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Jp Singh
Manager, India

Sales versus Marketing

Most or all of the MBA institutes teach marketing in their programs.
Today's corporate world emerges as sales-oriented with both marketing and sales playing a major role. Many people seem to be recruited for sales jobs.
There seems to be a mismatch between what MBA's are tought and what's required in the real world?

  Claude Balleux
Strategy Consultant, Canada

Sales versus Marketing

Yeah. Maybe you're right. From my point of view, university's program are too "branded marketing" oriented. And branding is too far from the SME's concern. Which do not have the financial capacity to support a brand as McDonalds or Nike can do it. And it's true that this kind of marketing is far from a sales job's concern.

  Francielle Nunes
Entrepreneur, Brazil

Theory versus Practise

The question makes sense. There is a mismatch between the teaching of marketing (theory) and the corporate world which emerges as sales oriented (practise).
It is key to understand both marketing and sales toward the real world. MBA schools should go to that direction.

  Tony Pagliaroli
Strategy Consultant, United States

Sales-Orientation is Very Important

Hold on here a minute. Maybe, I am a bit older here to remember, however being sales-oriented has always been the name i...


Sales Depends on Company and product

What subject would you cover within a sales course? In my point of view sales is pretty much depending on the product ...

  Neil McMullen
Business Consultant, United States

Marketing is Strategic; Sales is Operational

Most MBA curriculums are built on the premise that the student seeks a strategic management perspective. Sales is usuall...

  Peter Pudaite
Entrepreneur, India

Complimentary & Symbiotic Relation between Sales and Marketing

As others have already pointed out marketing is strategic and sales is tactical. - Marketing: After all you don't enter...

  Sajee Sirikrai
Professor, Thailand

Sales and Marketing In Brief

Sales: today Marketing: tomorrow....

  Bhairoo Jeson
Student (Other)

Sales can't be Teached

I think this misconception comes from organisations who do not differentiate between the two. In quest for more profits ...

  Mads Tokehoj
CEO, China

Succesful Business People Don't Just Sit in Their Office

Successful business people are present in their markets with their business partners at all times - everyday, every sing...

  Oluwakunle, Nigeria

Marketing Supports the Sales Team

My view is that the marketing team supports sales and also provides tools for them. Marketing can be viewed as the stra...

  Biswabhusan Prusty
Business Consultant, India

Sales versus Marketing

Simple: 1. Sales is a part of marketing. 2. Marketing is the process of satisfying/identifying the needs/wants or cre...

  JS Shiah
Project Manager, China

1-1 versus 1-m

Sales is 1-1 and marketing is 1-to-many operation. Sales is like the "infantry men". Marketing is a double function wi...

  Purushottam Thombare, India

Marketing and Sales Should Work Together

Marketing is the strategic step in advance and an effective execution results in sales. For an organisation to succeed, ...

  Olga Aros
Consultant, United States

Rules of Marketing / Sales

Know thy customer and you can sell and market too! Understand the product and position it well so your customer sees, ...

  Tinus van der Merwe, Saudi Arabia

Marketing Sets the Conducive Climate for Sales

People also forget that marketing sets the (conducive) climate within which selling can take place. Marketing supports s...

  Verbeeck, Belgium

The Commercial Department

In my opinion you can't really separate both specialities. Just call it the commercial department. You need people there...

Director, United States

Marketing and Sales Should be like a Coach and his Football Team

Marketing and sales are closely linked. But in many cases marketing objectives are not directly tied to sales performanc...

  Frederick Hamnett
Business Consultant, Italy

Sales Without Marketing

Marketing means building and mantaining a market. Sales without marketing is simply to exploit it....

  Biswajyoti Kanjilal
Manager, India

Sales V/s Marketing

Per my knowledge, - Sales is an integral part of marketing - Marketing is the point of actualisation of strategic imp...

  Dr Gary Jones
Business Consultant, Australia


I have a masters in marketing - most comments are correct. Marketing provides the infrastructure for the sales people i....

  Tony Pagliaroli
Strategy Consultant, United States

Sales can be just as Strategic as Marketing

What an interesting conversation from around the world on the topic of sales versus marketing. Big picture, I agree with...

  S Shyam Prasad
Professor, India

Sales versus Marketing

Sales and marketing are so closely related that it is no wonder that they are interchanged often. Sure neither can survi...

  Rusty Husar
Project Manager, United States

Sales is where the Rubber meets the Road

Selling the product is the ends to the means. Remember sales is where the rubber meets the road... All other activities...

  Jeff Harnois
Student (University), United States

Sales Professors...

I believe the original topic is focusing on the non-existent relationship between sales and academia. One question comes...

  mccarthy, United Kingdom

The Context of Sales versus Marketing

Well its more complex than what most have stated. According to Neil Rackham they are conjoined in essence. Anyway... W...

Student (MBA)

Impact of the Sales

Sales is only the physical contact between a company and a customer. Marketing will be the rest of the relation before a...

  edward offor
Strategy Consultant, Nigeria

Teach Sales as a Stand Alone Course

Sales when taught is treated as a sub topic of marketing when in fact sales should be a stand alone professional course....

  Ken Tran, Viet Nam

In Short

You can have sales without marketing, but not the other way around....

  Fatema Tinwala
Student (University), New Zealand

Marketing for Sales

Marketing is a tool or function that creates the demand for sales....

  Ahmad dawoud
Manager, Jordan

Marketing, Then Sales

Marketing is the set of tools of which first of all checks wither your strategy and target is achievable within the spec...


Marketing, Then Sales

Sales is just selling what you have, marketing will tell you what should be sold....

