction as a metric for effectiveness
In my opinion, evaluating the effectiveness of the improvement of a process starts from the start of application of the Six Sigma method. One should use a metric to measure how much the variability of my process has decreased starting from the application of DMAIC.

How to Evaluate Lean Six Sigma Effectiveness?
Ebruke Eddy, Student (MBA), United Kingdom, Member
I am in the process of undertaking my MSc dissertation on the 'Effectiveness of Lean Six Sigma in the Oil Sector Production Processes'. I would like to know if this feat is achievable, i.e. measuring the effectiveness of LSS on a process and how best to go about it. I was actually told it is not possible to measure this. Thank you for your assistance.

How to Evaluate Lean Six Sigma Effectiveness
William Shump, Manager, United States, Member
Many people measure the effectiveness by quantifying the savings of any project where Lean Six Sigma was used. In my opinion that is an overinflation of the value. To truly measure the effectiveness of lean Six Sigma you must be able to quantify how much savings or other key metrics changed due to the application of the lean Six Sigma methodology beyond what would have happened if that methodology didn't exist. This is virtually impossible to quantify because if these are truly key projects then someone would have worked on them anyway. They might not have gotten near the savings or improvements out of the project that they did if they used lean Six Sigma, but they may have. Since you don't have a true baseline of what would have happened in the absence of lean Six Sigma it is impossible to truly quantify the additional savings that were created by following the methodology.

How to Evaluate Lean Six Sigma Effectiveness
Cristian Bleotu, Business Consultant, Romania, Member
Hi All, if it is to prove that following an improvement Six Sigma projects, we have got the desired positive change, yes, it is possible to do it.
Hypothesis testing tools can be used to prove if significant change after applying the planned measures has happened. So you can get a statistical proof actually by this.
@William, statistics are covering it with hypothesis testing in this case. Cristian.

There is Plenty around on This Subject
Ger de Waard, Management Consultant, Netherlands, SIG Leader
Dear @Ebruke Eddy, I don't know if it is still applicable, but there are plenty of research articles around which you can study for the literature part. See here.

Reduction in Output Variation
Ger de Waard, Management Consultant, Netherlands, SIG Leader
Reduction in output variation can be accomplished by changing the way the process operates in a number of different ways. In our experience, however, all variation reduction approaches can be classified into one of the following five generic strategies:
1. Introducing or tightening output inspection;
2. Introducing or improving feed-back control;
3. Reducing variation in process inputs;
4. Introducing or improving feed-forward control;
5. Desensitizing the process to input variation;
Each of these five strategies is currently used in industry. A sixth strategy, which we do not assess in detail, is to discard all or part of the existing process and start again with a new method or technology.

Evaluating the Effectiveness of Six Sigma Process Improvement Methodology
Ger de Waard, Management Consultant, Netherlands, SIG Leader
Six Sigma methodology for process improvement is being used by industries to improve customer satisfaction, business results or both.
The success of Six Sigma implementations can be measured by evaluating the effectiveness of the completed projects.
The other objective of project effectiveness measurement scheme is to keep the team focused and motivated.
A good measurement system should be able to measure and compare projects of various types and need, including benefits from the projects.
The project effectiveness measurement scheme should include success factors like project selection, involvement of management, results achieved, conduct of the project and monitoring and review of the project. A Six Sigma project effectiveness evaluation system is generally based on the perception of people that can result in unreliable measurement.

Special Interest Group Leader
Jagdish B Acharya

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