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Chloe Xu, Director, Australia
BRIGHT SHINY OBJECT SYNDROME The Bright Shiny Object Syndrome (BSOS) refers to the large amount of attention and attraction received by objects that exhibit a polished, gleaming, or shiny appearance. Most of the time, the attention for and attraction of such objects fades after a while, as its shininess wears off. PREMATURE PROJECT TERMINATION The BSOS-phenomenon is quite common for major, strategic projects in large organizations. Leaders have to keep pace with an ever-accelerating business cycle and want to get problems resolved, and quickly. Large-scale projects require considerable time. As a result, many projects that looked very appealing initially are abandoned prematurely for other "big ideas". How can you avoid your program or major project is loosing its shininess and is consequently abandoned by executives? Miller (2016) suggests a 3-step approach for staving off (~avoid) the executive impatience which leads to killing of promising projects:
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