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Emmanuel Reyme, Director, United States
I am looking for ideas to start a study on how to "eliminate" corruption in developing countries. Actually, most developing countries depend on rich countries and international organizations to run their internal affairs. On a leadership standpoint, what could effective leaders do? At a time rich countries start cutting their budget to overcome economic disasters, developing countries increase their expenses and their social projects. What could we do as leaders? I would like to have ideas from various sources across the world. (...) Read more? Sign up for free

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  Van Hai LUU, Strategy Consultant, Viet Nam

Eliminating Corruption

I am living in a developing country where corruption is one of the biggest barriers to prosperity:
- Corruption takes away the money from where it must be spent, private houses in stead of infrastructure, luxury cars in stead of schools etc.
- Corruption prevents the business from effectiveness: long and complicated procedures to force people to pay for doing business, raising cost and discouraging the investors etc and a thousand other problems caused by the corruption.
But your question is how to eliminate it?
It is hard and surely there are many ways, but as a leader, what we can do is to adopt a pure and clean position in whatever we do (don't be corrupted and say no to any kind of practices that directly or indirectly support the corruption) and transfer in our surroundings (company, family, group and society). Or simply, be a anti-corrupted example. Despite of the disadvantages caused by this practices.

  Gabriel Lopez, Teacher, Philippines

Toxic Leadership Vis-a-vis Other Leadership Models

Might be useful to get to understand 'Toxic Leader (...)

  Grocholski, Consultant, France

Corruption or the Weakness of the Less Educated

Corruption is not just present in the developing w (...)

  Hossein, Malaysia

Leadership is a Must

The main factor will be helping a group of people (...)

  P.F. Brok, Management Consultant, Netherlands

Leadership and Corruption

Leaders must be absolute transparent about their d (...)

  Ssamanya M.Geowillis, Manager, Uganda

Moral Decay a Cause for Poor Econmies

Upbringing and moral decay has eroded the good vir (...)

  Emmanuel Reyme, Director, United States

Leadership in Developing Countries

I heard you all and thank you greatly. Another asp (...)

  Dr Fouad Saher, Consultant, Canada

Leadership in Developing Countries

Corruption is a metastatic cancer in many developi (...)

  Dr. Uwe Schindler, MBA, Manager, Germany

Eleminating Corruption

Industrial countries in Europe are not innocent in (...)

  Emmanuel Reyme, Director, United States

Eliminating Corruption Through Effective Leadership

A (Greenleaf) would be a convenient model to help (...)

  catherine makumi

Corruption and Exploitation

When leaders do not give the BOP's a chance to dev (...)

  Ranjiv Kurup, Consulting - Management, India

Leadership in Developing Countries

Emmanuel has made two extremely outrageous general (...)

  Emmanuel Reyme, Director, United States

Leadership in Developing Countries

In response to Mr. Kurup of India, let me say they (...)

  Randall Newbun, Director, United States

Consider what is the Source of Corruption

One of the challenges of fighting corruption is to (...)

  Jim McMichael, CxO / Board, United States

Address the Risks of Corruption

To fix a problem, you must identify the problem, c (...)

  Sonny Mathew, Student (Other), United States

Eliminating Corruption

Each individual needs an internal moral compass by (...)

  Neil Shannon, ICT Consultant, Australia

Corruption a New Paradigm Required

This is a most interesting discussion, however it (...)

  Raed Naser, Canada

G20 Countries

G20 countries are one of the causes to the problem (...)

  Grocholski, Consultant, France

Millenium Goals are a Lie and Hence Encourage Corruption

The developing world. Big issue, big problem. Wha (...)

  Azizullah, Entrepreneur, Afghanistan

Administration Corruption

I am living in a middle developed country where co (...)

  Carlos Mora F., Entrepreneur, Guatemala

The Roots of Corruption

I have read all opinions and living in a 3rd world (...)

  Sandris, Latvia


It sounds strange "... developing countries increa (...)

  Humberto A Capriz, Business Consultant, Canada

Fighting Corruption

Corruption is not just a 3rd word problems, is ass (...)

  Dr. Alan Williams, Professor, Thailand

Ending Corruption / Raise Living Standards for the Poor

To be honest, you can draw all the models in the w (...)

  Julio Villafuerte, Student (MBA), Peru

Solutions to Corruption

As the person from Guatemala said, many of the opi (...)

