Fighthing Corruption in Developing Countries. The Role of Leaders

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Fighthing Corruption in Developing Countries. The Role of Leaders
Emmanuel Reyme, Director, United States, Member
I am looking for ideas to start a study on how to "eliminate" corruption in developing countries. Actually, most developing countries depend on rich countries and international organizations to run their internal affairs. On a leadership standpoint, what could effective leaders do?
At a time rich countries start cutting their budget to overcome economic disasters, developing countries increase their expenses and their social projects. What could we do as leaders? I would like to have ideas from various sources across the world....Register

Eliminating Corruption
Van Hai LUU, Strategy Consultant, Viet Nam, Member
I am living in a developing country where corruption is one of the biggest barriers to prosperity:
- Corruption takes away the money fr...

Toxic Leadership Vis-a-vis Other Leadership Models
Gabriel Lopez, Teacher, Philippines, Member
Might be useful to get to understand 'Toxic Leadership' (Lipman-Blumen, Reed, Starks) vis-a-vis Gr...

Corruption or the Weakness of the Less Educated
Grocholski, Consultant, France, Member
Corruption is not just present in the developing world. Problems with ethics and morality exist in every culture. Attempting to reduce it with ...

Leadership is a Must
Hossein, Malaysia, Member
The main factor will be helping a group of people to move united and with a same goal.
Some people say if you want to be a good leader, th...

Leadership and Corruption
P.F. Brok, Management Consultant, Netherlands, Member
Leaders must be absolute transparent about their drive for clean business.
Let them put a slogan on the entrance "no corruption inside" an...

Moral Decay a Cause for Poor Econmies
Ssamanya M.Geowillis, Manager, Uganda, Member
Upbringing and moral decay has eroded the good virtues in man. Those in power do not see the need to plan for their economies. For how long sho...

Leadership in Developing Countries
Emmanuel Reyme, Director, United States, Member
I heard you all and thank you greatly. Another aspect of the dilemma appears to be enzyme corruption. Rich countries and NGOs have their hands ...

Leadership in Developing Countries
Dr Fouad Saher, Consultant, Canada, Member
Corruption is a metastatic cancer in many developing countries. Real democratization and rigor in judiciary reforms are necessary to beg...

Eleminating Corruption
Dr. Uwe Schindler, MBA, Manager, Germany, Member
Industrial countries in Europe are not innocent in that case. Often it is possible to spent payments for corruption with the argument that this is ...

Eliminating Corruption Through Effective Leadership
Emmanuel Reyme, Director, United States, Member
A Servant Leadership Style (Greenleaf) would be a convenient model to help shaping a new desig...

Corruption and Exploitation
catherine makumi, Consultant, Kenya, Member
When leaders do not give the BOP's a chance to develop themselves. This is corruption. The motives of the leaders must be selfless, not one of ...

Leadership in Developing Countries
Ranjiv Kurup, Consulting - Management, India, Member
Emmanuel has made two extremely outrageous generalizations of developing countries - that (a) "most developing countries depend on rich nations and in...

Leadership in Developing Countries
Emmanuel Reyme, Director, United States, Member
In response to Mr. Kurup of India, let me say they are facts. Some advanced countries try to fix theirs problems by being very conservative in terms o...

Consider what is the Source of Corruption
Randall Newbun, Director, United States, Member
One of the challenges of fighting corruption is to realize the source of it.
It is not abundant resources, they just feed it.
It is not pove...

Address the Risks of Corruption
Jim McMichael, CxO / Board, United States, Member
To fix a problem, you must identify the problem, compartmentalize the problem, then promote a doable resolve. First corruption should be addressed ...

Eliminating Corruption
Sonny Mathew, Student (Other), United States, Member
Each individual needs an internal moral compass by which you govern yourself. Personal transformation is the key....

Corruption a New Paradigm Required
Neil Shannon, ICT Consultant, Australia, Member
This is a most interesting discussion, however it all appears to me to be skirting around the issues. I have been stimulated by working in Tanzania (v...

