Three Types of Performance Appraisals

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Anneke Zwart
Student (University), Netherlands

Three Types of Performance Appraisals

In employee performance management, performance appraisals are an important method to detect the strengths and weaknesses of employees and improve those through the right trainings and practices.
In fact, we can distinguish 3 types of performance appraisals:
  1. TRAIT APPRAISALS: The first type refers to the physical and/or phychological traits of individuals. Different types of jobs may require different traits, where other traits are generally valuable in any job. For example, a high level of conscientiousness and cognitive ability are generally related to higher performance. As such, it can be relevant to assess individual characteristics of your workforce.
  2. BEHAVIORAL APPRAISALS: This type of appraisal refers to the actions taken by a person, in other words those are the behaviours of individuals. Behavioral appraisals assess what actions individuals take at work, which is different from (but influenced by) the personal traits of that person. This type of appraisal is considered as a better option than a trait appraisal, because actions can be directly observed. Therefore, such appraisals are more valid in evaluating performance.
  3. RESULTS/OUTCOMES APPRAISALS: The last type of performance appraisal is considered the most accurate one. This type measures the objectives achieved through a work process and measures the results that an employee or individual has accomplished over time. The main disadvantages of this approach is that the results are often also affected by factors beyond the control of the individual that is being appraised. Also the objectives might have been set too low or too high to be able to accomplish them. Nevertheless, as organizational success is measured by results, this type of appraisal is still the most accurate measurement.
Source: Lussier, R.N. and Hendon, J.R. "Human Resource Management: Functions, Applications, Skill Development" SAGE Publications


Strategy Consultant, India

Three Similar Types of Performance Appraisals

This is very good. In my organization, a similar approach was taken, but called: CORE COMPETENCY... Sign up

Ray Uday Shankar Prasad

Choosing the Right Type of Performance Appraisal to Use

Work situations are different in different organizations. Hence, any uniform appraisal practice is l... Sign up


Differentiating Types of Appraisals

Good attempt to differentiate these types. But it is a herculean task to identify the Trait factors ... Sign up

Carlos Marques
Strategy Consultant, Portugal

Three Similar Performance Appraisal Types

Any system aiming to be successful should comprise this three factors: - Competences Appraisals - ... Sign up

Kurt Ludikovsky
Consultant, Austria

Selecting the Right Appraisal Mechanism Depends on the Goal

If we talk about assessing someone’s performance, the GOAL need to be defined first. I agree very mu... Sign up

L. B. Dogarawa
Analyst, Nigeria

Three Types of Performance Appraisal

I rather see performance appraisal as results-based only. The so-called traits, behaviour, psycholog... Sign up

Rebecca Roe
United States

3 Sources for Performance Appraisal

Accomplishments stated in an appraisal show employees that management has paid attention and has mea... Sign up

Anjan Kumar Paul
Teacher, Bangladesh

Performance Appraisal Types

@Rebecca Roe: I agree with your comment and you appear to describe 360 degree performance systems. I... Sign up

Oshun, Grace Okaima
Lecturer, Nigeria

Another Performance Appraisal Type?

In order to ensure fairness, an employee appraisal should be measured against the organisation’s GOA... Sign up

Ajay kapoor, India

SMART Types of Performance Appraisal

Note that these 3 types differ in their ability to allow SMART goal setting. Especially when assessi... Sign up

Gandhi Heryanto
Management Consultant, Indonesia

MBO for Performance Appraisals

Besides the mentioned types in Anneke article, there is another way of performance appraisals: the m... Sign up

Kurt Ludikovsky
Consultant, Austria

MBO and 360 Evaluation

Practicing the 360 evaluation I believe to be the (currently) best available tool. @Gandhi Heryanto,... Sign up

John Maddalena, South Africa

Maturity and Performance Appraisals

Agree that there are different perspectives that must be considered. We have developed "maturity mo... Sign up


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