Using IT and Artificial Intelligence in Customer Experience Management

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Jaap de Jonge
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Using IT and Artificial Intelligence in Customer Experience Management

🔥NEW "Talk is cheap" in Customer Experience Management (CEM). Recognizing the importance of the customer experience or the Customer Journey is one thing, but providing end-to-end personalization across your distribution channels is something else.

Customer Experience Engine Strategy

💡According to Edelman and Abraham, companies should formulate an explicit strategy for building an "intelligent experience engine", which can align the organization toward building deeper, more enduring brand loyalty and a true competitive advantage by using Marketing Artificial Intelligence (AI), customer interaction data, personalization and agile end-to-end processes.

How can you use AI in CEM? Application Areas

There are a number of individual usage options of artificial intelligence for customer experience management purposes. Ruiz is already mentioning 6 typical application areas of AI in CEM:
1. Offer proactive and personalized customer service
2. Improve lead generation
3. Generate data-driven customer insights
4. Customize content
5. Streamline workflows
6. Prevent employee burnout

Where to Begin? CEM Steps

You might start with one of the above point solutions. Perhaps just involving one country or one product line and take it from there. But chances are you won't get very far any time soon and some competitor or startup might disrupt you.
For the more ambitious, Edelman and Abraham recommend a strategic approach and start by asking: "What customer experiences do we want to revolutionize, and how can we build an intelligent engine to achieve our goals?"
Once you know the answers to this question, check your CRM and marketing platforms and see if you already are capturing all the data you need.
Then start using that information according to your strategy in your AI engine and ultimately do that seamlessly across channels and globally.
"It's a long way there", as the famous song of the Little River Band is called, but I think this approach is promising if you are looking for a strategic competitive advantage.

Experiences with CEM

⇨ Are you already using AI or similar advanced information technology in your firm for customer experience management? Why (not)? What are your experiences so far?

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