G20 Countries
Raed Naser, Canada, Member
G20 countries are one of the causes to the problem too. Pushing more and more money to improper channels in development countries (they know it...

Millenium Goals are a Lie and Hence Encourage Corruption
Grocholski, Consultant, France, Member
The developing world. Big issue, big problem.
What is the success of the UN and its agencies in reducing poverty? Abysmal.
The gospla...

Administration Corruption
Azizullah, Entrepreneur, Afghanistan, Member
I am living in a middle developed country where corruption is one of the biggest barriers to prosperity.
Corruption prevents the business from be...

The Roots of Corruption
Carlos Mora F., Entrepreneur, Guatemala, Member
I have read all opinions and living in a 3rd world country and being a Guatemalan that loves its country I would tell you all that all of you have par...

Sandris, Latvia, Member
It sounds strange "... developing countries increase their expenses and social projects..." seems author is totally wrong! Many developing countries w...

Fighting Corruption
Humberto A Capriz, Business Consultant, Canada, Member
Corruption is not just a 3rd word problems, is associated with cultural factors.. Please I recommend to pay attention to the Chile case. In las...

Ending Corruption / Raise Living Standards for the Poor
Dr. Alan Williams, Professor, Thailand, Member
To be honest, you can draw all the models in the world but in most countries nothing will change until there is political reform. In many such ...

Solutions to Corruption
Julio Villafuerte, Student (MBA), Peru, Member
As the person from Guatemala said, many of the opinions and points of view you have explained in this forum are a part of the solutions to corruption ...

Corruption Permeates Social Fabric
John Muka, Consultant, Australia, Member
Corruption is not natural, it is acquired over time and at some point of maturity becomes endemic in persons.
I come from a developing cou...

Poverty is Most Dangerous
Ashokdgaur, Member
Poverty is biggest of enemy of developing countries, it is root cause of all the problems of the world. Poverty is more dangerous than terrorism

Corruption and Role of Leader
Madan Gopal Agarwal, Business Consultant, India, Member
Ambition breeds corruption and then it spreads like cancer.
It takes firm determination and willingness to bear consequent losses to fight...

Leadership in Developing Countries
Ranjiv Kurup, Consulting - Management, India, Member
For every dollar of international aid, only about 8% reach the targeted recipient. That is, 92% is the cost of delivery, comprosed of many part...

Leadership in Developing Countries
isaiah, Accountant, Kenya, Member
Developing countries are developing. In all aspects, meeting basic needs for citizens: education, health, clean water, sanitation... There is lack of ...

Leadership in Developing Countries
Samonn, Analyst, Member
Cambodia is one of the poor countries in the region as well as in the world. Corruption versus effective leadership. It's not a simple question asking...

Stopping Corruption in Developed Countries
Wood, CEO, South Africa, Member
1. Anti-corruption legislation must be enacted and enforced on individuals and companies from developed countries that are seeking to export or...

Corruption Caused by Greed
Sanyambe Obert, Student (MBA), Namibia, Member
Corruption for for me is caused by those who want to take a big stake from a cake. Meaning they are greedy and would do anything to secure certain ser...

Corruption in Developing Countries
Jeanne Hakizamana, Student (MBA), Netherlands, Member
Corruption is caused by the leadership. The employees in the lower ranking follow up on what the leaders do. In developing countries an effecti...

Leadership in Developing Countries
Jeffrey Tshabalala, Career Consultant, South Africa, Member
Economic growth and human development in the developing countries is a leadership challenge which unfortunately does not get addressed in the design a...

Corruption Myths
Remme, Business Consultant, Netherlands, Member
Dear Emmanuel, eliminating corruption is like eliminating evil, quite ambitious.
But there are ways to limit corruption and fight it. In order to...

