What is the Dilbert Principle?

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What is the Dilbert Principle?
Anneke Zwart, Moderator
As a later, satirical response to the so called “Peter Principle”, the “Dilbert Principle” evolved.
What is the exact meaning of this Dilbert Principle (DP)? And how does it compare to Peter's Principle (PP)?

While the PP states that all employees in a hierarchy are routinely promoted until they have risen to a level of incompetence, the DP holds that incompetent employees are often promoted simply with the aim of preventing (further) damage in the working ranks.
For example, an incompetent engineer would be promoted to a managerial function so as to let another competent engineer perform the job. The promoted engineer now fills his or her day with conducting various meetings and by developing mission and vision statements, while the competent engineer can get on with the productive flow of the actual company business.
So, according to the Dilbert Principle management or leadership is simply nature’s way to remove incompetent employees from actual company business by putting them in role where they can do less harm.

Source: Adams, Scott. (1995) "Manager's Journal: The Dilbert Principle" Wall Street Journal New York, N.Y. Eastern Edition: A12.

Mechanism Behind the Dilbert Principle
Libardo Ortegon Camacho, Member
I think it happens as a trick of those managers that are unable to separate and guide an incompetent employee to develop his strengths in a more appropriate way. I think such managers do not have a correct sense of what a manager is.



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