Interview Scorecards for Hiring New Employees

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Interview Scorecards for Hiring New Employees
Anneke Zwart, Moderator
Just as in the process of conducting performance appraisals, the process of hiring new employees in organizations is also full of biases. Unconscious, implicit associations and other biases lead to subjective decision-making when it comes to selecting the most suitable job applicants.
Organizations should strive to more objective selection procedures that increase the chances of hiring the right employees and as a result the return on investments in human capital.

One of the actions that can be taken to try to evaluate the success of hiring managers in terms of interview skills and selection of new employees is the use of interview scorecards. These represent a more objective basis for comparison and validation.

In order to develop an interview scorecard, you need to create a list of ratings along about 5 criteria that are important for your firm. These need to be regularly revisited. The idea is then for hiring managers to discuss their own ratings with their colleagues to reduce individual biases with regard to specific applicants and increase collective accuracy. By comparing your ratings with others, you will learn on which criteria you are more accurate and on which you are less..

Although organization hardly ever measure the success of their hiring managers, such cards can lead to significant increases in the return on human capital. How?
  • It enables an organization to compare interviewers in terms of their (in) accuracy on various criteria.
  • Validating perceptions with your colleagues and discover your strengths and points for improvements.
  • It enables organizations to provide hiring managers quantitative feedback on their overall performance by making use of various criteria.
The use of interview scorecards can help to increase awareness among hiring employees about their own biases regarding to new job applicants, which is the only way to correct those biases.

⇒ What are your experiences with interview scorecards? Any thoughts?
Source: Dattner, B. (2016) “A Scorecard for Making better Hiring Decisions” Harvard Business Review.

Biases in Selecting Job Applicants
Doris Cote, Member
Scorecards are good to compare applicants to each other and focusing on their skills and points to improve.
Another thing to help and be more objective is to write off the applicants' names on their resume for pre-employment screening to reduce positieve and negatieve biases of interviewers.

Getting More out of Recruitment Score Cards
Jim DAmico, Member
Scorecards are most effective when they are integrated from the interview to performance evaluation over time. This can in turn lead to the development of predictive analytics to support more accurate hiring.

Relating Recruitment Score Cards to Perfomance
Givemore Masongorera, Member
I agree with Jim on integrating the job interview cards to performance, especially relating it to the period of probation (in cases were the recruited person is put on probation). Doing so will greatly weed off sweet talkers sailing through.

Clarity Index for Recruitment
srinivas, Member
An employee will fit well if the clarity index is higher since having clarity would enable the applicant to solve the organization problems and be a good fit for the organization.Clarity can be defined as absence of turbidity in physical, intellectual, emotional, conscious, subconscious and spiritual aspects of a being (person).
Note that the clarity of the image on the scorecard depends on the clarity of both the being on which the image is reflected on and the clarity of the one who measures).

Preemployment Screening for new employees
Fillemon Nangolo Hambuda, Member
I agree with all of you, using scorecards for prescreening of candidates makes sense. But more with @Givemore Masongorera on the issue of probation. Post appointment is the most critical period for new employees to show their worth. I would however, like to add that newly appointed employees should sign a well drafted performance agreement inclusive of attainable targets to meet during the probation period. This requires the organisation to have a robust performance management and appraisals system.

Effective Hiring Interview Team an Leader
Francis Joseph, Member
The design of the scorecard for selecting new staff is important, but so is the extent to which those who will be interviewing the candidates are prepared. Those assigned to the job interview are critical in what assumptions and analysis they come up with and share with the team on who is successful for the job.
Also, the interview team must be led by a very open and competent leader to guide the process. She will have to show levels of comportment, posture, analysis, articulation, effective communication and being a team player.

Biases in Selecting New Employees and the Scorecard
isaiah maisiba, Member
As an accountant I have attended quite a number of interviews and noted that a well-drawn scorecard that captures all the envisaged competencies, skills including soft skills, knowledge, and abilities ensures a structured way of scoring, thus enhancing objectivity.

I Am not Sure I Got It
Iscritto Iscritti, Member
So... Each person who interviews candidates should evaluate HIMSELF against the five criterias and then meet and ask the others if his own votes are correct and why?

How Interview Scorecards for Hiring Work
Jaap de Jonge, Editor
@Iscritto Iscritti: No, the idea is that hiring managers discuss their own ratings (per criterion) they made about certain candidates with those of their colleagues to reduce their individual biases and to increase the accuracy of the hiring process as a whole.


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