Leadership in Developing Countries
Bantwal Prabhu, Teacher, India, Member
India lacks serious leadership, talking, action, implementation in all areas of governance, education, business etc which will make an impact on devel...

Leadership in Developing Countries
Radek, Investor, Poland, Member
More and more people in developing markets are becoming aware that corruption is a bad solution.
In Central & Eastern Europe (CEE), the number of...

Encourage the Citizens to Participate
In a developing country like Argentina, faith in their governors and politicians is at a minimum due to corruption and bad management. The only way to...

Leadership the Pilot to Transforming Nations
adeyinka ayodeji, Student (University), United Kingdom, Member
It should be noted at one point in time for all nations a decision has been made which had a positive or negative impact on the present generation and...

Managing Corruption in Developing Countries
Taruvinga Hamura, Student (University), Zimbabwe, Member
The road map to eradicating corruption starts with educating the population what corruption is. The costs of corruption to the whole nation mus...

Corruption in Developing Countries
Swati Mankad, Student (Other), India, Member
As long as people who have money and power, irrespective of considering the means that they have been acquired, are admired symbols of success and ach...

Corruption is Not Only Economic
Dilip Khanal, CEO, Nepal, Member
Why does corruption occurs? Prahalad's approach is revolutionary. PR China has done many things along Prahalad's line, from product design to services...

Corruption in India
Bantwal Prabhu, Teacher, India, Member
The quality of life (Human Development Index) is more important than GNP or GDP so far as India is concerned. The corruption directly affects the life...

Corruption & Leadership
Rudolph L. Boy
The problem is in developing countries, corruption is a cash cow for leaders. They use the donated funds for their personal gains, corruption e...

Corruption in Costa Rica
Liza Fendt, Management Consultant, Costa Rica, Member
In my country corruption is widespread particularly where government is inefficient. If you must wait three days for a doctor to see you, believe me y...

BOP Concept and Poverty Eradication
KAMAU ESTHER, Manager, Kenya, Member
BOP is a wonderful idea in poverty eradication. The biggest problems with leaders in developing countries are: corruption, nepotism and unproductiv...

Corruption & Leadership in Developing Countries
Edward Onipede, Manager, United Kingdom, Member
Sadly these two elements are intertwined.
Leaders arguably set examples and in the developing world, sadly they've been most effective onl...

Does Social Security Create / Support Laziness?
Ove Sahlin, Management Consultant, Sweden, Member
Very interesting thread indeed!
I have an additional question, slight of topic maybe but anyway. Why is it that some people believe social wel...

Welfare Programs Don't Make People Lazy
Dear Ove, it is not the welfare program that makes people lazy, it's the abuse of the welfare program by lazy people and a state that doesn't contr...

Corruption in and by Developed Countries
DATU ABOUZEID A. SINSUAT, Student (MBA), Philippines, Member
I am convinced that corruption does not only exist in third world and developing countries but more so in developed countries. The way I see it...

Curruption and Politics. Sad But True ...
Ove Sahlin, Management Consultant, Sweden, Member
Hi Gwen and thanks for the response. I see your point and totally agree. The thing is that here in Sweden it was made a big media bubble, papers screa...

Do Welfare Programs Create / Support Laziness?
Jeanne Hakizamana, Student (MBA), Netherlands, Member
In The Netherlands, individuals on welfare are required to apply for jobs and in fact some are contacted to work. This pushes them to search for emplo...

Bottom of the Pyramid
James Antwi, HR Consultant, Swaziland, Premium Member
We can possibly ensure the recognition of those at the 'bottom' if policy makers will initiate and formulate policies using

susan evans, Student (MBA), Jamaica, Member
Governments of developing nations need to be convinced into creating a business friendly environment and made to realize that businesses have a...

Attitude Towards Corruption is Different
Jagdish B Acharya, Consultant, India, Premium Member
Corruption exists everywhere at different levels.
In developed countries the common man needs not be corrupt to live normal life as the

Developing Countries
James Antwi, HR Consultant, Swaziland, Premium Member
I think it is important to recognise the various forms of investing / spending, comparing the spending in advanced countries context to that in low-in...

