The Role of the Recruiter in an Effective Recruitment and Selection Process

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The Role of the Recruiter in an Effective Recruitment and Selection Process
Ewa Karwacka, Student (University), United Kingdom, Member
When we talk about the effectiveness of the recruitment and selection process, most of us think about assessing the candidate's competences.
In my opinion, the result or success of the selection process does not depend on the candidate's skills and experience only.
We need to also consider these procedures from the point of view of the candidate:
- Does the recruiter's behavior make any difference?
- What is the impact of stereotypes?
- How can incorrect HR practices influence the decision of the candidate?

So my question is: in what ways does the recruiter affect the recruitment and selection process?...Sign up

How Recruiters (have to) Work
Shruti Misra, Coach, India, Member
During a recruitment process, it is important for any recruiter to have in-depth knowledge of the job description that he/she is going to do interview...Sign up

Gaff in the Recruitment Process
wallace, Consultant, Canada, Member
@Shruti Misra: from a candidate's perspective I've had great experiences with recruiters and frustrating on...Sign up

The Role of the Recruiter in an Effective Recruitment and Selection Process
I can tell from my point of view as a candidate not as a recruiter, the process can be proactive between a candidate and a recruiter. A clear, informa...Sign up

Choosing your Third Party Recruiter
Andrew Blaine, Business Consultant, South Africa, Member
From reading the comments, it seems to me that it is of vital importance for candidates to choose their (external) recruiter very carefully. Sign up

Person Character - Must Evaluate
Claudiu Barna, Management Consultant, Romania, Member
Interesting topic. The most important element for the company I work for is a person's character. So, the recruiter must evaluate also the whole of me...Sign up

Recruitment is a Difficult Job
debahooti basu, Teacher, India, Member
Recruitment is one of the most difficult jobs in HR. Students are educated to give the desired answers and if the recruiter is not conscious enough th...Sign up

The Role of the Recruiter
ian cockerham
I was once interviewed for a position with Tesco. "What is it that makes you want to work for Marks and Spencer?" asked the recruiter. :-)...Sign up

In what Ways Does the Recruiter Affect the Recruitment and Selection Process?
julie steel, United Kingdom, Member
Recruiter complacency (Editor ~ self-satisfaction) and cognitive bias can affect the proce...Sign up

Recruitment is a 2-way Street
KRS Raman, Professor, India, Member
I have recruited more than 250 teaching staff for my university. We believe that indeed "recruitment is a 2-way street" and therefore the interview...Sign up

Recruiter Must Focus on Future Market and Future Job Needs
kvssiyer, Consultant, India, Member
Recruitment is the most vital aspect of a typical HR function. I believe recruiters should focus on and study the changing needs of the market plac...Sign up

Recruiter Capabilities: Self-Awareness, Long-term View
Kay Hempsall, Management Consultant, Australia, Member
I am aware of a number of recruitment processes where the recruitment team was unaware of their personal biases and where they were victim to concepts...Sign up

The Impact of the Recruiter in Successful Job Interviews
Adonis, Business Consultant, France, Member
Mapping the value of a candidate with what the company requires (now and in the future) is complex and means the role of the recruiter is pivotal.
...Sign up

How Recruiters Influence the Hiring Process
Grainne Pulver, Consultant, Ireland, Member
It is really important that the recruiter role models behaviours that align with the company culture.
In one interview I had, one of the recruite...Sign up

The Recruiter as a Guide and Coach Throughout the Project of Recruiting
Lijsen, HR Consultant, Netherlands, Member
In popular management theories and new HR models, the recruiters is assigned to the task of not only selecting participants for the interview, but als...Sign up

Roles of Recruiter in Selection Processes
Rajesh Sharma, Professor, Nepal, Member
The recruiter must be free from all prejudice and personal biases, and see that the candidates fits the organization culture and system....Sign up

Role of Recruiter in Effective Recruitment
Natarajan Ramanathan
Excellent topic! It is not just a successful interview that is needed, but it should be a good qualitative one as well. This is where the skill of the...Sign up

Recruiter and Candidate Should Both Try for Their Own Interest
Philip Dietschi, Student (MBA), Greece, Member
The interview is a negotiation meeting. The recruiter has to find the best person for the company and the candidate has to find the best company for h...Sign up

Role of Tribe of the Recruiter
Ahmed Khator, Manager, Kenya, Member
In my country, selection decisions are purely made on tribal lines before other qualifications are considered. You are the right candidate because you...Sign up

Nepotism in Recruitment
Grace Tuimaka Henry, Solomon Islands, Member
@Ahmed Khator : Indeed, too much of silent nepotism (Editor ~ favoritism granted to relatives regardless of merit) h...Sign up