  John Muka, Consultant, Australia

Corruption Permeates Social Fabric

Corruption is not natural, it is acquired over tim (...)


Poverty is Most Dangerous

Poverty is biggest of enemy of developing countrie (...)

  Madan Gopal Agarwal, Business Consultant, India

Corruption and Role of Leader

Ambition breeds corruption and then it spreads lik (...)

  Ranjiv Kurup, Consulting - Management, India

Leadership in Developing Countries

For every dollar of international aid, only about (...)

  isaiah, Accountant, Kenya

Leadership in Developing Countries

Developing countries are developing. In all aspect (...)

  Samonn, Analyst

Leadership in Developing Countries

Cambodia is one of the poor countries in the regio (...)

  Wood, CEO, South Africa

Stopping Corruption in Developed Countries

1. Anti-corruption legislation must be enacted and (...)

  Sanyambe Obert, Student (MBA), Namibia

Corruption Caused by Greed

Corruption for for me is caused by those who want (...)

  Jeanne Hakizamana

Corruption in Developing Countries

Corruption is caused by the leadership. The employ (...)

  Jeffrey Tshabalala

Leadership in Developing Countries

Economic growth and human development in the devel (...)

  Remme, Business Consultant, Netherlands

Corruption Myths

Dear Emmanuel, eliminating corruption is like elim (...)

  Bantwal Prabhu, Teacher, India

Leadership in Developing Countries

India lacks serious leadership, talking, action, i (...)

  Radek, Investor, Poland

Leadership in Developing Countries

More and more people in developing markets are bec (...)


Encourage the Citizens to Participate

In a developing country like Argentina, faith in t (...)

  adeyinka ayodeji, Student (University), United Kingdom

Leadership the Pilot to Transforming Nations

It should be noted at one point in time for all na (...)

  Taruvinga Hamura, Student (University), Zimbabwe

Managing Corruption in Developing Countries

The road map to eradicating corruption starts with (...)

  Swati Mankad, Student (Other), India

Corruption in Developing Countries

As long as people who have money and power, irresp (...)

  Dilip Khanal, CEO, Nepal

Corruption is Not Only Economic

Why does corruption occurs? Prahalad's approach is (...)

  Bantwal Prabhu, Teacher, India

Corruption in India

The quality of life (Human Development Index) is m (...)

  Rudolph L. Boy

Corruption & Leadership

The problem is in developing countries, corruption (...)

  Liza Fendt, Management Consultant, Costa Rica

Corruption in Costa Rica

In my country corruption is widespread particularl (...)


BOP Concept and Poverty Eradication

BOP is a wonderful idea in poverty eradication. Th (...)

  Edward Onipede, Manager, United Kingdom

Corruption & Leadership in Developing Countries

Sadly these two elements are intertwined. Leaders (...)

  Ove Sahlin, Management Consultant, Sweden

Does Social Security Create / Support Laziness?

Very interesting thread indeed! I have an additio (...)


Welfare Programs Don't Make People Lazy

Dear Ove, it is not the welfare program that makes (...)


Corruption in and by Developed Countries

I am convinced that corruption does not only exist (...)

  Ove Sahlin, Management Consultant, Sweden

Curruption and Politics. Sad But True ...

Hi Gwen and thanks for the response. I see your po (...)

  Jeanne Hakizamana

Do Welfare Programs Create / Support Laziness?

In The Netherlands, individuals on welfare are req (...)

  James Antwi, HR Consultant, Ghana

Bottom of the Pyramid

We can possibly ensure the recognition of those at (...)

  susan evans, Student (MBA), Jamaica


Governments of developing nations need to be convi (...)

  Jagdish B Acharya, Consultant, India

Attitude Towards Corruption is Different

Corruption exists everywhere at different levels. (...)

  James Antwi, HR Consultant, Ghana

Developing Countries

I think it is important to recognise the various f (...)

  Fouad Saher, Consultant, Canada

Corruption in Developing Countries

The way to eradicate corruption will be long. The (...)

  Jay Watson, CxO / Board, United States

Corruption in Developing Countries

I think there is one thing here that needs qualifi (...)

  adeyinka ayodeji, Student (University), United Kingdom

When the Leader Has no Vision, the Country Suffers

The issue of corruption will continue to grow if t (...)

  P.F. Brok, Management Consultant, Netherlands

Time for Action...

Dear colleagues in the discussion forum, is there (...)

