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Sales versus Business Development

What exactly is the difference between a sales executive and a business development executive? Any suggestions welcome...

MBA, India

Sales & Business Development

Business development looks for new applications for the product rather than the regular use.

  Ricardo Trevizo
Director, Mexico

Diference SE versus BD

The difference is that BD is looking for new names in the target target. BD generates new customers to the firm.

Manager, India

Difference Between Sales and Business Development

My point of view is that a Business Development Executive is superior to a Sales Executive.
A sales executive will think about how to sell products to different customers.
A business development excecutive will think how to develop the business like new product development, extending the business unit, etc.

  Lebona Tsotetsi, South Africa

Difference Between Sales and Business Development

- Marketing is a demand creation activity
- Sales is a demand realisation activity
- Development is an active initiation activity
- Business is a for-profit commercial activity
Therefore, it is clear that business development involves sales AND marketing in addition to other critical operational activities for the purpose of making a profit, thus it is more complex than sales.

  Thomas Johansson
Manager, Sweden

Business Development versus Sales

A definition that is used in IBM for large deals is that a business development executive deals with the first parts of ...

  Omar Khodr
Manager, United Arab Emirates

Business Development Guides Sales

Generally speaking, a business development executive guides the sales team on upcoming long term objectives, goals, tren...

  S Shyam Prasad
Professor, India

Sales versus Business Development Executives

In fact business happens by A) Need identification and creating an offer to satisfy the need. B) Promoting the offer a...

  Uditha Liyanage, Sri Lanka

Sales Executive versus Business Development Executive

Sales Executives focus on today's business and Business Development Executives focus on tomorrow's business....

  S K Bal Palekar
CxO / Board, India

Sales versus Business Development

An underlying concept is "Customer's Buying Journey". Sometimes, initially the customer does not even know that he has a...

  foyez, Bangladesh

What is Typical for a Business Development Executive

To me.. A business development manager should relate a product to the customer needs; he has to understand this himself ...

Business Consultant, India

Sales Manager versus Business Development Manager

A SALES REPRESENTATIVE normally sells existing products or services to existing customers, which may even approach t...

  Felian Maefair Anne
Student (MBA), Philippines

Sales Executive and Business Development Executive

@Thomas Johansson: I think your explanation is short and simply understood. You've given the most accurate description i...

  Isaac Adesanya
HR Consultant

Sales vs Business Development

Both are subset of marketing and are interwoven in a natural way. Business Development (BD) precedes Sales. BD include...

  James Mudzikitiri
Business Consultant, Zimbabwe

Sales Management versus Business Development

@MANISH KUMAR: I would add that Business Development looks at more than the distribution of the product. BD may include ...

  shobha H
Student (Other), United Kingdom

Sales versus Business Development

Sales and Business Development are both functions of the marketing organization of any organisation. The degree of their...

  Henry Ayoroh
Student (University), Turkey

Sales versus Business Development

Business Development is a systematical means of researching and developing new markets and target customers for a produc...

Teacher, Puerto Rico

The Difference between Sales and Business Development.

@Bala: I agree because a Business Development Manager not only deal with the sales, but also with other decisions, even ...

Business School Marketer, Uganda

Business Development is Broader then Sales

Sales are more focused on marketing, their activities therefore mainly concentrate on the market mix to achieve sales. ...

  Tony Reeve
Manager, United Kingdom

Business Development is a Strategic Role

Business Development is a misused label. Some sales people are given a Business Development title, maybe because it...

  Charles Collins
Management Consultant, United States

Chief Business Development Officer (CBDO) - My Job Description

The role of Chief Business Development Officer (CBDO) is expected to have a broad and comprehensive knowledge of all m...

Business School Marketer, Malaysia

The Difference Between Sales and Business Development

Sales is working on promoting and selling goods, products or services to the market. The activities consist of selling e...

Business Consultant, India

Business Development versus Sales Development

BD is focused in finding out new products / new markets / new technology. This function is called market to market (M2M)...

  Ishmael Molutsi
Manager, Botswana

Business Development versus Sales Management

I think the former is about creation of opportunities through strategies whereas sales is about disposal (selling) produ...

  Charles Collins
Management Consultant, United States

CBDO - my Job Description

@Jayaram: Yes this is very close to the role I currently occupy....

  Alfred Ocka
CEO, Albania

Sales and Business Development Require Different Thinking

Sales persons need more pragmatic thinking, oriented at current situations and actions. BD persons need to see, plan an...

  Bruno Catherin
Project Manager, France

BD versus Sales

@Ricardo Trevizo: Business development is less aggressive than sales. In my view, you realize BD mainly with an existing...

  Charles Collins
Management Consultant, United States

My Job Description

@MUNI DAVE: Yes, this is very close to my current job description....


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