Six Sigma DMAIC and DMADV

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Six Sigma DMAIC and DMADV
Antonio, Puerto Rico
Two Six Sigma sub-methodologies are called:
DMAIC - Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control, and
DMADV - Define, Measure, Analyze, Design, Verify.
They are both systematic, structured and fact-based methodologies, rather than relying on gut feeling or expert opinions.

DMAIC is an improvement system for EXISTING processes which fall below SPECIFICATIONS and need to be improved incrementally.
DMADV is also an improvement system which is designed to develop NEW processes and/ or products at Six Sigma quality levels. DMADV is typically used when a CLIENT or customer requires product improvement, adjustment, or the creation of an entirely new product or service. The application of the DMADV method is aimed at creating a high-quality product keeping in mind customer requirements at every stage of the process.

Here is some more information on each phase of DMAIC:
  • DEFINE: the problem is being identified. Write down what you know at the start of the improvement effort. Seek to clarify facts, set objectives and form the project team.The business problem is clearly articulated along with the goal, potential resources, project scope and high-level project timeline. In any major project, all information is typically captured within a project charter document.
  • MEASURE: choose the measurement system, collect the data, identify the gap between current and required performance.
  • ANALYZE: search for, identify, validate and select the (root) cause(s) for elimination of the problem at hand.
  • IMPROVE: identify, test and implement a solution to the problem or process.
  • CONTROL: check and verify that everything went well and make sure the gains can be sustained. Monitor the improvements to ensure continued and sustainable success. Create a control plan. Update documents, business processes and training records as required.

Difference Six Sigma DMADV <> DMAIC
Ali, UAE
Very clear and simple clarification.

Six Sigma DMAIC
AYOWUNDE Anthony, Other, Nigeria
Having been trained on the basics of Six Sigma DMAIC, I can confirm that indeed this methodology basically is for existing products, services and contracts that do not meet their key performance indicator / targets.

Six Sigma DMAIC versus DMADV
Meghna Singh, Other, India
I agree DMAIC is well known and most used lean Six Sigma methodology to continuously improve existing products or processes. On the other hand DMADV is used for new processes and has more focus on involving customers in the process.


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Jagdish B Acharya

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