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Sales Methods, Models and Theories
Monteiro, Member
I say with a profound bitterness that so far we haven't found a way yet of transforming sales into a science. And it should be...
I've been a student of sales for the past 21 years. I try to read every author who becomes a best seller, every interesting article, etc. So many disappointments...
I know of 4 authors so far that agree on basic stuff and share most of their point of views. Brian Tracy, Jeffrey Gittomer, Paulo Soares and Dave Kurlan. All of them base their theories on studied practice, on studies with statistic relevance and studies made on other areas of knowledge.
If you surf the net looking for sales methods and theories you'll find lots of differences between them. There should be an effort of several "gurus" getting together.
Please add the name and a short summary of a any sales model you believe to be among the main ones in sales. Thanks...

Different Sales Methods Because of Different Products and Tastes
Mohammad Karimipour, Member
Because of the difference in products (low/high involvement or emergency/necessary/raw material/equipment and...) and also the difference in the needs and the personality of the customers there will never be a set of formulas to cover all the ways of sales.
So the best way is to take the basic stuff into consideration, and come up with a sales method depending on the situation, personality of the sales representative, the needs of the customer and mentality, and...

Sales Methods and Models
Antonio Rebelo, Member
I agree each product/service requires a different way of selling. We can make study of marketing, but the correct model and method are different from one product to other. The perfect model and the perfect method do not exist.

Sales Methods, Models
Jakosa Csilla
Good question, and I also wish there was a clear factual answer...
However, selling is a very broad and complex thing. Just imagine how many times you have sold your concepts, arguments, excuses...
When you managed to get a discount on the market. When your parents forgave you for being late. When you convinced your partner to watch the comedy instead of the romantic movie. Sales is about persuading the other about that you are right, and your offering is the best overall. You would have different structure for retaining/acquiring a customer, for a arguments with a man/ a woman (when they are purchasing a car: d), for a candy or a low-carb fruit yogurt) and even in the same category, everyone differentiates...
I guess the best solution is to read more:) and get professional in the category you are in.:).


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