How do I Create a List of All Processes in a Company?

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How do I Create a List of All Processes in a Company?
Mate Mohacsi, Student (Other), Netherlands

Hi everybody, I'm a new intern of a company and I need to develop a roles and responsibility matrix. My question is: how could I list all the processes within the whole company?
I'm trying to do it top down, but it seems to be a challenge. Anyone any experience? Thanks a lot for your ideas...

Listing All Processes for an Organization
Edwin Loring, Management Consultant, Netherlands
Hi Mate, because it has to remain a challenge for you I will offer you two remarks. Telling you how to do it would mean you learn less :-)
The first one is that doing things 'top-down', while searching for processes, implies to me that you will not find a process, but an organisational structure.
The second one is that in our process models, we use four (4) types of processes:
1. Management processes (to govern the organisation)
2. Operational processes (core business: e.g. Procurement, Marketing, Sales etc.),
3. Supporting processes (e.g. Finance and Administration, HRM)
4. Improvement processes
In essence, you should ask yourself these questions: what is the company's input and output? And: what happens in the company to make an output from the input?
I think these remarks and questions enable you getting a step further. Please let me know whether it was helpful to you.
Kind regards, Edwin.

How to Find All Processes in an Organization
Mate Mohacsi, Student (Other), Netherlands
Hi @Edwin Loring, thanks a lot it was helpful since it confirmed that I am on the right track! I have found a way to start it up and I think it will work out. Basically, I used Porter's Value Chain Model to identify all the main activities. The next step will be to find all the procedures these activities contain. I think it will be done via interviews and field research but within 2 weeks I will get a better picture on the method. If you have any comment please let me know. Thanks a lot again!
Kind regards, Mate

How to Find All Processes in an Organisation
Bernard Robertson-Dunn, Consultant, Australia
Mate, I agree with Edwin regards making it a challenge.
You might also note that he referred to "process models" and "types of processes". He did not mention the word "list". A list is of trivial value. A model should comprise two things - processes and their relationships to each other. Processes should transform either physical things or information and the relationships should be via these physical things or information.
I'd like to add another dimension to Edwin's types of process. In information system modelling there is an approach based upon three categories:
- Conceptual
- Logical
- Physical
In terms of understanding an enterprise, the important ones are conceptual and logical. I'll leave it as a challenge for you to identify the difference, the values you get from each and how you develop these models.
Regards, Bernard.

How do I Create a List of All Processes in a Company
KALEELUL RAHUMAN, Management Consultant, Saudi Arabia
I have done this exercise, I made it simple by identifying mega processes, major processes, sub processes and cascaded those to key activities to find the decision points with accountability.

Business Process Mapping: Desired versus Actual
Eduardo, Project Manager, United Kingdom
I am doing the same in my company.
The first thing I did is to map the processes that the company “should” do (according to the - out of date - procedures). I did it both in detail and a workflow of the core process.
Then I went on to map what we are really doing, in order to look for improvements more easily and also to update the existing procedures. In this phase you need the collaboration of your colleagues. No matter how many documents you review, the ones who know best/most are the people using the processes.
These people are usually quite busy so it's easier to approach them with something for them to look and then ask for help/comments.

How to Create a Process List for a Company
RAFAEL G. ORDONEZ, Partner, Colombia
I would say first look to company strategy then using a process reference model identify the key processes. The strategy would tell you 'what' and the processes would tell you 'how'.
The current processes might not be aligned with your company's strategy, so merely listing those would help you to know about about 'as is' or current state only. Keep in mind that any BPM initiative should have a value related to improvement.


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