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Kurai Chitima, Business Consultant, South Africa
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  Warren Miller, CPA, CFA, United States

Providing Superior Customer Value Creates a Competitive Advantage

Yes, Kurai, providing superior value--in whatever form--to customers would create competitive advantage. The challenge for the provider, of course, is to remember that companies are constantly evolving. The metaphor I use is looking at the planet Saturn through a strong telescope. I've done that, and Saturn, with its beautiful rings, is truly a spectacular sight. But if you look away from the planet to have a short conversation with a colleague or companion, then when you look back through that telescope again, Saturn is nowhere to be seen. In free markets, everything is also constantly evolving.

  Jaap de Jonge, Editor, Netherlands

Is Superior Value to Customers a Competitive Advantage?

Agree with Warren. Superior Customer Value is definitely a competitive advantage. It is in fact one way of accomplishing one of its 3 main forms, being "Differentiation". See the Summary of competitive advantage.
So far that is perfectly clear and simple. But note that actually achieving this is not!
And even if your firm manages to deliver superior customer value, a key issue remains if you can keep on doing that, in other words are you able to provide a sustainable competitive advantage. Because it is really hard to keep on providing superior customer value over time (just like keeping Saturn constantly in focus requires constant adjusting).
Moreover, the competition is not standing still. If you are successful with your competitive advantage, other companies will try to emulate and even surpass you.

  John Henry, Project Manager, United States

Components of Customer Value and Competitive Advantage

Fully in agreement with Warren and Jaap. This valu (...)

  Gautam Mahajan, CEO, India

Customer Value Added

Customer Value Added is the ratio of the Value you (...)

  Jaap de Jonge, Editor, Netherlands

Customer Value Added Expresses a Customer Value Advantage

@: Interesting! I understand that one can "calcula (...)

  Anand Brambha, Consultant, South Africa

Is Superior Value to Customers a Competitive Advantage?

Superior value to customers is providing them with (...)

  Maurice Hogarth, Consultant, United Kingdom

Provide what the Customer Needs (and not More)

@: Some good points. Consider: - "Quality" is wha (...)

  Gautam Mahajan, CEO, India

Why Customer Value Added Increases Competitive Advantagew

@: First, a positive Customer Value Added makes mo (...)

  Iulian Ursache, Management Consultant, Canada

Superior Value to Customers as Competitive Advantage

Chasing Superior Value to Customers is a ve (...)

  Robert Versteeg, Management Consultant, Netherlands

Two Sources of Real Competitive Advantage

I would like to agree. However research I've studi (...)

  Krista Decat, Manager, Belgium

How to Focus on Strategic Learning

@: Interesting approach to this matter. Especially (...)

  Warren Miller, CPA, CFA, United States

Is Any Sustainable Competitive Advantage Possible?

@: Thank you for your interesting comment. For sta (...)

  Robert Versteeg, Management Consultant, Netherlands

Understanding What's it Worth to your Customer

@: A continual improvement process, also in liter (...)

  Krista Decat, Manager, Belgium

Customers and Providers

@: Thank you for your reply and I hope that I will (...)

  martin Anih, Student (MBA), Nigeria

Continuous Customer Satisfaction is Challenging

@: Well said Anand, customers and companies have d (...)

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