What to do if NO Annual Appraisal Interview is Scheduled?

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Sandra Osbon
Entrepreneur, United States

What to do if NO Annual Appraisal Interview is Scheduled?

🔥NEW What if an annual performance appraisal is not being scheduled by your manager? Should you request the annual review yourself?
Or is it better to wait patiently, especially if no salary increase is expected anyhow?



No Yearly Appraisal Interview

I would go to the HRM DEPT and ask them to send a kind reminder to the manager.


Annual Review not Scheduled

Your HR BUSINESS PARTNER is responsible for making sure all managers follow a review process—if, the company has one or enforces it. Although there are plenty of under qualified managers that don't know how to write a review! In that case, they sometimes ask the employee to write it and they review it. However, that concept accomplishes nothing and does not help the employee learn or grown.
So lean on HR, it's better for everyone.


No Performance Appraisal Scheduled

I would suggest you see your MANAGER and arrange a time for your performance review. If your manager proposes a time, make sure you ask nicely if a calendar reminder can be sent to you.
It is also the employee's responsibility to remind their manager about the performance appraisal. Hope this helps.

Dixah ladan
Student (University), Nigeria

Request Annual Appraisal Yourself

Yes, I feel very strongly that you should request the annual appraisal yourself. This can be done th... Sign up

Augustine Dajau
Accountant, Nigeria

Appraisee Should Request for Commencement of Annual Appraisal Process

The annual Performance Appraisal process should be a JOINT RESPONSIBILITY of the appraising officer ... Sign up

Jaap de Jonge
Editor, Netherlands

Annual Performance Interview: Not Mandatory

In many countries an employer is NOT OBLIGED (by law) to conduct an annual appraisal interview with ... Sign up

Consultant, India

The Performance Appraisal is a Collaborative Effort!

In my view, a Performance Management system is primarily for employee development. In this view it i... Sign up

David J. Rakers
Business Consultant, Netherlands

Follow the Official Road

Although you could do it yourself, approach HR and ask them when your appraisal is due. During the a... Sign up

Brian Delgado, MBA
Business Consultant, United States

Request Informal Feedback Periodically

I would approach the manager directly and request feedback; whether it's formal e.g. per the PM proc... Sign up

Zahid Qureshi

How to Approach Manager if no Appraisal is Planned

@Anonymous: I agree with you and Brian Delgado that the best way is to approach your manager directl... Sign up

Vijay Bhatia
Consultant, India

Regular Performance Interviews

Conducting appraisal interviews should be a continuous process so effective managers do it on a regu... Sign up


No Appraisal? Go Away and Never Look Back

If no appraisal is provided for, it means they don't care about you no matter what you do so it is b... Sign up

Manager, Senegal

The Annual Evaluation Meeting is an Important Step But not an End in Itself

The work must always be done in continuity; such meetings should be scheduled at different stages of... Sign up

behnam khodabakhshi
Project Manager, Iran

No Need for Annual Appraisal

I prefer that instead of an annual evaluation of a continuous process, the evaluation of the key ind... Sign up

Claudia Lavelle Sigamoney
Management Consultant, South Africa

What to do if no Performance Appraisal is Planned

Hello, a gentle reminder would not hurt. Possibly a human error was made in not sending out reminder... Sign up

Bill Richards
HR Consultant, Australia

Whose Responsibility is It?

It's not the manager's job to chase you - it's your job to arrange a time with him/her. Employees a... Sign up

robert elias
Manager, Qatar

Annual Appraisal is a Must

In my opinion, regardless if there is the chance for a salary increment or not, all staff has the ri... Sign up

Entrepreneur, India

Annual Appraisal is an Organization Priority

Appraisal normally is not directly connected to a salary increase as that is also influenced by the ... Sign up

Brian Delgado, MBA
Business Consultant, United States

Performance Interviews also Support Talent Development & Retention

@Bill Richards: I respectfully disagree; responsible leaders keep their eye on the future. Just as ... Sign up


Performance Feedback is Important for Both Parties

@SREEDHAR: I totally agree with your response. It is for the advantage of BOTH PARTIES to hear const... Sign up

Dr. Sapna Dadwal
Professor, India

Annual Reviews Boost Morale of Employees

The objective of annual performance review is not just to increase the salary of the employees, it i... Sign up

Bill Richards
HR Consultant, Australia

Mutual Responsibility for Performance Review

Hi @Brian Delgado, MBA, I don't disagree, but it becomes a little tiring when employees complain tha... Sign up

Maurice Hogarth
Consultant, United Kingdom

Why Was the Annual Appraisal not Scheduled?

I infer that: - The organisation has an appraisal system/process, - The individual is not new to t... Sign up

David Wilson
Manager, Canada

Take the Opportunity to Talk to your Manager

You need to politely ask your manager about getting a performance review. The review should identify... Sign up 5-1-2023

Maurice Hogarth
Consultant, United Kingdom

Self Appraise as Prompt

Again, picking up on the possibility that the initial posting is from when an appraisal is expected ... Sign up 5-1-2023


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