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Dilip Khanal, CEO, Nepal
I have worked on changing people's thinking. But, in organizational context, the turning point for converting a conventional style organization into a learning style is a subject of research for me. I have not tried 5 discipline yet. I will try it and share the experience. (...) Read more? Sign up for free

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  RajVinder Singh Gill, United Kingdom

Organisational Change Towards Learning Organization

Changing members' thinking in an organisation usually involves the consultant being the midwife (Ed: A person, usually a woman, who is trained to assist women in childbirth). The organisation is finding it difficult to let go of the old habits and the members will return to the status quo since it offered comfort and security.
Real organisational change occurs when the members have grasped the learning and are willing to take risks with what they know through developing conversations internally and externally leading to actions within the external environment that validate the new way of doing.

  Brooke Bennet

Group Learning

One good way to turn organizations to 'learn' is t (...)

  David Puttick, Consultant, United Kingdom

What You Need is a Method

The key is: how do you help the leader to change t (...)

  Horacio Cortese, Consultant, Argentina

Turning an Organization in a Learning Organization

My doctorate thesis was about coaching & organizat (...)

  Georgina Huerta, Lic. Ciencias de la Comunicacion, Mexico

The Leader is the Key

I think the most important thing is leading by exa (...)

  Shadow Executive

Keep in Mind Learning Styles & Motivation

Responses to this post include changing mental mod (...)

  Juan Jose Ortega Viveros, Project Manager, Mexico

The People´s Mind is the Engine

The organization´s progress and its future belong (...)


Awareness on Sharing Knowledge

'Awareness on Sharing Knowledge' is the subject of (...)

  Ceferino Dulay, Jr., Philippines

Creating a Learning Organization

There is always a question about how a learning or (...)

  Laila Bakry

The People's Mind is the Engine

Indeed. People at work use only 12% of their brain (...)

  Moayaid, Jordan

How to Involve the Managers in Creating a Learning Organization?

According to my personal experience it is very dif (...)

  kvssiyer, Consultant, India

Fifth Discipline

I read the book not once but more than three times (...)

  Firstep Eapl Astimen, Manager, Indonesia

Introducing KM in Organizations

The Five Disciplines can explain knowledge managem (...)

  sriram srivatsava, India

Turning an Organisation into a Learning Organisation

The first and foremost thing is to design the orga (...)

  Zafar Deen, Management Consultant, Sri Lanka

Creating a Learning Organisation

I believe the objective of turning an organization (...)

  Ceferino Dulay, Jr., Philippines

Practical Approach to Learning Organization

There are a lot of suggestions on how to develop a (...)

  Luc Gendre, Manager, Switzerland

Change into a Learning Organisation is Top-down and May Take Long

In my opinion, the change is a top down process. O (...)

  Pravesh SAWON, Mauritius

Cultivate a Learning Organization

Many argument of the above readers are true, to cu (...)

  S C BHANOT, Business Consultant, India

De-learn First...

All have given very good comments. I personally lo (...)

  isaiah, Accountant, Kenya

Learning Organisation: Motivation is Key

  Tweneboana Adu-Sarkodie, Project Manager, Ghana

Learning Organizations: Allow Information Flow and Mentoring

As you work towards turning your organization into (...)

  Judy Ward, Director, United Kingdom

Changing into a Learning Organization: Communication, Leadership, Training

We realised such change was inevitably an ongoing (...)

  Ranjan, Director, India

2 Types of Learning in an Organization

Learning is of two types, personal and collective. (...)

  Sanyambe Obert, Student (MBA), Namibia

Symbiosis of 2 Types of Learning in Organisations

Learning in an organisation is collective learning (...)

  Ravi Shankar, Business Consultant, India

Creating a Constant Cause for Learning

The best way to change organizations into learning (...)

  Sandip Pandya

The Role of the 5th Discipline in Creating a Learning Organization

The fifth discipline is a system integrator which (...)

  Mitchell M Mubuyaeta, Student (Other), Namibia

Show the Opportunity of Creating a Learning Organization

A learning organization institutes its own future (...)


Turning Organization Into Learning Organization

If you don't have the ability to change than the s (...)

  Dobson, Project Manager, Canada

Incentives and Disincentives

When the incentives and disincentives of the indiv (...)

  kvssiyer, Consultant, India

Create Good Job-Employee Fits

Learning takes place when the individual is a good (...)

  Ravi Shankar, Business Consultant, India

Creating Good Fits is Not Easy

Indeed when people are good fits, learning is easy (...)

  isaiah, Accountant, Kenya

Creating Good Fits

The views given above are good ingredients towards (...)

  kvssiyer, Consultant, India

Organisational Change and Learning

True, it is not easy to assure every employee is t (...)

  Ceferino Dulay, Jr., Philippines

Job Fits and Learning

Personally, I feel that job fit is a result of peo (...)

  isaiah, Accountant, Kenya

Organisational Learning Environment

Learning involves the trainer/mentor, learner, and (...)

  kvssiyer, Consultant, India

Fifth Discipline and Learning

Learning takes place in calls rooms and and with b (...)

  Thonglaw Dejthai, Professor, Thailand

How to Create a Learning Organization

1) An incredible and exciting vision must be joint (...)

  Ceferino Dulay, Jr., Philippines

Creating a Learning Organization: The Role of Managers

@: The role of managers is very important in cre (...)

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