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Project Stakeholder Management

The interests of stakeholders need to be strongly protected in order to support and insure the success of project. If so, why in the most projects a formal and systematic stakeholder management system does not exist? Why is stakeholder management often missing or implemented in a minimal way?.

  Alex Groves
Project Manager, United Kingdom

Project Stakeholder Management

I believe project stakeholder management must be further identified, but as PM's we have to take the emphasis on ourselves and advice, address and accommodate all stakeholders as inevitably there are cost and time consequences.

  achintya sarkar, India

Missing Project Stakeholder Management

I think we at times ignore the value of stakeholders who may not be directly linked with the project but in the long run help shaping up the project.

  Arthi Sairaman
Project Manager, United States

Measurable Monetary Metrics

Stakeholder management tends to be client relationship and expectation management. It is best to understand the strategic value delivered to the company and translate them to measurable monetary metrics. This is an area that is not well-addressed in most companies.

  Billy Futter
Lecturer, South Africa

Arrogance or Ignorance

Stakeholders are able to influence, contribute to or limit progress. Their impact is frequently underestimated and/or ig...

Project Manager, United Kingdom

Needs not Congruent at an Operational Level

The reason for under representation of stakeholders usually derives from the fact that the stakeholders are necessary to...

  Salvador Castro, PhD
Professor, Mexico

Balance Multiple Stakeholder Values

I think it is more complex than only the PM. We should balance a set of stakeholder values, tangible and intangible, obj...

  Ceferino Dulay, Jr.

WHEN to Manage Project Stakeholders

Normally, the participation of the stakeholders takes place during the planning phase of the project and later, when the...

  Liberius Elrood L.
Gestionnaire, Haiti

Project Stakeholder Management Maturity

Beginning project managers in developing country never refer to stakeholders in the process of managing a project. The r...

  Julius Nyangaga
Consultant, Kenya

Dynamic Project Stakeholder Management

Heeding stakeholder effects (risks) on the success of a project is crucial. That is why stakeholder analysis in ways of ...

  Ceferino Dulay, Jr.

Stakeholder Management in Projects

It's true that all effects are dynamic and should be considered at all points in the project. But it also depends on the...

  Billy Futter
Lecturer, South Africa

Reasons for Poor Project Stakeholder Management

Most responses have not addressed the key question: they tend to focus on why stakeholder management is important rather...

  Julius Nyangaga
Consultant, Kenya

Stakeholder Management in PM - Why is it Done Badly or Poorly?

Yes, we have all confirmed that stakeholder management is important. But why is it not adequately addressed in Project M...

  Julius Nyangaga
Consultant, Kenya

Participatory Stakeholder Management

We (business/project managers) are required to address the actions and reactions of stakeholders responding to a project...

  Francisca Noel
Student (University), Grenada

Stakeholder Mismanagment

I think that stakeholders are often overlooked because PM's do not regard their interest as having an impact on the succ...

PM, South Africa

Stakeholders can be Uncertain of What They Want

In some instances, it is unclear what the stakeholder actually wants from the project. As the project progresses, you of...

  vijay sadashiv joshi, India

Lacking Mind Management

Every program has purpose and every person, closely or remotely involved in the project is a stakeholder. However, the p...

  Mihail Sadeanu, PhD
Management Consultant, Romania

Program and Project Stakeholder Management

Stakeholder management is a complex process requesting first of all: social and professional respect, geographical cultu...

  Abid Mustafa
Director, United Kingdom

Stakeholder Management Politics in Complex Projects

There is no doubt that managing the expectations of stakeholders throughout the project life cycle is critical to the su...


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