  Greg Flattley, Consultant, United Arab Emirates

Corruption is NOT a Matter of Right and Wrong

4 FACTORS are at play in corruption. They are: 1. (...)

  Ove Sahlin, Management Consultant, Sweden

Why Corruption is Tolerated

Greg, very good! You put the finger on the weakest (...)

  Robert Arunga, Consultant, Kenya

How to Eliminate Corruption

It is easy to reduce / eliminate corruption inside (...)

  adeyinka ayodeji, Student (University), United Kingdom

Eliminating Corruption by Providing the Basic Needs

The majority of the citizens are in need for the b (...)

  Bantwal Prabhu, Teacher, India

Corruption in India - Roots

Vote bank politics has led to corruption at Banks (...)

  Manuel Razo

Corruption in the Private Sector

Corruption also occurs in the private sector and i (...)

  adeyinka ayodeji, Student (University), United Kingdom

Corruption in Private Sector

Corruption truly exist here too, but the corruptio (...)

  Dilip Khanal, CEO, Nepal

Corruption in Business

Corruption in many cases is also initiated by priv (...)

  catherine makumi

Corruption in NGOs

Corruption has also taken root in the very organiz (...)

  joseph kwame freitas, Ghana

Rural Development Overview by Governments

The "bottom" are always left for the urban develop (...)

  Alabamarjara Itama, Entrepreneur, Nigeria

New BOP Leaders are Needed

A radical psychological shift in the minds of thos (...)

  Bantwal Prabhu, Teacher, India

New BOP Leaders are Needed

True: the developing countries, which suffer becau (...)

  Kwaku Agyeman-Manu

Corruption is Everywhere

Corruption is everywhere but the intensity and fre (...)

  Bantwal Prabhu, Teacher, India

Globalisation Has Led to More Greed and Corruption

Money is God and God is money, this is the lesson (...)

  susan evans, Student (MBA), Jamaica

3 Observations on Corruption

1. Power brings out dishonest tendencies. 2. Corr (...)

  Remme, Business Consultant, Netherlands

Even a Perception of Corruption Already Causes Damage

The damage done by corruption is partly through pe (...)

  Jay Watson, CxO / Board, United States

Regulation and the Corrupt

All, the potential for corruption exists every tim (...)

  Bantwal Prabhu, Teacher, India

Corruption in Developing Countries Like India

Right now corruption is a burning issue and social (...)

  isaiah, Accountant, Kenya

Eliminating Corruption: 3-tier systems

This can be accomplished by so called 3-tier syste (...)

  Dr. Alan Williams, Professor, Thailand

Strong, Developed Middle Class

Sorry but I don't agree. If the top officials (com (...)

  Greg Flattley, Consultant, United Arab Emirates

Criteria for Selection of Leaders

Hi Emmanuel, another thought comes to mind. All le (...)

  Dr. Alan Williams, Professor, Thailand

Filling of Leadership Positions

I would agree, in principle, that there should be (...)

  isaiah, Accountant, Kenya

3 Sources / Components of Fraud (Corruption)

Corruption, like fraud in the 'Fraud Triangle' by (...)

  Jorge Canale, Consultant, Argentina

Anti-corruption Systems

Transparency International has an anti-corruption (...)

  Grocholski, Consultant, France

NGOs and Corruption Need a Strict Control System

Unfortunately NGOs and multilateral institutions e (...)

  Dr. Alan Williams, Professor, Thailand

NGOs and Corruption

I agree, we all talk our heads off while the world (...)

  Dilip Khanal, CEO, Nepal

Eliminating Corruption: At Least Start Small

The basic reason for corruption is society's posit (...)

  isaiah, Accountant, Kenya

Anti-corruption Requires Lifestyle Change

Corruption is social, political and economic. Thus (...)

  Bantwal Prabhu, Teacher, India

Corruption is Cancerous and Should Be Treated Like Cancer

Today corruption is present everywhere and spreadi (...)

  raymond bett, Student (MBA), Kenya

Role of Management in Corruption

More often than not in third world countries,those (...)

  Bantwal Prabhu, Teacher, India

Elimination of Corruption is Challenging

The developing countries like India are facing the (...)

  abedmadi, Coach, Palestine, State of

Teach them Fishing, Do not Feed them Fish

Coach them to be honest with themselves, to invest (...)

  Thato Fredrich Peloentle, Coach, Botswana

Constitutions Allowing Presidents to Run Multiple terms in Office

Constitutions of most developing countries are ame (...)

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