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Dave Coley, USA

Stuck in the Middle?

Why is getting stuck in the middle (=mixing the 3 types of competitive advantage) so problematic? Could an intelligent mix of these 3 be preferable?

  Gary Hawkins, UK

Mixed strategy = unprofitable

If a firm does not dedicate itself to one of the 3 strategies by Porter, it will almost certainly suffer from poor profitability. Why? Because it will lose both the (many) customers who demand the lowest possible prices and the (fewer but very profitable) customers who are prepared to pay a premium price for the best offering in the market. Furthermore, the corporate structure, culture, reputation, marketing efforts, motivation systems, etc of firms with a mixed strategy are likely to be unfocused and ineffective.

  Magnus, Sweden

Multiple business units

Porter mentioned that is is possible that firms create multiple seperate business units and can then realize multiple strategies.

  Jane, USA

Three-circle analysis

As it happens I am just reading an interesting short article in the HBR (Nov 2007) from professors Urbany and Davis on c...

  David, New Zealand

Stuck in the middle is not so bad

From experience I think that practically 'stuck in the middle' is not nearly as bad in reality as it may seem from a sch...

  C J Jacobs, Netherlands

Stuck in the middle and environment

A common theme of current strategic thinking is the relationship between an organisationís resources and capabilities as...

  Jaap de Jonge
Editor, Netherlands

Porter on Stuck in the Middle

In Competitive Advantage (p 17) Porter says: "A firm that is stuck in the middle will earn attractive profits only if th...

Student (MBA), Iran


Don't forget trade-off because of them you can't be better than who specially active in one of those fields... With mix ...

  Adeola Olisawo
Student (University), United Kingdom

Could 'Stuck in the Middle' Be Applied to Service Industry?

I found the 'stuck in the middle' discussion interesting and I am trying to learn something from your comments... But co...


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