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Gerard Leigh, Business Consultant, United Kingdom
How does one become a systems thinker? After reading The Fifth Discipline and getting interested in the subject I have read a number of books; some of which are mind blowingly complex! How have other people become systems thinkers? Reading? Courses? What are your tips on becoming a systems thinker... Thanks. (...) Read more? Sign up for free

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  Mia grijp, CEO, Belgium

How Does One Become a Systems Thinker

Dear Gerhard, that everything is connected is something we forgot on our way to explore the world, but the knowledge is still in us. I can use this worldview in my theater work, because, without connection with everything around me, the plays would be very boring for actors and spectators. In fruitful team activities and creative processes we are all (organically) focused on system thinking I guess. (but system 'thinking' is, for me, a bit misleading, our heads are only a small part of us no?)The hidden connection from Fritjorf Capra can be helpful, and Kosmos, from Ervin Lazlo & Jude Currivan. And of course the 'ancient' knowledge of the tribal communities.
I hope I'm understandable enough, English is not my mother tongue. Have I nice weekend, Mia.

  Brian Keedwell, CEO, Sweden

Necessity to Be Real

Must have a real business case to work with... Too (...)

  Jaime Fernandez V., Professor, Chile

4 Phases of Systemic Thinking

In my opinion, THE XXI century question is: What i (...)

  Paul von Zeuner, Consultant, South Africa

Learning Systems Thinking

At the risk of over simplifying something that is (...)

  Gerard Leigh, Business Consultant, United Kingdom

Systemic Value Model

Hi Jaime - I would be intetered to take a look at (...)

  Jaime Fernandez V., Professor, Chile

Systemic Thinking

My pleasure Gerard. YouŽll have to give me a few d (...)

  Michael Ameye, Coach, Belgium

How to Reclaim our Capacity as System Thinkers

Dear Gerard - We are system thinkers by nature. Ou (...)

  Bill Boynton, Teacher, United States

Maybe Think 'What If'

That is a great question, and can really be as com (...)

  Jeff Wilkinson, Director, United States

Tools to Become a Systems Thinker

I recommend you use the tools in the book and fiel (...)

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