How to Motivate the Sales Force?

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Oscar Peter
Business School Marketer, South Sudan

How to Motivate the Sales Force?

Being a sales manager, what are best practices of motivating your sales force and sales people?
Thanks for sharing your ideas and experiences.

  Paramathmuni srinivas Kumar

Clear Purpose and Sales Commission

I think having a clear purpose can motivate the sales person. On top of giving a clear purpose sales commission will add fuel to the fire of motivation I suppose.

  Javier Elenes
Business Consultant, Mexico

Poor Sales Commission Practices

I agree with the importance of sales commission, but avoid 2 common not so good practices:
1. Don’t limit the amount of commission. If a sales person sells a lot, he deserves a lot of commission.
2. Don’t pay when the goods are invoiced; pay only when the invoice has been fully paid.

  Jaap de Jonge
Editor, Netherlands

How to Motivate Sales People

Many sales reps tend to have entrepreneurial traits. I agree with both srinivas and Javier Elenes that giving them a clear purpose is important to ensure they move in the desired direction and also that they are sensitive for monetary bonuses like commissions.
4 more motivational consequences from their entrepreneurial character are:
- Sales(wo)men are often self-motivators,
- They are very flexible/agile in dealing with various circumstances,
- They like and should be given a lot of freedom to do the things as they believe is best, and
- They like a positive, optimistic and non-bureaucratic working environment.

  Carlo Maranzano
Strategy Consultant, Italy

Apply Principles of Interdependence Economy

We apply principles of Interdependence economy to manage sales forces. It's true the sales(wo)men depend by me, but it'...

  Helen Strong
Business Consultant, South Africa

Organisation Support of the Sales Force

It doesn't start with the sales team -- have to have an organisation that has values, purpose and a clear mission to car...

  William E. Linzey
Business Consultant, United States

Engagement of Sales Team

Did you ever attempt to sell something you didn’t believe in or knew nothing about? It never goes well. So get your tea...

  Konrad Bartel
Business Consultant, South Africa

Modern Sales Process Management

Somehow sales process management science stayed behind business management science development. The concepts of division...

  Maurice Hogarth
Consultant, United Kingdom

Reason for Action

Motivated to… do what? Increase sale volumes or values… &c? Consider: “a motive” = “a reason” & “ation” = action. “Moti...

  Jaap de Jonge
Editor, Netherlands

Motivating Sales People

@Konrad Bartel: Because sales is always in contact with humans (customers), is it inherently much more creative and comp...

  Konrad Bartel
Business Consultant, South Africa

Motivating Sales People does not Require Incentives

@Jaap de Jonge: Dear Jaap - I fully agree that human interaction is the basis of sales and my experience is not that it ...

  Steven Cooke, Philippines

People are Still People. Pt1

Huge ranges in product types, business, consumer, and government needs and contracts require an equally large range of “...


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