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Gandhi Heryanto, Management Consultant, Indonesia
Nowadays in our global world anybody has an opinion about what company culture means and why it's important. But in the view of McKinnon, it's premature to focus on building a world-class culture before a world-class product. In the beginning, all that matters (or should matter) is building something great and lasting. Only when your company grows, culture can exert its powerful effect on people by steering them to act or to behave in a certain way when the path is otherwise unclear. Then it is time to think about what sort of company we want and how we would get there. It isn’t enough just to ‘let it happen’ on its own. Just like we’d maniacally built the product, we need to do the same with culture. I am looking forward to your ideas about this question. Source: Todd McKinnon, How To Build A Great Company Culture, (...) Read more? Sign up for free

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  Jaap de Jonge, Editor, Netherlands

WHEN to Develop a Company Culture

Thanks for your interesting question. On one hand, (...)

  POONAM LIKHITKAR, Manager, India

Organisation Culture Should be Present from the First Day

Organisation culture is a very significant and imp (...)

  ZHANG SAN, HR Consultant, China

Culture is There from DAY ONE

It is a little interesting to discuss when to deve (...)

  K.P.RAJA, Manager, India

Organisation Culture Development is Based on Experience

Organisations need to review and develop their cul (...)

  KC Love Cong, Philippines

When to Develop a Company's Culture and Values

I am a graduate student in organizational developm (...)

  Charles Gray, Manager, New Zealand

When to Develop a Company's Culture and Values

The culture of an organisation begins as the organ (...)

  Fillemon Nangolo Hambuda, HR Consultant, Namibia

Develop a Company Culture Continuously

I agree with the notion by that the doing influen (...)

  Dr zahra gheidar, Consultant, Iran

Culture in Organizations Should be Dynamic and Future-oriented

I think when answering this question we should rea (...)

  Brookin, CEO, Japan

When to Develop a Company Cuture?

This is an ill-conceived question, answered in the (...)

  Wilf Marshall, CxO / Board, United Kingdom

Managing/Changing Corporate Culture

I would like to add the following points to this d (...)

  Oshun, Grace Okaima, Lecturer, Nigeria

Accepted Standard of Doing Things

I am of the opinion that company culture refers to (...)

  Tatiana Orlova, Coach, Russian Federation

When and Why to Develop Company Culture?

Interesting and important questions, aren't they? (...)

  Guruvayurappan, Manager, India

Culture Building is a Continuous Process as it Acts as DNA of the Organisation

I strongly believe culture building is a continuou (...)

  Apolosi Vosanibola, Turnaround Manager, Fiji

Building Culture is a Continuous Process

It is important that the visions of the leaders ar (...)

  sunilog, Entrepreneur, India

When to Develop a Company Culture

Many organizations will inherit the culture of the (...)

  Tom Wilson, HR Consultant, United States

Culture is Organic to Purpose

There is an inescapable yin-yan relationship betwe (...)

  Bernhard Keim, Business Consultant, Germany

Culture is not Some Garnish

Culture is not some garnish you add to the company (...)

  Arie Malcus, Coach, Switzerland

Communication and Company Culture - When?

If we consider corporate culture as a core part of (...)

  Francisco Encarnado, Management Consultant, Philippines

Developing the Company Culture

Company Culture is the backbone of a compan's oper (...)

  Belay Gezahegn, Director, Ethiopia

Problems of Postponing Developing Company Culture

When a new firm comes to life, what it will first (...)


Sharing Opinions on Organizational Culture

12manage is very interesting to gather opinions fr (...)

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