Corruption in Developing Countries
Fouad Saher, Consultant, Canada, Member
The way to eradicate corruption will be long. The first thing to do is thinking how to change mentalities and modify attitudes and behaviors ab...

Corruption in Developing Countries
Jay Watson, CxO / Board, United States, Member
I think there is one thing here that needs qualification. The definition of corruption. More to the point what is the scope of the definition o...

When the Leader Has no Vision, the Country Suffers
adeyinka ayodeji, Student (University), United Kingdom, Member
The issue of corruption will continue to grow if the leaders that emerge are visionless leaders, who do all they can in the bid to assume office but w...

Time for Action...
P.F. Brok, Management Consultant, Netherlands, Member
Dear colleagues in the discussion forum, is there anybody who can get this on the agenda of the UN or in national legislation proposals or ...?...

Corruption is NOT a Matter of Right and Wrong
Greg Flattley, Consultant, United Arab Emirates, Member
4 FACTORS are at play in corruption. They are:
1. Poor wages (incentive)
2. A lack of internal financial control procedures...

Why Corruption is Tolerated
Ove Sahlin, Management Consultant, Sweden, Member
Greg, very good! You put the finger on the weakest part of democracy as we know it. If corruption is convenient for the "critical mass" it will be ...

How to Eliminate Corruption
Robert Arunga, Consultant, Kenya, Member
It is easy to reduce / eliminate corruption inside a country through committed and exemplary leadership! In Kenya corrpution became a temporary...

Eliminating Corruption by Providing the Basic Needs
adeyinka ayodeji, Student (University), United Kingdom, Member
The majority of the citizens are in need for the basics because the mentality to collect as much as possible to afford the basics is their first aim. ...

Corruption in India - Roots
Bantwal Prabhu, Teacher, India, Member
Vote bank politics has led to corruption at Banks in India running a parallel economy affecting every moral fibre of Indian. This is leading to cancer...

Corruption in the Private Sector
Manuel Razo, In-house consultant, Philippines, Member
Corruption also occurs in the private sector and its being initiated by 2 outside forces of the organization. These are the regulating body (th...

Corruption in Private Sector
adeyinka ayodeji, Student (University), United Kingdom, Member
Corruption truly exist here too, but the corruption in the private sector will continue to grow if the level of corruption increases in the country am...

Corruption in Business
Dilip Khanal, CEO, Nepal, Member
Corruption in many cases is also initiated by private business companies. A profiteering mind set of the business community and an undesirable ...

Corruption in NGOs
catherine makumi, Consultant, Kenya, Member
Corruption has also taken root in the very organizations trying to alleviate poverty at the BOP. For example, funds set aside for work by some ...

Rural Development Overview by Governments
joseph kwame freitas, Ghana, Member
The "bottom" are always left for the urban development after governments are voted to power. The rural development is revisited during election period...

New BOP Leaders are Needed
Alabamarjara Itama, Entrepreneur, Nigeria, Member
A radical psychological shift in the minds of those at the top is required for this crusade to achieve the desired results. The mncs will embrace this...

New BOP Leaders are Needed
Bantwal Prabhu, Teacher, India, Member
True: the developing countries, which suffer because of open corruption and legalized by the dirty political system need a large band of dedicated ...

Corruption is Everywhere
Kwaku Agyeman-Manu, Strategy Consultant, Ghana, Member
Corruption is everywhere but the intensity and frequency are the variables. As long as the rich world is so so happy benefiting from cheap raw mate...

Globalisation Has Led to More Greed and Corruption
Bantwal Prabhu, Teacher, India, Member
Money is God and God is money, this is the lesson for all concerned in the world matters today which has led to greed and corruption. The poverty d...

