The Role of the Recruiter in an Effective Recruitment and Selection Process

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Ewa Karwacka
Student (University), United Kingdom

The Role of the Recruiter in an Effective Recruitment and Selection Process

When we talk about the effectiveness of the recruitment and selection process, most of us think about assessing the candidate's competences.
In my opinion, the result or success of the selection process does not depend on the candidate's skills and experience only.
We need to also consider these procedures from the point of view of the candidate:
- Does the recruiter's behavior make any difference?
- What is the impact of stereotypes?
- How can incorrect HR practices influence the decision of the candidate?

So my question is: in what ways does the recruiter affect the recruitment and selection process?

  Shruti Misra
Coach, India

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Consultant, Canada

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@Shruti Misra: from a candidate's perspective I've...

  Mahmoud, Saudi Arabia

The Role of the Recruiter in an Effective Recruitment and Selection Process

I can tell from my point of view as a candidate no...

  Andrew Blaine
Business Consultant, South Africa

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From reading the comments, it seems to me that it ...

  Claudiu Barna, Romania

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  debahooti basu
Teacher, India

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Recruitment is one of the most difficult jobs in H...

  ian cockerham, United Kingdom

The Role of the Recruiter

I was once interviewed for a position with Tesco. ...

  julie steel, United Kingdom

In what Ways Does the Recruiter Affect the Recruitment and Selection Process?

Recruiter complacency (Editor ~ self-satisfaction)...

  K R Sethuraman
Professor, Malaysia

Recruitment is a 2-way Street

I have recruited more than 250 teaching staff for ...

Consultant, India

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  Kay Hempsall
Management Consultant, Australia

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Business Consultant, France

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  Grainne Pulver
Consultant, Ireland

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HR Consultant, Netherlands

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In popular management theories and new HR models, ...

  Rajesh Sharma
Professor, Nepal

Roles of Recruiter in Selection Processes

The recruiter must be free from all prejudice and ...

  Natarajan Ramanathan, India

Role of Recruiter in Effective Recruitment

Excellent topic! It is not just a successful inter...

  Philip Dietschi
Student (MBA), Greece

Recruiter and Candidate Should Both Try for Their Own Interest

The interview is a negotiation meeting. The recrui...

  Ahmed Khator
Manager, Kenya

Role of Tribe of the Recruiter

In my country, selection decisions are purely made...

  Grace Tuimaka Henry
Solomon Islands

Nepotism in Recruitment

@Ahmed Khator : Indeed, too much of silent nepotis...

  juan camilo caballero
Entrepreneur, Colombia

The Recruiter in the Recruiting Process

The role of a company recruiter should be that of ...

  Vishal Acharya
Consultant, India

Unclear or Missing Job Descriptions

Many a times, the job description and job specific...

  Maree, South Africa

Recruiters Taking Qualifications Above Experience

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  Jean Claude Perrault
Manager, South Africa

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Student (Other), Nigeria

Poor Understanding of Company Philosophy, Mission and Vision

Under normal situation the recruiter should be awa...

  Nana Serwaa Osei-Tutu, Ghana

Issues of the Recruiter in the Recruiting Process

The recruiter's behaviour (also) makes a lot of di...

  Kidist Yami
Accountant, Ethiopia

Recruitment Policy?

In the first place the recruiter should know the r...

  K.Narayana Moorthy
HR Consultant, India

Roles of a Recruiter in the Selection Process

Some traditional top weighted things are: - Hones...

  Daniel Tweneboah
HR Consultant, Ghana

The Role of the Recruiter in Effective Recruitment and Selection Process

The recruiter needs to know the key issues about t...

  Amrita Das
HR Consultant

The Role of the Recruiter in Recruitment and Selection Process

Here are some guidance and tips for recruiters: -...

Project Manager, Netherlands

Poor Recruitment Expertise / Skills

Recruiters often (not always) don't have a clue of...

Business Consultant, France

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The recruiter's role is pivotal because of: - The...

Consultant, India

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It is observed that "a square peg in a circular ho...

  K.Narayana Moorthy
HR Consultant, India

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Yes, a round peg fits into a square hole better th...

  Joe Great
Entrepreneur, Nigeria

A Few Things to Consider to make Recruiters Succesful

It's important for the Recruiter/HR to be professi...

Entrepreneur, United States

Poor Knowledge of Recruiter of the Position

@Bakker: you have presented a very valid concern. ...

Professor, Nigeria

Role of Recuiter - Psychological Factor

The recruiter must in addition to the traditional ...

  haguma brian
Student (University), Uganda

Obviously the Recruiter Must not Discriminate

The recruiting desk should be free of any form of ...

  ruth owoade
HR Consultant, Nigeria

The Recruiters Role to the Organization and the Prospective Staff Member

What's important is to understand what your client...

Business Consultant, France

In What Ways the Recruiter Affects the Recruitment Processes

A recruiter may affect the recruitment process in ...

Consultant, Canada

Headhunters Get Paid to do a Job

@Mahmoud: I disagree. The one major difference is ...

Entrepreneur, United States

Relationship is Built with Recruiter

A relationship is started and solidified when hire...

  Andrew Blaine
Business Consultant, South Africa

The Role and Responsibility of the Recruiter

@Kathryn Pawley Steiner: hi there Katherine, I agr...

  phyllis MUKASA N
Student (University), Uganda

The Role of a Recruiter

Human resource manager is a pivotal in the recruit...

Project Manager, Netherlands

2 Types of Recruiters (Internal and External)

Reading through all the reactions, I notice that t...

Consultant, India

The Role of the Recruiter in Recruitment

There are many cases of musicians who gave their l...

  Ahmed Khator
Manager, Kenya

Role of the External Recruiter

My company recently used an external recruiter to ...

  Kevin M. Adolfo
Management Consultant, Philippines

Recruitment: Hiring the Right Person for the Right Job

The recruiter plays a vital role in the recruitmen...

Consultant, India

Recruitment: Assisting in Making the Right Choices for Life

@Kevin M. Adolfo: I agree recruitment must not be ...

  Andrew Blaine
Business Consultant, South Africa

Role of the Outsourced Recruiter - the Internal Job

@Ahmed Khator: I wonder if the outsourced recruit...


Selection Process in Recruitment

My opinion about the Recruiter (R) is that he is a...

Professor, Nigeria

Recruitment Psychology

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Manager, India

Two Kinds of Recruiters Playing Different Roles

The HR person certainly plays a very important rol...

  Raghu Raman
Professor, Sultanate of Oman

Role of Recruiters Differs in Internal and External Recruiment Process

We have to distinguish the Internal and the Extern...

Manager, India

We Need to Combine the Strategies of Test as per Requirement

@Raghu Raman: Thank you Sir. I agree to an extent....

Consultant, India

Extended Role Of Recruiter to Observe Candidate in Work Environment

Even if you recruit the best candidates of the lot...

  K.Narayana Moorthy
HR Consultant, India

HR Practices-Recruitment/Selection

All that I can further add to this is: To-day bus...

Entrepreneur, United States

Balance Between Bureaucracy and Implementation

There should be a balance between locating a usefu...

  K.Narayana Moorthy
HR Consultant, India

HR Practices/Recruitment and Selection

I 100% agree with Madame KATHRYN STEINER as far as...

Consultant, India

The Background of the Recruiter May Influence Recruitment

Recruitments could easily be influenced by the bac...

  K.Narayana Moorthy
HR Consultant, India

Human Resources Audit

To-day every business organization will have both ...

  Carlos Gonzalez
Manager, Spain

The Recruiter Role in a Job Interview

One of the problems that I have observed in the re...


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