  Vidura Gamage

Sales should NOT Be Only Selling what you Have

Sales not should be only selling what you have. It must be fulfillment of the requirement of customer's need with perfec...

  Anthony Jones
Student (MBA), South Africa

Sales versus Marketing

Indeed the academia are at times far removed form the front line of business, notwithstanding the fact that theory also ...

  Simon QI, China

Brains and Magicians

I believe marketing is the brain, which tells you who are you and where are you. A good marketer can also answer questio...

  Husson Yanis
Manager, Mauritius

Worst Practice in Marketing / Sales

In fact, several organisations omit to invite sales reps in their brainstorming sessions. In this way they are not allow...

Project Manager, Nigeria

Sales Effort versus Marketing Effort

Sales involves personal efforts while the efforts of marketing are organisation-oriented. ...

  Leonardo Leao
Manager, Brazil

Marketing Should Provide Analyses to Sales

Marketing should provide the analyses to help the sales force orientate. These analyses include economic, financial, dem...

  Vu Phan
Manager, Viet Nam

Sales versus Marketing

In my opinion, the "marketing" term is more broad than sales. I mean, sales is part of marketing. Also "sales" aims to...

United Kingdom

Sales and Marketing have Same Underlying Principles

I agree with the statement by Js Shiah that: - Marketing is 1 to many possible consumers/clients. - Sales is 1 to one ...

  Eric Hilario
Coach, France

Synergy in Sales X Marketing

Solid sales person x poor marketing = 1 sale Weak sales person x solid marketing = 0 sale Solid salesperson x solid ma...

Consultant, Portugal

Incorporate Sales and Marketing!

In my opinion, the mistake is separating marketing from sales as two independent departments. As a consultant, I'm mor...

  Adrian Boucher PhD, United Kingdom

The Topic 'Sales' at Business Schools

I now teach MBA students in a business school. There is plenty of discussion of marketing, but none at all about sales. ...

  Emmanuel Reyme
Director, United States

What Should Students Learn at Universities?

University students are self learners. Professors just provide guidance. As a student/consultant, you will not learn the...

  Husson Yanis
Manager, Mauritius

Turbulent Environment > Sales More Discretion

I agree that marketing should normally not be separated from sales. It is as if you are telling and forcing me to eat so...

  Olga Aros
Consultant, United States

Marketing and Sales Fit like a Hand in a Glove

I have done both simultaneously and together they work best: - Marketing defines the full package of the product to be ...

Accountant, Pakistan

MBA: Marketing. Reality: Sales

Business Schools and universities teach marketing and prepare MBA students as the future marketing managers, but after t...

  Jiwoong Son
Student (University), Korea (South)

What Should Students Learn in Their Course?

In my opinion, students who are learning management have to develop their thinking ability. But the professors in univer...

  Olga Aros
Consultant, United States

What Should Students Learn in Their Course

You cannot be an effective marketer for your company, if you do not know the product or the customer. Therefore beginnin...

  Jiwoong Son
Student (University), Korea (South)

What Sould Students Learn in Their Courses? (2)

Reading books to study general theories and business processes are the responsibility for any student. Helping the stude...

  John Moses
Manager, Nigeria

Marketing as a Process That Includes Sales

Marketing could be defined as the satisfaction of human needs and wants through an exchange process. This process involv...

  Heather Halton
Student (Other), Ireland

Marketing Invented to Be a Clean Version of Sales

I believe that marketing was invented as a new buzz word when the word "salesperson" became a dirty word. Marketing was ...

  Jp Singh
Manager, India

Marketing a Status Profile

Being a sales person you need face targets, figures, everyday is new day for you, you have start from the scratch, you n...

  S Shyam Prasad
Professor, India

Marketing is Different from Sales

Its true that the market place is emerging as sales oriented one. But a deeper understanding will reveal that one cannot...

Consultant, Sudan

Sales and Marketing Have Common Goals

Indeed marketing and sales are different in concept, but they are have common goals: to achieve some specific volume of ...

  Dr Gary Jones
Business Consultant, Australia

The Role of Sales versus Marketing Depends on the Product

@S Shyam Prasad : Good answer Mr. Prasad. We only need to look at sales over the internet. No salesmen - just product at...

  Sanjeev Kumar Sanju
Strategy Consultant, India

A Sale is Proof of Effective Marketing

Marketing creates the 'pull' that enhances the demand of a particular item or a brand. If someone ultimately buys that ...

Student (Other), Uganda

Sales and Marketing

They are two sides of the same coin! Marketing strives to create demand, while Sales directly fulfills that demand....

  Dave Lee
Business Consultant, Jamaica

Sales versus Marketing

To say that "once the product matches the need of the customer there is no need for sales" is idealistic. Theoretically ...

  J S Broca
Teacher, India

The Ongoing Conflict Between Sales and Marketing

I recall having read an article in Harvard Business Review. If I am right, in July, 2006, three famous sales and marketi...

  Dr Gary Jones
Business Consultant, Australia

Sales is Product Specific and Personality Driven

Certainly marketing taught at university is theory driven, derived from an academic base of built research of many years...

Business School Marketer, Malaysia

Sales versus Marketing

This topic has been discussed in our MBA class. Sales is part of the marketing scope. Sales is a relatively narrow acti...

United Kingdom

Sales versus Marketing

Part of the issue is that some marketing courses/credentials, while accepting that marketing is the umbrella term, only ...

  theodore ikpa

Marketing versus Sales

Marketing is macro while sales is micro in orientation. The relationship between them is similar to the one between eco...

  Carlo Maranzano
Strategy Consultant, Italy

Trade Marketing

40 years ego I wrote my last work at University. Its title was: The Integrated Marketing. That was in the 80s, the time...


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