The Recruiter in the Recruiting Process
juan camilo caballero, Entrepreneur, Colombia, Member
The role of a company recruiter should be that of an expert and he should be knowledgeable of all internal processes. Often recruitment is done based ...Sign up

Unclear or Missing Job Descriptions
Vishal Acharya, Consultant, India, Member
Many a times, the job description and job specification are not clearly demarcated to neithe...Sign up

Recruiters Taking Qualifications Above Experience
Maree, South Africa, Member
In South Africa we have a situation where recruiters take qualifications only, and not experience into account when filtering candidates. This is dang...Sign up

Supporting the Recruiter to have a Professional Recruiting Process
Jean Claude Perrault, Manager, South Africa, Member
The job of recruiting starts long before the recruiting process:
1. The company must first establish the actual requirements for the posit...Sign up

Poor Understanding of Company Philosophy, Mission and Vision
oyedeji, Student (Other), Nigeria, Member
Under normal situation the recruiter should be aware of the philosophy, missions and vision of the organisation. This enables him to understand...Sign up

Issues of the Recruiter in the Recruiting Process
Nana Serwaa Osei-Tutu, Analyst, Member
The recruiter's behaviour (also) makes a lot of difference. Take this example:
A very confident candidate (a lady I know) came to an inter...Sign up

Recruitment Policy?
Kidist Yami, Accountant, Ethiopia, Member
In the first place the recruiter should know the recruitment policy of the organization. The policy consists of:
- The minimum and maximum educat...Sign up

Roles of a Recruiter in the Selection Process
K.Narayana Moorthy, HR Consultant, India, Member
Some traditional top weighted things are:
- Honesty towards the organization and the candidate
- Accountability / responsibility assignedSign up

The Role of the Recruiter in Effective Recruitment and Selection Process
Daniel Tweneboah, HR Consultant, Ghana, Member
The recruiter needs to know the key issues about the position to be filled exactly. Because by doing so ha becomes aware of the competencies th...Sign up

The Role of the Recruiter in Recruitment and Selection Process
Amrita Das, HR Consultant, Member
Here are some guidance and tips for recruiters:
- The recruiter has to prepare by going through the job description and job specification ...Sign up

Poor Recruitment Expertise / Skills
bakker, Project Manager, Netherlands, Member
Recruiters often (not always) don't have a clue of what the client is really looking for. Old job descriptions are simply copied, forgetting that tech...Sign up

WHY the Role of Recruiter is Pivotal
Adonis, Business Consultant, France, Member
The recruiter's role is pivotal because of:
- The combination of two powers he has: delegation pow...Sign up

WHY Often Recruiters are Ineffective
K.S.SUBRAMANIAM, Consultant, India, Member
It is observed that "a square peg in a circular hole" happens because the domain head - under whom the candidate has to work - does not provide a suff...Sign up

Role and Responsibilities of Recruiter
K.Narayana Moorthy, HR Consultant, India, Member
Yes, a round peg fits into a square hole better than a square peg in a round hole. There are tools for modifications. Apart from this, speaking on the...Sign up

A Few Things to Consider to make Recruiters Succesful
Joe Great, Entrepreneur, Nigeria, Member
It's important for the Recruiter/HR to be professionally unbiased so as not to influenced the selection process to favour a candidate of his/he...Sign up

Poor Knowledge of Recruiter of the Position
KATHRYN STEINER, MBA, Entrepreneur, United States, Member
@Bakker: you have presented a very valid concern. I suppose if a recruiter has limited knowledge in some field of ex...Sign up

Role of Recuiter - Psychological Factor
ABBAH EDACHE ESQ, Professor, Nigeria, Member
The recruiter must in addition to the traditional requirements, consider the psychological personality of the candidate. This is often indicated in th...Sign up

Obviously the Recruiter Must not Discriminate
haguma brian, Student (University), Uganda, Member
The recruiting desk should be free of any form of bias e.g. ethnic, religion, sex or even race.
All that matters is ability to work....Sign up

The Recruiters Role to the Organization and the Prospective Staff Member
ruth owoade, HR Consultant, Nigeria, Member
What's important is to understand what your client wants. No biases.
Work closely with line management and understand what skills can be traded ...Sign up

In What Ways the Recruiter Affects the Recruitment Processes
Adonis, Business Consultant, France, Member
A recruiter may affect the recruitment process in various ways:
- reduce/extend recruitment task duration
- affect the content of the recrui...Sign up

Headhunters Get Paid to do a Job
wallace, Consultant, Canada, Member
@Mahmoud: I disagree. The one major difference is that a headhunter gets paid and the candidate, 9 times out of 10, i...Sign up

