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Anneke Zwart, Student (University), Netherlands

Moghareh and Haghighi (2009) discuss the various selling strategies and how each strategy affects sales performance. The author mentions three selling strategies that would have a positive effect on sales performance:
1. Adaptive selling strategy: This strategy is referred to as the process of obtaining information about the selling situation and adapt sales behavior to the information perceived, so as to create sales presentation that match with the desires of the consumer.
2. Customer-oriented selling strategy: this strategy comes from the customer-oriented management philosophy that companies must seek ways that satisfy their consumers’ needs by coordinating a range of activities that permits the company to also achieve their goals. Therefore, the required knowledge and skills that salespersons following such a strategy need are:
2.1. Effective listening skills to obtain the necessary information about the consumer and his/her needs
2.2. Analyzing skills so as to clearly understand customer issues
2.3. The skill to effectively adjust their sales to consumers’ needs
3. Relational selling strategy: This strategy builds on customer-supplier interdependence, exchange of important knowledge, trust between partners and solid relationships. Salespersons who apply a relational selling strategy thus aim to establish and maintain interactions and interdependency with their customers. This results in a relatively high level of customer information that can be used in their sales. Besides, it can be shared with managers, which might also improve salespeople-managers relationships in turn.
Source: Moghareh, G. A. and M. Haghighi (2009) “The Effect of Selling Strategies on Sales Performance” Business Strategy Series Vol. 10 Iss. 5 pp. 266-285

Selling Mantra
Amir Murtaza, Other, Pakistan
A well-known old statement is: “THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT". This statement will push you to go automatically for the above strategies you mention.
Today everyone expects respect and wants to be treated fairly.

One More Selling Strategy: Insight Selling
Micha Hamer, Director, Netherlands
These days I think there always needs to be some kind of customer orientation. Elements of the above strategies can be used complimentary, there is not just 1 truth. You always need to be creative and unique in your approach to create a competitive edge. @Amir Murtaza, I think the customer is not always right. Sometimes they do not know there are options they haven't thought about. Especially when their own markets are changing, customers are open to new ideas from their (potential) suppliers. This is where
4. Insight Selling comes in (for instance as a potential replacement or complementary to 'solution selling)'. You can find a nice article about this on the HBR website. I believe it's called ' The End of Solution Selling'.

Selling Strategies Not Only Based on the Customer
Arce, Manager, Costa Rica
The best sales strategies are not only based on the customer it's most important to adapt depending on the product or portfolio, customers are not necessarily always right they may not know what they need, until the correct product or service is offered or pitched correctly.

Truly Understanding the Customer Requirements
Abdulmotaleb Amara, Other, Libya
I think understanding the customer requirements and the ability to fulfill these requirements are the principles to succeed in sales and in every business.

Selling Strategies Crucial for Negotiation
Velaphi Fisher, Manager, South Africa
We can build several strategies emanating from our interactions with customers and learn new things from them. Any strategy built must be customer-centric and result-driven.
Getting as much information about or from the customer is also critical in the process of closing a sale. When you are in the negotiation process you must be able to negotiate to close a sale. The knowledge you gathered earlier on is very important in the arts of selling and negotiating.

Generic / Global Selling Strategies? Impossible..
Ibrahim Rasheed, Director, Maldives
No matter how much we discuss and try to list generic or global selling strategies, it's almost impossible. Because selling ends in buying and buying always happens differently in various communities / regsions / countries...
Most important in selling is to understand the buyer. His/her social background, wealth and so on...

Sales Strategies in B2C / B2B
SH Jo, Manager, Korea (South)
In case of Business to Customer (B2C), the customer needs are definitely satisfied in most markets.
However Business to Business (B2B) sales environments, a relational selling strategy is very useful for sales representatives. In case the products have similar value (which is often the case), then the relationship is affecting the choice of product heavily.

The Appropriate Sales Strategy Depends on the Audience
Vince Martin, Manager, United Kingdom
You have to adapt the strategy to the audience:
- Buyers will not want to be in an interdependent relationship, they will want to meet their goal of driving x% from the purchase ledger.
- R&D may wish to be interdependent as they can garner ideas that way if they respect you.
- Production want something that makes their life easier.
- Marketing want new ideas or trends to hitch a ride upon.
To sell you must first understand the needs of all groups involved.

Customization Strategy
pankaj, student, India
@Amir Murtaza: We can not say that customers are always right but we can truly agree that they have become much better informed and smarter due to large information available to them.
The need of today (for sales reps) is to understand their wants and customize our products accordingly to target segments.

Little Sales Needed in Case of Customization Strategy
Rema Viswanathan, Professor, India
Examples of customization can be found in Indian rural markets like the Chotukool fridge, the Kisan Credit Card and the smokeless portable cooking stove. The rural markets of India have become an incubator for many innovative products catering to the unique needs and wants of rural customers that can suitably be adapted to other similar markets.
Selling such customized products happens effortlessly as they are custom-designed for these markets.


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