Competition versus Cooperation

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John Troughton
Sustainable Business Management, Australia

Competition versus Cooperation

Porter has undermined society with his over-emphasis on competition. Co-operation should be the driver of business and progressive companies are seeing this and ditching competition and Porter.

  Humberto Ochoa, USA

Competition and Collaboration

It is a complex topic, competition can end the life of the weakest, competition gives birth to new players, it is the origin in many cases of the most innovative ideas and the reason for many jobs to temporarily disappear. It is still to be discovered who is right or wrong.
Collaboration can build wealth too; but finding a healthy reason for it has not seeing many successes. I hope this can trigger additional thought.

  Juergen Peterke
Management Consultant, Germany

Competition and Cooperation

Porter hasn´t brought up the idea of competition - he describes a phenomena which is there obviously. And cooperation wouldn´t substitute competition but might lead to competitive advantage.
In today´s turbulent times many companies are at the same time cooperating with and competing each other.

  Barry Leach
Consultant, Germany

Competition vs. collaboration

Collaboration may be a fine and useful avenue to pursue but when it comes down to the customer or consumer truly perceiv...

  S K Bal Palekar, India

Collaboration is a part of competition !

Conflict is fundamental. That's why no story - whether of a fairy or a hero or of a nation - is never complete unless th...

  Alec Fraher
Student (Other), United Kingdom

More Competition Models

There are more models of competition than first appear or would seem apparent - the Harvard School Model or Structure-Co...

  Stewart Goldring
Director, United Kingdom

Competitive Advantage - Beginning to Breakdown?

This kind of advantage - when placed in the present global conditions of a deterioration in the benefits of larger compa...

  Colin Holmes
Business Consultant, United Kingdom

People Intervention

John, you are right. No business would take place without the intervention of people and is the reason why people are ro...

  Neena Kumar
Student (MBA), United Kingdom

Competition Fuels Improvement

Competitive advantage would remain relevant because to a customer, he is in an either A or B situation. He has to make a...

  Gopalakrishna Bhat
Project Manager, India

Competition Mixed with Co-operation

Market stability rests on a mix of competition and co-operation between players in the same segment. Market stability re...

  John Carlisle
Strategy Consultant, United Kingdom

Competition versus Cooperation

@Gopalakrishna Bhat: do you have evidence for your statement: "Growth and innovation won't come without competition"? T...

  Andrew Blaine
Business Consultant, South Africa

Competition and Cooperation

@John Carlisle: I wonder how John Carlisle's opinion would stand up to an examination of the internal competition that ...

  John Carlisle
Strategy Consultant, United Kingdom


@Andrew Blaine: Andrew, Bell Labs no longer exists; but when it did., it was all institutionalized collaboration. The re...


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