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Anneke Zwart
Student (University), Netherlands

Sales Strategies | Selling Strategies

Moghareh and Haghighi (2009) discuss the various selling strategies and how each strategy affects sales performance. The authors mention 3 selling strategies that would have a positive effect on sales performance:
  1. Adaptive: The adaptive selling strategy is referred to as the process of obtaining information about the selling situation and then adapting the sales behavior to the information perceived, so as to create a sales presentation that matches with the desires of the customer.
  2. Customer-oriented: The customer-oriented selling strategy comes from the customer-oriented management philosophy. According to this philosophy companies must seek ways that satisfy their customers’ needs by coordinating a range of activities that permits the company to also achieve its goals. Therefore, the required knowledge and skills that salespersons following such a strategy need are:
    2.1. Effective listening skills to obtain the necessary information about the consumer and his/her needs.
    2.2. Analyzing skills so as to clearly understand customer issues.
    2.3. The skill to effectively adjust their sales to consumers’ needs.
  3. Relational: The relational selling strategy builds on customer-supplier interdependence, exchange of important knowledge, trust between partners, and solid relationships. Salespersons who apply such strategy aim to establish and maintain interactions and interdependency with their customers. This results in a relatively high level of customer information that can be used in their sales process. Besides that, this information can also be shared with managers.
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Source: Moghareh, G. A. and M. Haghighi (2009) “The Effect of Selling Strategies on Sales Performance” Business Strategy Series Vol. 10 Iss. 5 pp. 266-285

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