Business Networking: Forces are Getting Connected

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Anil Kshatriya
Professor, India

Business Networking: Forces are Getting Connected

I think, there is an interesting phenomena around us due to business networking. Can't we say that the basic model has now evolved into a more integrated one? I believe the 'forces' are now getting connected. For example, threat of new entrant and threat of a substitute consolidate in the case of "Chinese" product entering competition. Similarly other forces are forming permutations. I would like to hear from all on this...


Porters 5 Forces

My personal view is not to struggle at the same place, rather in today's economy the best is to have a Blue Ocean Strategy. Of course the choice would depend on the SWOT/TOWS matrix.

  Pradip Kumar
Educator, India

Five Forces Theory of Porter - Substitutes

Well, the Chinese (for that matter any country) entering into a market (read country) is not a substitute. A substitute is a product or sometimes product category that might be used as replacement for the product of the industry. For example, polycarbonate is a substitute for glass eyeglasses used in spectacles; nylon bags used in grains transportation are substitute of jute bags.

  John D. Ramos

Five Forces are Linked

Corporate strategy may be developed and implemente (...)


Integration of Strategic Forces

A real change is represented by networking. I agre (...)

Events Marketer, South Africa

Five Forces Connectedness

Barriers of entry in my view are insignificant as (...)

  Mario A. G. Lopez

Porter Model should Evolve for Current Turbulence

From the very start most of us accepted the probab (...)

  Mario A. G. Lopez

The Rubustness of the Porter Five Forces Model

It is however a tribute to its robustness that peo (...)

  Anil Kshatriya
Professor, India

@ Everybody

Deal all, by use of the term Chinese I don't inten (...)

  Anders Nystrom
Management Consultant, Sweden

More Integration in the Factors of the Model

Everything is getting more integrated today. If yo (...)


Interconnection and Flexbility

All factors are connected to each other. In the fi (...)


Use Bidirectional Arrows in Porter's Five Forces

I think that today this model can be used with a s (...)

  Anil Kshatriya
Professor, India

@ Sara F

This is an excellent thought. Bidirectional arrows (...)

  Anders Nystrom
Management Consultant, Sweden

Cognitive Maps Needed to Deal with Mutual Responses

Old theories split the world into clear causes and (...)

  Ser Wah Oh
Engineer, Singapore

Porter's 5 Forces is a Static Model

In fact Porter's 5 Forces is a static model. When (...)

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