On our Way to an Improved Capitalism?

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On our Way to an Improved Capitalism?
Jaap de Jonge, CEO, Netherlands, Editor
The importance of above summarized Shared Value Principle (SVP) by competition-guru Porter working with with Mr. Kramer can hardly be overstated, and as far as I'm concerned the authors deserve to receive the Nobel Prize of Economics for their new Shared Value concept. Why?
On one hand it's clear that capitalism, shareholder value thinking, striving for economic value, human and businesses' greed and the invisible hand of Adam Smith are tremendously powerful mechanisms behind increasing wealth all over the world.
On the other hand it's also clear that these same related ideologies have once again led to a major economic crisis.
No doubt Porter's SVP is an important, thoughtful, balanced and prudent step in combining the strengths of capitalism with the need to avoid certain negative side effects.
The question now is: What will actually cause this change in capitalism to occur? Is it sufficient to use the new shared value paradigm while we re-apply Port...Register

Shared Value and B Corporation
Stephen Mitchell, Director, United States, Member
The legal structure of the B Corporation seems to capture a lot of what Porte...

Shared Value Principle is Fantastic
Wesley Floyd, Consultant, United Kingdom, Member
This is a fantastic model that resembles social enterprise and is just what society needs.
The invisible hand of free market capitalism...

On our Way with Further Research
mehdi zaribaf, management , Iran, Member
It's a good idea to make research on these values to see the importance of them in the firms level.
Ethical and social claims of firms see...

Shared Value Measurement
Hagens, Manager, Netherlands, Member
Look at Vigeo, a supplier of extra-financial analysis that measures companies' perfo...

Shared Value and Subordinates
Dino, Student (University), United Kingdom, Member
In my opinion, there needs to be more focus inside the organisation because many organisations value shareholder value more than their subordinates...

Shared Value Principle in Northern European Countries
PETER MOTHANDER, Management Consultant, United States, Member
Hej all, SVP is an old principle in many countries - by law and tradition, for example in Sweden and Northern Europe. No Sweden, etc are not socialist...

Shared Value per Porter / Kramer
Paul D Giammalvo, Professor and Consultant, Indonesia, Member
@Peter M: I do a considerable amount of work for a Swedish company and while the SVP principles may be espoused at the top, when we get to the bottom ...

Shared Value Principle Community
noli espina, Teacher, Philippines, Member
The shared value principle is a good concept but it needs more study and research. To be effective it needs government backup in the form of legislati...

Global Regulation and Consumer Awareness
Adler, Hong Kong, Member
Only global regulation won't prevent companies (taking your example, in China and India) to find ways out.
Another way is to put efforts in ma...

Shared Value - Implementation
Jacob Andrews, Manager, United Arab Emirates, Member
The objective of the profit-oriented organization is to maximize value for investors. Organization utilizes its maximum capacity to increase the share...

SVP is the Most Effective Means of Poverty Alleviation in Africa But ...
Samuel Adutwum, Student (MBA), United Kingdom, Member
In my view, the sheer desire for more profit in a competitive business environment by owners of capital will push everybody to do his best in every...

Righting Wrongs
Crockett, Member
In welfare economics it is assumed that income is the same as welfare. In reality large externalities exist so that while markets may maximize inco...

Capitalism Acts by Itself
jorge eixeres, Director, Spain, Member
We definitely do not need such expensive organizations as UN, G-20... We only need to guarantee freedom for people - e.g. Chinese, Arabian coun...

Shared Value
K. Adriaans, Netherlands, Member
@ J. de Jonge; I don't think UN / Government etc have to step in. Change has to come from within organizations. They are the most important pla...

Shared Value
Suman Bhattacharya, Management Consultant, India, Member
The essence of capitalism lies in maximization of profit and the incentives for the CEOs are tied to the bottom-line. While capitalism helps us creati...

On our Way to an Improved Capitalism
Madan Gopal Agarwal, Business Consultant, India, Member
The SVP includes stark contradiction which is being overlooked-principle underlines that SVP will improve economic value while the first step of cr...

On our Way to an Improved Capitalism?
Rama, United States, Member
The recent credit crisis and interbank crisis show that for capitalism to be effective, the government should not interfere. When the greedy ca...

Shared Value Needs Mixed Approach
KODUKULA SUBRAHMANYAM, Financial Consultant, Togo, Member
Capitalism with an eye on welfare of society is very much desirable.
This demands lot of attention of the governments to help the poor and...

Shared Value Principle is a Good Idea
Eunice Edem Semordzi-Kpogli, Accountant, Ghana, Member
However, extreme capitalism is not the best. This is especially so in Africa, where people use all means to become successful in their business...

SVP Purpose of any Economic Activity
Creating shared value should be the purpose of any economic activity. But to protect itself against uneven sharing of the earnings, the governm...

Is SVP Viable?
Igor Checheurov, Coach, Russian Federation, Member
To make this shared value principle viable, society (or state) should take a firm grip over businesses and owners. Otherwise these two driving forces ...

Role of Government in Shared Value Principle
Alidou Moussiliou, Coach, Benin, Member
Without shared value, the world will be uncontrolled and unsociable, letís say savage. Managers of companies should be well educated on the importance...

Why and How of SPV!
Madan Gopal Agarwal, Business Consultant, India, Member
Real philanthropy is rare among businesses per se. It is driven by only very few individuals and that is why SVP is not gaining ground. For SPV to be ...

Corporate Social License
joseph kwame freitas, Ghana, Member
The issue of shared value is based on the current phenomenon of corporate responsibility and <...

Share Value Principle (SVP)
Jorge Rodriguez Fonseca
The first step to create SVP begins at the company 's employees... in all levels... This is the most nearby part of society... Yet frequently c...

Shared Value(s) Management
Olaf de Hemmer, Business Consultant, France, Member
Porter formalized a reality: companies are creating value not only for shareholders (some even do not have shareholders...). A company is a 'system' t...


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