3 Observations on Corruption
susan evans, Student (MBA), Jamaica, Member
1. Power brings out dishonest tendencies.
2. Corruption seems to find comfort where there is a chance to use intermediaries to perf...

Even a Perception of Corruption Already Causes Damage
Remme, Business Consultant, Netherlands, Member
The damage done by corruption is partly through perception. If a company is associated with corruption, it will feel the consequences, whether ...

Regulation and the Corrupt
Jay Watson, CxO / Board, United States, Member
All, the potential for corruption exists every time a decision is made... by anyone.
One can add layers of oversight and still find that if the t...

Corruption in Developing Countries Like India
Bantwal Prabhu, Teacher, India, Member
Right now corruption is a burning issue and social activists led by Anna Hazare are taking active interest and force the corrupt government and...

Eliminating Corruption: 3-tier systems
isaiah, Accountant, Kenya, Member
This can be accomplished by so called 3-tier systems:
i) The top leaderdership defines and ensures the fight against corruption is real, a...

Strong, Developed Middle Class
Dr. Alan Williams, Professor, Thailand, Member
Sorry but I don't agree. If the top officials (company or government) are corrupt they will ensure there is nothing (models / legislation / oversight ...

Criteria for Selection of Leaders
Greg Flattley, Consultant, United Arab Emirates, Member
Hi Emmanuel, another thought comes to mind. All leadership positions should be advertised using merit-based selection criteria and a representation...

Filling of Leadership Positions
Dr. Alan Williams, Professor, Thailand, Member
I would agree, in principle, that there should be detailed scrutiny of candidates for leadership positions. Unfortunately (regarding corruption in pub...

3 Sources / Components of Fraud (Corruption)
isaiah, Accountant, Kenya, Member
Corruption, like fraud in the 'Fraud Triangle' by Donald Cressey, has 3 components:
- Pressure
- Opportunity, and
- Rationalisat...

Anti-corruption Systems
Jorge Canale, Consultant, Argentina, Member
Transparency International has an anti-corruption system for developing countries which is applicable to any country, and is very effective.
You ...

NGOs and Corruption Need a Strict Control System
Grocholski, Consultant, France, Member
Unfortunately NGOs and multilateral institutions encourage corruption, both within and outside their sphere of influence.
You cannot pretend to w...

NGOs and Corruption
Dr. Alan Williams, Professor, Thailand, Member
I agree, we all talk our heads off while the world gets poorer. Did our maker (whoever / whatever that is) really intend that some people starve to de...

Eliminating Corruption: At Least Start Small
Dilip Khanal, CEO, Nepal, Member
The basic reason for corruption is society's positive approach for it. In the past, a corrupt person used to be talked of and was seen as a undesirabl...

Anti-corruption Requires Lifestyle Change
isaiah, Accountant, Kenya, Member
Corruption is social, political and economic. Thus to tackle it, a framework is required in which behaviour will be rehabilitated and economic resour...

Corruption is Cancerous and Should Be Treated Like Cancer
Bantwal Prabhu, Teacher, India, Member
Today corruption is present everywhere and spreading very fast in developing countries leading to misery, chaos and disasters. Corruption is like canc...

Role of Management in Corruption
raymond bett, Student (MBA), Kenya, Member
More often than not in third world countries,those holding management positions view themselves as the privileged lot.This is a view which has made ma...

Elimination of Corruption is Challenging
Bantwal Prabhu, Teacher, India, Member
The developing countries like India are facing the serious impact of corruption in all walks of life with the poor majority in the BOP level. The qual...

Teach them Fishing, Do not Feed them Fish
abedmadi, Coach, Palestine, State of, Member
Coach them to be honest with themselves, to invest in their resources according to the priorities of their needs, exchange experiences you have with t...

Constitutions Allowing Presidents to Run Multiple terms in Office
Thato Fredrich Peloentle, Coach, Botswana, Member
Constitutions of most developing countries are amended to allow presidents to run (several) extra terms in office. Often they are amended to satisfy t...


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