Co-creation in Service Sector

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Co-creation in Service Sector
Rohit Kuttappan, Member
How does co-creation apply to the service sector? Any examples?

Co-creation in Services
Ceferino Dulay, Jr., Member
There is a strategic value in working with clients especially in the service industry.
But since cost, speed, value, etc. are also very important especially during recession, it would be a big help if internal systems are also improved but always taking the customers' viewpoint.
Internal teams can be formed for this and they can be a rich source of innovations. Don't look at the team projects as something separate but as part of your work routine and so, should result into "employee team experience".

Co-creation: Product Development <> Service Development
Ivo Dewit, Member
In addition to Rohit:
1. Are there specific differences in appying co-creation in product development and service development?
2. How does this - methodologically spoken - effect the (fuzzy) front-end of innovation?

User Involvement and Customer Driven Process: KIT
Marie Morner Jansson, Member
Itís possible to implement co-creation into the service sector in an efficient way through involving the user/customer into an internal innovation process.
Co-creation heading for common value creating implies that the developer (among others) has knowledge and insights about whatís really creating value in ďthe moment of truthĒ in the customerís own value creating process.
There is a new method based on research of service innovation - itís called KIT (it means in Swedish: Customer Involvement Service Development). The method is targeting towards service innovation through finding the innovation potentials in the hidden needs which are to be found in the user's own made observations and emotions when using the current service in real time. The method works whenever a customer interacts with a company's service or product.

Co-Creation Example at Starbucks, DART and Co-creation
Christian Ehlers, Member
Starbucks is an interesting example. They have a website where they interact with their customers about what they like, what they don't like, what new features they would want.
Key managers etc. in the value chain of Starbucks use the site, and stakeholders too.
They have for example made a new fresh menu with the help of customers.
How to implement? Look into your value chain. For any activity that comes before commercialization, think about how that activity could interact with your customers.
While you will read from most sources that co-creation is only a bonus for your company, that is not necessarily the case. It requires the building blocks of DART (Dialogue, Access, Risk assessment and Transparency). Think of co-creation as open-innovation. It can take more resources and time to interact with the customer than doing it the traditional way. So if you donít like the customer (and potential competitors) to be able to gain an insight into your company, then co-creation is not for you.

Co-creation in Service Sector India
Bijoylaxmi Sarmah, Member
Can someone please tell me few examples of co-creation happening in India in the service sector (such as financial sector, tourism, education)? Or in other sectors?


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