Creating a Work Environment in Which Purpose is Central

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Creating a Work Environment in Which Purpose is Central
Anneke Zwart, Moderator
A recent global survey by Imperative on LinkedIn ("Purpose at Work"), aimed to identify the most and least purpose-driven people when it comes to work, concluded that MILLENNIALS ACTUALLY ARE LEAST PURPOSE-DRIVEN.
These results will surprise many, as many – including millennials themselves – assume they are much more purpose-driven than older generations. What are the reasons behind this gap between the deep desires of millennials and their actual jobs?
Millennials are a young generation, as such they have had relatively few time to establish their view on purpose. Younger people are often thinking more about issues as finding a home, starting a family (for which income is needed); only after accomplishing this they start to ask themselves more questions about their contribution to society (Maslow).

Reasons why DEVELOPING A SENSE OF PURPOSE is beneficial to both the employer and employees include:
  • Employees that believe their work is meaningful will stay longer; promote their organization and be more happy in what they do.
  • Employees who feel their work creates a positive impact are more productive.
  1. UNDERSTAND: in order to create purposeful work, it is essential to understand what purpose truly is. The term ‘purpose’ is rather vague, thus learning more about the concept of purpose will make it applicable.
  2. MISSION AND VISION: It is important to ask yourself whether your organization’s operations align to the mission and vision of the organization.
Once the concept of purpose and the actual purpose of the organization are defined, then you can create meaningful work. It is important that your employees also find a purpose in their work. Programs that bring older and younger generations together could help those who haven’t found a purpose in their work yet.
⇒ What are your experiences with purpose into the workplace, and with creating an environment in which employees are purpose-driven?
Source: Vesty, L. (2016) “Millennials want purpose over paychecks. So why cant we find it at work?” The Guardian



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