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Milko Cuadros Saavedra, Director, Bolivia
I understand how to use 4 disciplines but maybe somebody can explain me the mental models... Thanks... (...) Read more? Sign up for free

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  Reese Olger, Strategy Consultant, United States

What are Mental Models

Mental models are your world views. The accumulation of your experiences and expectations of what might happen when or next...
Individually they may include your prejudices and your impressions.
Organizationally they may inform the organizational decisions or cultural practices. This also explains why organizational cultures change so slowly: since many individuals within the organization share similar viewpoints, they will generally make only small steps in the way of change. Organizationally, they may be collectively adverse to risk, as opposed to individuals who may act with less concern for the entire organization.

  G. Satish Kumar

Mental Model

It consists of imaginary thinking about any creati (...)

  RajVinder Singh Gill, United Kingdom

What are Mental Models

Mental models are the way we learn to construe (Ed (...)

  Savino Vito

What's Behind your Mental Models

For me it means your assumptions, your "true" beli (...)

  Trent Hosen

An Example of a Negative Mental Model

On many occasions you find workers who were once q (...)

  Gerard Leigh, Business Consultant, United Kingdom

Drawing Out your Mental Models

For me it is the deeply ingrained (usually tacit) (...)

  Gerard Leigh, Business Consultant, United Kingdom

Some Additional Comments on Mental Models

- It was Pfeffer (2005, p.124) who argued that “in (...)

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