Relationship is Built with Recruiter
KATHRYN STEINER, MBA, Entrepreneur, United States, Member
A relationship is started and solidified when hired by the recruiter. This is an important relationship, and in my estimation the recruiter sho...Sign up

The Role and Responsibility of the Recruiter
Andrew Blaine, Business Consultant, South Africa, Member
@Kathryn Pawley Steiner: hi there Katherine, I agree with your sentiments. As we go through life, every person we me...Sign up

The Role of a Recruiter
phyllis MUKASA N, Student (University), Uganda, Member
Human resource manager is a pivotal in the recruit process. Therefore, he or she has the responsibility to identify the special abilities of the candi...Sign up

2 Types of Recruiters (Internal and External)
bakker, Project Manager, Netherlands, Member
Reading through all the reactions, I notice that there is some confusion with the term 'recruiter'.
1. The (internal) recruiter hired by/or part ...Sign up

The Role of the Recruiter in Recruitment
kvssiyer, Consultant, India, Member
There are many cases of musicians who gave their life to music. Likewise, we can also find cases of sportsmen who gave their life to sports or even wr...Sign up

Role of the External Recruiter
Ahmed Khator, Manager, Kenya, Member
My company recently used an external recruiter to head hunt a certain vacant post. After the exercise three candidates were to be presented to the com...Sign up

Recruitment: Hiring the Right Person for the Right Job
Kevin M. Adolfo, Management Consultant, Philippines, Member
The recruiter plays a vital role in the recruitment process. He/she establishes the recruitment process, which should basically be aimed to hire the r...Sign up

Recruitment: Assisting in Making the Right Choices for Life
kvssiyer, Consultant, India, Member
@Kevin M. Adolfo: I agree recruitment must not be selling a position or job, but it should be about identifying the ...Sign up

Role of the Outsourced Recruiter - the Internal Job
Andrew Blaine, Business Consultant, South Africa, Member
@Ahmed Khator: I wonder if the outsourced recruiter has not done your firm a favour by removing the preconception t...Sign up

Selection Process in Recruitment
Tanaya, India, Member
My opinion about the Recruiter (R) is that he is a mediator between the company and the applicant.
- The R receives the resumes and sorts them by...Sign up

Recruitment Psychology
ABBAH EDACHE ESQ, Professor, Nigeria, Member
I think that recruiting the right person for the job should, after the preliminaries of checking credentials and personal type of questions, go furthe...Sign up

Two Kinds of Recruiters Playing Different Roles
ANUJ KUMAR SHRIVASTAVA, Manager, India, Premium Member
The HR person certainly plays a very important role in the process. There are basically two types of recruiters or ways of interviewing people:
1...Sign up

Role of Recruiters Differs in Internal and External Recruiment Process
Raghu Raman, Professor, Sultanate of Oman, Member
We have to distinguish the Internal and the External Recruitment Process:
- Internal within the company
- External by consultants also part ...Sign up

We Need to Combine the Strategies of Test as per Requirement
ANUJ KUMAR SHRIVASTAVA, Manager, India, Premium Member
@Raghu Raman: Thank you Sir. I agree to an extent. But practitioners now use software which records the behavior and...Sign up

Extended Role Of Recruiter to Observe Candidate in Work Environment
kvssiyer, Consultant, India, Member
Even if you recruit the best candidates of the lot interviewed, it still does not guarantee a good performance from the candidate recruited. The recr...Sign up

HR Practices-Recruitment/Selection
K.Narayana Moorthy, HR Consultant, India, Member
All that I can further add to this is:
To-day business is changing fast. At the same time, implementing new HR practices takes time for any organ...Sign up

Balance Between Bureaucracy and Implementation
KATHRYN STEINER, MBA, Entrepreneur, United States, Member
There should be a balance between locating a useful new HR practice, even in a large organization, and implementation. Feedback is critical, processin...Sign up

HR Practices/Recruitment and Selection
K.Narayana Moorthy, HR Consultant, India, Member
I 100% agree with Madame KATHRYN STEINER as far as balancing act is concerned. A detailed examination will fetch many new thoughts for consideration....Sign up

The Background of the Recruiter May Influence Recruitment
kvssiyer, Consultant, India, Member
Recruitments could easily be influenced by the background and interests and inclinations of the recruiter.
For example, a recruiter with a predom...Sign up

Human Resources Audit
K.Narayana Moorthy, HR Consultant, India, Member
To-day every business organization will have both short and long term goals. In order that these goals are rewarding and successful, O.D. Is essential...Sign up

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